"Motherfucker, let me free."

    The fellow cried but all he could hear was the echo of his voice. He was weak and could feel the veins remonstrating. His eyes were blacking out and his strength was waning. 

   He was tied to a large tree. He couldn't say since when he had been tied but he was sure that it'd been hours. 

   The Imp had tied him after taking him into the forest and had left him for the wild. 

   He looked around hastily if anything was coming. He was glad that no wild cat had plied that route. 

   Twas hard to tell why. Twas unusual. Probably the Imp had devoured all the wild life. That probably was why there was nothing left. 


    He cried again. Then he had a growl from behind. He was shook. 

    "Who are you?"

    His voice broke to the quakin

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