Work hard, get paid accordingly and shop! (Part 2)

Bai Feng's strength was something that a normal wooden door shouldn't be able to withstand. He had superhuman strength as a body cultivator, and he should have been able to dent in the door and rip it from its hinges easily.

However, the moment he transformed into a bodybuilder and shot a punch towards the door. He realized that something was amiss.

His fist collided with the door, and ripples started to appear in the surroundings. It was almost as if the whole shop was struck instead of the door.

The place started to shake as if an earthquake was happening, and Bai Feng's surroundings suddenly tilted to the side!

Bai Feng swore under his breath as he started falling. The whole place got tilted to the side, and this made him lose his footing. He tried to grab anything, so he wouldn't fall towards the darkening side of the shop, but the moment he tried to grab one of the pieces of furniture, he realized that they became extremely slippery.

He h

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