The war starts abruptly

Bai Feng woke up from his rest. He wasn't sure how much time had passed.

He got up from his bed and stretched a bit, popping sounds coming from his whole body as his strengthened skeleton roared to life. He glanced down at himself and found that his clothes had been changed. Things had gotten a bit hectic with the continuous battles, but in the end, Ah Lam had given him a new set.

"Should I go talk with Mo Pian while I still can?"

Bai Feng's thoughts were cut short by a blaring alarm that resounded clearly in his ears.

His thought became scrambled as he didn't know what to think. His master and the other seniors hadn't leaven for a long time, and they were getting attacked already?

Bai Feng wasn't as exhausted as before, so he knew that he shouldn't have slept more than a few days.

It was such a short time.

Bai Feng immediately got up from his bed and went to the door, opened it, and immediately arrived outside the cave.

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