Demon Revelation: The Day of Fear

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Demon Revelation: The Day of Fear

By: Godween OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Rae Wilder is having issues. She is given the task of guarding a magical necklace as she is thrust into a realm of dark magic, ferocious animals, and ritual sacrifice. Rae is constantly assaulted and is then given the option of accepting her birthright and using magic that could transform her into an evil force of nature that is uncontrollable, or she can choose to live and die as a human.

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Unveiling Shadows
The worst day of my life was when I discovered I was a demon. I can't deny it. I spent most of that day consumed by fear, dreading the thought of death or losing a limb.As I woke up that morning, the first thing that came to my mind was demons. A distant shriek, followed by another higher-pitched scream, echoed in the background, indicating a territorial dispute between packs, most likely. There was a Pride not far from the Temple. Through the floorboards, I could hear muffled shrieks that coincided with each scream. It annoyed me, but I knew that new Disciples often panicked, mistaking the presence of a passing demon for the end of the world. It took them a while to understand that the klaxon only sounded if the Wall was breached, serving as a warning to us.I rolled out of bed, clumsily tripping over the clutter of fabric and crushed cans strewn across my room. I accidentally headbutted the wardrobe door, which swung open due to the clothes overflowing from the top and bottom. I wa
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Fairy Sister Reveal
I anticipated fear and panic, waiting for the terrifying scream to escape my throat, but it never happened. I expected him to attack, murder me, and dismember me, hiding the pieces beneath the small patch of wildflowers nearby. However, he remained silent and motionless. The smart thing to do would have been to flee and start running again. But I didn't want to. I was intrigued by who he was and what he wanted. I desired to understand why he stood before me and what his motives were.He scrutinized me repeatedly, searching for something."If you didn't feel safe, you would have asked me to leave," he said. "And if you wanted me to go, I would have already done so."It bothered me that his words made sense. "Stop trying to be clever, demon-boy," I retorted."I'm trying to help you, demon-girl," he responded.His words struck me like a blow to the head. I flinched as if he had pinched me all over and stumbled backward.At that moment, I sensed something ominous approaching. I had to acc
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Demons and Friendship
The storm began at dawn. I joined the crowd of Disciples making their way to the Sanctuary block as the first raindrops fell. Rushing up the entrance stairs, I manoeuvred through the crowd to reach the Hall before the bell rang. As I came to a halt, I took in the cracked black marble floors and scuffed ivory walls of Sanctuary Hall. With limited electricity, the radiators remained off until winter, resulting in a cool temperature that I actually enjoyed.The Disciples of the Sect, draped across the furniture in various clusters, wore black and green attire. The boys often left their chests bare under their green blazers, while the girls sported shorter sleeves or tied their blazers around their waists, showcasing their tattoos. Almost everyone had tattoos nowadays, protective sigils obtained from defeated wiccans. Personally, I chose to avoid them. The idea of someone so intimately close to me made me uncomfortable, regardless of how aesthetically pleasing the ink may be.I contemplat
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The Evil Unknown
I straightened and ordered my feet to freeze mid step back. My heart pounded double time as every instinct I had screeched at me to run and hide. They really were looking for me, and knew the one they sought was a Disciple. The Lady Clerics gaze slowly passed over every female face in the group as she replied to Cleric Tu. My stomach clenched and sweat beaded my brow. Did her gaze linger on me? Did she hesitate to move on, or was it my imagination?I wanted to scream at her that it was an accident. That I had no idea what all the crazy stuff happening around me meant, nor did I want to. I wanted to rewind a day, back to when things were simple. Where my life made sense and where boys spoke and acted normally. Where Clerics were the good guys who protected us from demons and my teachers were not heartless murderers.The Lady Cleric scanned our faces once more than shook her head once. She left with Tu close behind her, whispering something to him.What did I do? Surely if they had iden
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The Devil Away
A streak of silver light flashed past and knocked me off balance. I stumbled, blinked, and Devlin was gone. Standing alone in on the grass where he was I clucked around. Looking up, down, left and right before understanding he was gone. I was seriously considering getting my eyes checked. I freaked out in a big way; I had no doubt in my mind that Devlin was not who he said he was, And that he was up to something, a no good something. I didnt know what to do. Oh gods, what was I doing? I needed a sign I was going to be okay, and that I was making the right choices. Tomas would have risen by now and would be waiting for me. And here I was looking for a Disciple, who was not really a Disciple, who knew about said vampire in wardrobe, and knew I knew a fairy.There you are, Rae.Gah!I jumped and landed at such an odd angle my right foot jack-knifed out painfully, and I fell. How many times was I going to land on my ass today? It was a damn good thing I didnt bruise easy.A hand appeared
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Devil's Romance
When I first met Breandan, he touched me and it feltstrange. Then he said something about us no longer having a choice. That is was sealed. And a while ago Conall said he sensed something odd. I think he was feeling thethe after effect of whatever it was.Ana sucked in a breath. Ah, that surprised even me, and boy did I feel it. The disturbance slammed into me like a sledge-hammer. Others sensitive to such things would have sensed it too. The moment it happened the future shifted so dramatically it gave me a killer headache. She turned her head and her eyes echoed her reaction to whatever future she saw moving over me. They looked haunted. But it does explain why you and Breandan coming together is so important. The connection itself, well, its happened once before and it didnt end well. I threaded my fingers through the grass at my side and waited. Ana focused hard on my face then looked away. You must avoid speaking of it, Rae. Dont tell anyone, she said in a rush. There are those w
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A Great Surprise
They moved loosely in a circle around us before gradually getting closer to us. I turned my head to look behind Breandans and wished I had a weapon. A large stick would work just fine. Lack of sunlight made the final autumnal leaves stand out. As they twirled down, they twisted in the air into grotesque and lovely forms. I then became afraid. Breandan would die defending me here, and I would be stuck with these psychopaths for the rest of my life, I feared as I suffocated on my own air and knelt on my knees. perpetually trapped.I kept my hands tight around his waist, wondering what to do. I was looking in every direction at once, which hurt my neck.The fairies of the Tribe slowly drew nearer, with their leader leading the way. Devlin appeared insane with the hope of winning so vivid in his mind.Before saying, "Run," Breandan looked at my face inquisitively.No. Only slightly, my voice trembled. No matter how terrified I was, I would not abandon him here.Rae, please pay attention t
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My mouth gaped in response to the statement of a lifetime.But you're immortal, I countered, as if that would explain everything.We're all vampires and we've been dying for a while. Only a few of us remain. His expression momentarily became dejected. Were hungry, he said. I'm a part of a small nest that is trying to maintain some semblance of respectability. Many of my species have been reduced to mindless cannibals who would drain a vampire just as easily as a human. They have surrendered to the darkness's insanity.This was significant. Huge. I was at a loss for words as to how to react. I made the decision to communicate frankly while still being polite.Tomas, although I feel bad for you, I fail to see how this could have brought you to me.As you are aware, vampires were once people.No, you weren't always a pussycat. I groaned in frustration. There isn't time for this.He raised his pale palm. You pay attention or I won't assist you.From the Lady Cleric, Tomas had saved my lif
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The Demon Apocalypse
Breandan and I entered Lochlann's tent and stopped in the middle, our fingers touching and our shoulders brushing.With his eyes narrowed and his chest heaving, he paced in front of us. Finally, you're here, so I can start passing judgment. Did you get lost en route to this location?Breandan remained silent.The question was rhetorical, of course.However, I had a response: "What do you mean, judgment?".If you don't ask you, you won't speak.In a whip-crack, Lochlann's voice broke.After being told to shut up so rudely, it took me a moment to gather my composure. I am not one of your rebels, who to the gods do you think you are talking to. You can't talk to me in that way or order me around and expect me to comply.He stopped pacing and carefully turned his gaze to my face and the fingers that were holding Breandans. I have sworn allegiance to my younger brother. You are a member of my court because of your attachment to him.I responded by God it does. You have no right to interfer
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What's Yet To Come.
It was chilly. Noisy. Gradually, the feeling started to return. I could first move my fingers and toes, then my legs. I struggled to bring my hands closer to my face as I groaned from the thumping at my temple. When I realized I couldn't make my eyes move to obey, they slid half-open groggily. I noticed that my legs were being held down by a rough rope as I looked down at my body, which was now covered in a flimsy black sheath. The fog was still thick over me, and it was dark, so I struggled to remember. Trees, dirt, fresh air, smoke, and another strange, metallic smell were all in the air. I realized that this smell was strange, unwelcome, but strangely familiar. My legs and arms tried to pull, but all they did was flail. I took a deep breath and gritted my teeth as I gasped. I fully opened my eyes and began to survey my surroundings.Leafy bushes with sharp silver thorns were all around me, thick purple leaves.I was having a hard time putting it all together in my head. It hit me i
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