The hatchet awakens

Chen Lingxi couldn't hear Bai Feng's thoughts, so she couldn't help but ask:

"What do you mean by the true face of the Demon Taming sect, darling?"

Bai Feng sat down on the futon as he motioned for Lingxi to sit on his lap before he said:

"I think they might be forbidding them from meeting us for their tempering."

"Ah Lam said something among those lines when she first trained me, but it wasn't tempering through isolation. However, the way this sect people act makes me think that we might have judged them too harshly."

Chen Lingxi cocked her head to the side as she snugged into Bai Feng's embrace before she gave her own two cents:

"You can be both right and wrong with what you said, they might be tempering them, or they might just think that we are dragging them down and that if they isolate them from us, it will lead to a quicker cultivation increase."

"But this is just my theory after hearing yours."

Bai Feng nodded,

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