The first ingredient

Aura's immaterial body started to flicker as her face distorted, but then a strong palm was put onto her shoulder as her condition stopped worsening.

Bai Feng looked at her weakened form and sighed as he said:

"You have done enough."

His face was full of blood, but he wasn't bleeding any more.

"Return to your necklace."

Aura was quite weak, so Bai Feng had to help her back inside.

Hatch waited for them to finish before he said:

"Well, here we are."

Bai Feng finally got some time to analyze his surroundings after he made sure that Aura was going to be ok.

The place he was in was a well-lit cave with good wood furnishings.

Chairs, a table, there were some lamps here and there that provided the light.

It had quite a homely feeling.

The walls of the cave were smoothed out. And Bai Feng could see doors that lead to other rooms.

Hatch smelled the air for a few seconds before he pointed

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