The problem with the danger zones (Part 1)

The one who arrived to pick up Bai Feng was Jiji.

She knocked on the door of the house a few times before entering and saying:

"It's time to go. The danger zones will open very soon. We will need you and some others to be the vanguard!"

It was obvious that the Azure Monkey villa was employing these rogue cultivators to be the forefront so they could absorb whatever danger was there first before they would come in and swoop the resources.

The strategy was quite obvious and even those who were employed knew about it. However, everyone accepted it because they were either in dire need of materials, or they simply couldn't pass up this opportunity to get rich quickly.

Birds die for food. Men die for riches.

That was the eternal truth of the world.

Bai Feng got up from the floor and nodded at Jiji.

Jiji approached Bai Feng before grabbing him by the shoulder and saying:

"We will use a teleportation formation created by our vi

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