The beautiful beast.

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The beautiful beast.

By: Starwrite OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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He was a boy rejected by others, all he needed was love from home but the society made him the beast he was. Ethan, a loner who had just a day to live suddenly wakes up and realizes strange things happening in his environment. Over here, one has to kill to survive, what happens when he becomes the terror itself?

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Chapter 1.
It was a sunny morning as the busy street jerked to its daily chores, everyone seems preoccupied. Students could be seen hurrying up towards a bridge as large number of crowd had gathered to take a look at a death scene. "Oh my goodness! Is that child still breathing?" One began. Uproars could be heard in this place as more people gathered to have a look below the bridge, the sight was gothic that it could give one goosebump. "I saw him jump off!" Another interjects. Indeed no one could survive such a great fall. The siren blasted at a distance heading towards the bridge as they could see an ambulance and a stretcher being rolled out to place the corpse on. "I suspected his moves!" The third added as some passerby took footage of the scene. A woman pressed through the crowd, she had panic on, her heart pounced with fear, indecisive of who it might turn out to be. The crowd created a path way for her, and as the woman saw who was placed on the stretcher, she collasped on calling out
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Chapter 2.
The window slide open gently as a loud yawn could be heard, sluggish legs prod outside to the balcony while scrutinizing the height of the building."Hey boy in black!" A voice called and the legs swiveled at the being. A ball landed on its owner's head who picked the ball and let out a painful hiss."Loser boy!" The voice barked laughing at the victim of his wrath."Why did you call me that?" The boy muttered and more voices chuckled with mockery, he grew angry and attempted to throw the ball back but dropped it. They were three boys from the neighborhood, always good at tormenting his life and he kept calm to his temper whenever tempted to let it out. However, it wasn't helping as he was the kind that never expressed his pains but kept it in."He's a weakling!" Another added as their laughter became a roar to his ears which were becoming heavy of sound as he heard whispers and hurtful words from the past which made him fall."Stop that good for nothing boys" an elder ordered running
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Chapter 3.
Blood drooled steadily down from the stairs as a girl who passed by in a hurry got glue to the spot she stood on, sighting the tragedy of a life lost."Argh!!!" She screamed falling to the ground and moving back with grave fear, as her eyes popped wide in panic.An alarm rang nosily as it's owner banged it and rose up with a yawn, he gaze at the time with boggy eyes, stood up and got into the bathroom. Once he was done with morning duties, he placed an earpiece in his ears and stepped outside his apartment to the ground floor. The ground floor was surrounded with few neighbors and some medical teams who were carrying a deceased from the ground. He stood behind the crowd which was decreasing, to take a look at whatsoever happened. The white sheet which covered this being slightly rolled down due to the wind and the boy stared at the lifeless corpse, he could see a girl giving her statement to the cops. No one knew about her sudden death, he was still staring when his eyes met with the
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Chapter 4.
He was a boy all to himself and playing the games at his leisure times, no one had time for him especially his mother who got married again, she always blames him for the death of his father due to an accident that occured. At school, he tried to mingle with friends but none were willing to accommodate him besides he always falls victims of bully hence no one wanted to associate themselves with him. Ethan dropped out of school the day he intended to fight back those that troubled him, it was more complicated when one of the boys he fought with and injured was his stepfather's boss hence it got him fired. Even when he tried to explain in a lucid manner, his mother wasn't willing to give him a chance and his step siblings called him psycho."You all hate me!" He rants each time an argument occurs and he was blamed for it."You aren't proud of me as a son!""Shut up Ethan! You're a curse yourself!" His mother replies while the girls instigates the issue. Whenever his mother left him alon
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Chapter 5.
The whistling of the kettle jerked him back to reality as he wipe his face with his palm, the garbages had stick to his face and making it more itchy. Once he was done preparing his noodles, he dashed into the bathroom to take a shower when suddenly his tub which he had filled with water dried up. He turned on the valve and beat the hand shower in his hands but water wasn't coming out, he already had a towel tied around his waist and needed to bath urgently. Quickly he picked a bucket to get water at his balcony, but a screamed got him frighten that he got mute to the spot he stood. Just immediately, someone was knocking on his door and it got him more petrified. Sluggish, he put on his clothes and paced to the door, peeped through it hole and got it opened. His eyes widen with disbelief as he could see pool of blood along his corridors neither could he see anyone. It drool from two doors away from his and he intended to take a look at what was going on, perhaps this being might need
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Chapter 6.
Steve sat in his room as he stared at his reflection in the mirror, he rubbed the scar by his cheek and smirked at it. He jolted from his seat and opened his closet, there a man wrapped up like a mummy fell down and writhe for safety, he was finding it hard to breathe and Steve picked a gun which laid on the bed, tore the bandage that covered this man's face and showed him a picture. This man had been locked up in the closet until he got it opened."Who are you!!" The victim yelled terrified that he was going to lose his life in the hands of this man with a scar. Steve didn't give him a reply rather he took a cigarette to lit as he was getting more angerier to why this man wasn't giving a respond to the picture he showed him."Remember?" He snarled while kicking this man hard who growled in pain."Help!!!" He yelled crying as his body was aching but Steve continued kicking and punching him until he bleed."Speak up!" Steve ordered placing his foot on the man's belly while pointing the
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Chapter 7
He appear so brave in their eyes that they trusted him blindly. While they ran, his leg kicked against a rod, which was shaped like a spear and it attracted the monster which wasn't far away from these three. Ethan picked it up with a shaky hand and hide the girl behind him while cautioning them to keep silence since he had detect that this alien was attracted to them but the little boy couldn't hold his mouth still and winced loudly which made the monster shove his face and them. It sprang at Ethan who had already dropped the boy to confront this monster, which urgently wanted to devour him."Run!" He yelled at the children who were crying and moving back. Ethan wedge the rod in his hand while struggling with the monster which suddenly dropped dead on him, he knew he didn't kill it as he pushed it away and stood up as his eyes met an old man on a wheelchair. This man was pointing a gun at Ethan who raised his hand up. The old man on a wheelchair had killed this monster saving Ethan's
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Chapter 8.
She played guitar loudly and unexpectedly threw it on the bed while bursting out in tears. Blevine wiped her tears and stood up while staring at herself in the mirror. She had been rejected several times from playing in the public and when she got the chance to play to the public, her friend betrayed her by using her name instead. She had moved in three days ago to this apartment just to stay away from things that reminded her of bad memories but it wasn't working Blevine inhaled and faked a smiling while telling herself it was all fine, she placed her guitar in the bag and hung on her bag while locking her door to leave, she suddenly bumped into a man who was dressed like a pope."Oh I'm so sorry" she apologized sincerely sorry for not looking."I'm Eric, nice to meet you" he muttered accepting her apology as her eyes met his bible. He stretched his hand for a handshake but she refused."I'm sorry my hands are covered in smokes, it's unholy right" she said gnashing her teeth as she g
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Chapter 9.
Indeed this boy was harmless and somewhat coward because he let fear rule him, well he couldn't be blamed when strange things were happening. Ethan scratched his face which was itching and suddenly stucked his eyes on the old man who was busy creating weapons for protection possibly. He glanced at the terrified kids who did their best to stuff food into their mouth while silent tears flowed freely. Excusing himself to the bathroom, he stood by the vanity unit and stared at the mirror, his reflection suddenly laughed at him as its eyeball darken, it's lips poured out blood. Ethan fell to the ground and moved back scared by his own image."Who are you!" He asked attempting to stand up and his reflection laughed."I am you, isn't this what you always wanted? Humans should vanish, they left us to suffer, nobody cares!". It snarled and Ethan stared shocked that he was talking with himself."Stay away from me!" He responded closing his ears from listening."You can't change the fact, let go
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Chapter 10.
He groaned and flipped his table off as soon as he discovered his prey had escaped, quickly, he tug his gun in his pant and dashed outside with a groan but then he heard an announcement coming from downstairs."Hello survivors, the ground floor is safer and I need everyone gathered because we need to help each other and stick together, everyone please step out".A smirk escape his lips as he speculates that his prey would have gone downstairs, he raced towards the lift and pressed the button but encounter a monster who punched him on the face and brought out its fang to bite but he shot him viciously with a glare while panting heavily. Steve touched his nose that was bleeding and wipe it in anger while smashing this monster's head with his legs."Die!" He roared and got into the lift but it wasn't working, he stepped out and intended to take the stairs and he suddenly bumped into the lady he found on his balcony. She was wearing a nose mask and had polythene bags in her hand which fee
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