Things start moving on

Bai Feng could tell that the dog was rather cute as it cooked its head to the side and barked.

Of course, he remained wary of him as the dog jumped out of Chen Lingxi's embrace and onto Bai Feng.

Bai Feng got up from the futon, and the dog started to follow him around wherever he went.

Right now, he wanted to go outside and visit the mission hall to see if there were any new missions for him to take.

However, he wasn't sure if it was a good thing to go outside with the dog following him around.

The people of the sect weren't dumb. And they should have realized why the environment had changed previously.

The birth of a treasure!

If they would see the dog following behind Bai Feng, which wasn't there before, they could connect the dots.

Bai Feng looked at the dog and started thinking, could the dog return to its hatchet form?

Bai Feng tried to use their connection to tell the dog to transform back into its original form.

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