Clover's Fickle Nature

With the death of boot and the rest of the pirates, it put an end in this short episode of Clover's journey through the green river middle realm. Next, clover needed to fix the 'Going Broke' and set a course for the Houndclaw Space Station.

Clover flew back to his spaceship while Ktulu followed behind him. Now that Ktulu had killed boot, he was very relaxed, as if a load had been taken off his shoulder. But when he thought about how he would be serving Clover from now on, Ktulu started to become nervous even more.

This couldn't be helped... after spending many years with the Turk pirates and scheming to bring Boot down, Ktulu had cultivated a cautious personality and he always liked to overthink things a lot. Just like now, Ktulu was thinking about what kind of master Clover would be, and if he had any special habits and hobbies. He also wondered what his temper was like if Clover was easy-going or quick to get angry and if he would suddenly strike him dead should Ktul

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