Tournament rapidly approaching

Bai Feng could feel his consciousness being very slow. He was in complete darkness, and he couldn't move his head at all.

He couldn't hear anything. It was almost as if he was back in the void when he had fought that fire tribulation...

Maybe he was there?

He wasn't really sure because he couldn't move his head at all to see if there was anything around him besides this dark patch in front of his face.

It was quite strange as he remembered vividly falling to his knees and then nothing. Did he lose the fight with Olaf? He didn't particularly care because the man was one or two levels above him in cultivation. Olaf didn't say anything, but as Bai Feng fought him, he found out while the other two brothers were around his level, with the youngest just having broken through quite recently while Bjorn was a veteran in the 8th level.

The difference between the brothers wasn't that big. Only the eldest was quite ahead compared to the other two.

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