I'm Not A Loser

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I'm Not A Loser

By: Shen Shen OngoingSystem

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Steve Hart had to endure life's bitterness by constantly receiving mistreatment from his wife's family. It all began with his decision to agree to a contractual marriage proposed by a wealthy family descendant. He briefly contemplated resigning himself to endure until the end of the marriage contract, but unexpectedly, something called a system came into his life. This 'system' had the ability to help Steve rise above and break free from his miserable existence.

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  • Micheaux Sanders


    I've read all the chapters so far MC Steve is a idiot. Wants to put people in places that are mean to him but people who treat him as trash are ok dumb

    2024-01-06 01:03:36


    Just found a new book to read. I love the book.

    2023-12-28 14:17:10
  • Sivaprakash A


    the book is good and has a good storyline but some I stances are too extreme when MC is still ok to be butchered after doing so much keep up the hood work

    2024-01-01 14:32:33
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126 chapters
Chapter 1
A man in his early twenties stood before two women of the same age, bowing his head. He didn't know why he was summoned there, but he sensed the disdain in the women's gazes."Do you realize your mistake that led us to call you here, trash?" Callista Cattegirn, one of the two women, spoke. The condescending tone in her voice was unmistakable to the man – Steve, sparing him the need to look up to know.Steve Hart tried to recall any mistake he might have made. He was just doing his daily task as a son-in-law, cleaning his wife's wealthy family's house. Nothing else came to mind until he was suddenly summoned to the living room and berated without a clear reason like this."I don't remember making any mistake, Miss Callista," Steve Hart said.Steve's words were met with a scornful look from Callista. She seemed offended that Steve dared to reply."Shut your mouth. My diamond necklace is missing, and you're the most likely person in this house to have taken it!" Callista Cattegirn exclai
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Chapter 2
The next day, Steve Hart got up from his bed with red eyes.Steve Hart had trouble sleeping, staying awake all night because something called the system kept disturbing his thoughts."System, you said I could seek revenge with your help. Is that true?" asked Steve Hart.Shortly after, a holographic screen containing a direct message appeared.[Correct, Master Hart]"How can it be? How will that work?" asked Steve Hart.[Very soon, Master Hart will find it out]Steve Hart ruffled his hair. All night, he had tried to satisfy his curiosity, but the system always provided similar answers."Enough, I might be late if this continues," said Steve Hart as he left the room.Steve Hart immediately tidied up his wife's family's luxurious home to complete his task. He was a bit rushed as he had to leave for somewhere later.Around 10 a.m., Steve Hart finally finished his work. He had already changed his clothes and freshened up to leave."Where are you off to so early?"Steve Hart turned to see w
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Chapter 3
Steve Hart was so focused in his phone that he completely missed Callista's shifting expression. Her face had flushed crimson, a surefire indicator of her escalating fury.Some time ago, Steve Hart had loudly called Callista as a 'jerk'. Just now, he also reflexively snapped at her. Of course, the incident succeeded in making Callista explode with rage."You imbecile, what did you just say?!" Callista Categirn exclaimed.Steve Hart gasped, remembering that Callista was a woman who grew up having everything without having to fight for it. That kind of privilege made Callista intolerant of even the smallest affront."What do you think you'll do if I actually harm your mother, you imbecile?! And even if I do, what could you possibly do about it?!" shouted Callista, her emotions reaching a boiling point.Steve Hart was about to retort when Callista abruptly retrieved her phone from her pocket. It seemed she was making a call, summoning someone to come over.Within moments, several nurses
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Chapter 4
By mid-afternoon, Steve Hart was back at his wife's family home. He ran from the bus stop to get there, making sweat pour down his forehead."Damn, I'm late," Steve muttered.In the front yard of the luxurious house, the car that his in-laws used to use was parked, indicating that they were home now.Steve Hart realized there was no point in regretting. If he had to accept insults, then only trying to be patient was all he could do.Steve had just entered the house when on the living room sofa, there was already a woman in her 40s reading a magazine, a habit that had been passed down to Agatha, his wife.Olivia Cattegirn, a beautiful woman who looked much younger than her real age. The same woman was also Steve's mother-in-law, one of the people responsible for making Steve's life so miserable."I only left home for a few days and guess what?" Olivia Cattegirn asked suddenly.Steve Hart was silent, not wanting to answer because it would only make his mother-in-law even angrier."My us
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Chapter 5
Seeing the message of the mission, Steve Hart immediately drove his car towards the direction Agatha had gone with her friends.Although Steve Hart blamed Agatha for his current situation in the Cattegirn family, Agatha was not the one who participated in treating him badly and even tried to protect him several times from the Cattegirn family's inappropriate treatment.Now Steve’s instinct knew that there are bad things Eric and his other friends want to do to Agatha, of course Steve Hart could not just let this happen, especially since Agatha is his wife.Not long after Steve Hart drove his car, he finally caught up with Agatha who apparently entered a bar not far from Avebury University.Not only them, but many other students also entered the bar. Making Agatha’s excuse of attending the welcoming of new students, proved to be true.‘What evil plans do you have for my wife, Eric?’ muttered Steve Hart.As a man, Steve Hart had assumed that Eric had feelings for Agatha, which had not c
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Chapter 6
"Just come with me, you troublemaker!" exclaimed the bar security, tugging on Steve's arm."No, get away from me!" Steve Hart tried to struggle to release the security bar's grip on his arm, but was unsuccessful due to the difference in their strength."Don’t bother yourself fighting back, rubbish! Just go and I’ll take care of Agatha," Eric Daran said with a smirk on his face.Steve's anger immediately provoked after seeing a smirk on Eric’s face, Steve began to think of ways to release the grip of the security hand so that he could beat Eric who had dared to be presumptuous.In the midst of it all, a woman's familiar voice shout out and brought everything that was happening to a sudden halt."What's going on... Steve, why are you here?" Agatha rubbed her eyes several times, as if confused by what was happening."Get your hand off my arm!" Steve shouted at the security bar, which surprised the security bar into releasing its grip.At that moment, Eric tried to explain to Agatha with
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Chapter 7
Agatha Cattegirn had just opened her eyes when the dizziness hit her head, she tried to remember what had happened to her."Are you feeling better?"A familiar voice rang out, Agatha immediately turned her head to see who was speaking.Steve Hart was sitting beside Agatha while driving the car, this made Agatha wonder even more about what had just happened to her."Why are you here? Not to mention... didn't I tell you before, that I can't go home yet because I must join the welcoming party?"Steve Hart frowned, wondering if Agatha really did not remember what had happened."I'm sorry if I'm being presumptuous, but I had to pick you up from the party because of an urgent matter," explained Steve Hart, "You're probably still feeling fuzzy from the effects of the too much alcohol you had earlier."Not to mention, Steve was also unsure if Agatha would still have faith in him if she was fully sober at the bar."Did something bad happen to make you do that?" asked Agatha Cattegirn, feeling
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Chapter 8
After Callista managed to get Steve away from the Cattegirn family mansion, she finally loosened her grip on Steve's arm.Steve Hart glanced at his surroundings, it was a street with trees on the right and left sides. There are almost no other houses, because the area is indeed an elite area where the distance between houses is quite far.Steve Hart, who already knew there was something bad Callista wanted to do to him, immediately put his guard up because the unexpected could happen at any time.Sure enough, not long from behind one of the trees appeared a man who was none other than Eric Daran."Is he going to help you to make me regret it?" asked Steve Hart to Callista.Callista just didn't respond, in addition, Eric continued to walk closer before swinging his fist at Steve.Steve Hart, who was alert from the start, was able to avoid the punch quite easily, this made Eric even more dark eyes by continuing to try to land his punches on Steve.In the middle of each of Eric's punches
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Chapter 9
In the midst of the argument between Callista and Eric, Steve Hart tried to get up with his remaining strength.What Steve Hart did, immediately caught Callista's attention. The woman immediately told this to Eric, who was previously still busy explaining how his money could make it easier for them to escape the law."In your thought, having money means you can do everything, right?" asked Steve Hart to Eric.Eric Daran was taken aback, but the shock was soon replaced by a sardonic smile."Exactly, that's why scum like you shouldn't look for trouble with me."Steve Hart smiled sarcastically at that, much to the astonishment of both Callista and Eric."Hey, have you lost your sanity?" asked Callista Cattegirn.“So what? After all, my sanity has been lost for a long time, precisely after I stepped into your rotten Cattegirn family," replied Steve Hart, himself not sure what underlies his courage to say it all.Callista's face immediately turned ugly, "Eric, do something. Finish him or m
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Chapter 10
Steve Hart hurriedly made his way back to the Cattegirn family residence, concerned that Callista might divulge something unsettling to Agatha about what had just happened.Upon Steve's arrival at home, he found Agatha in the living room, enjoying her breakfast."What happened to you?" Agatha inquired, eyeing Steve's bruised face."Oh, just a tumble during my morning run," Steve explained.Agatha nodded, leaving Steve wondering if she had heard anything about the recent events from Callista."What's up?" Agatha asked, sensing something odd about Steve's demeanor."Oh, it's nothing... have you seen Callista by any chance?""Callista? Was she here? Where? I didn't see her," Agatha replied, glancing around the house.Steve sighed in relief, realizing that Callista had likely left immediately after picking up her forgotten car."Hufthhh... seems like maintaining one's dignity pays off," Steve muttered.Steve had a sense of why Callista might have withheld the recent happenings – not wanti
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