Immortal Destiny

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Immortal Destiny

By: Kuraii OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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An immortal clan tasked with guarding the destiny of all living beings. Faced with a tragic betrayal, Clover lost both parents at a very young age at the hands of the Ghouls, dark apparitions that hated the living and sought to end all life. Holding the responsibility of taking revenge for his parents' deaths while at the same time protecting his sisters and his parents' final entrustment, Clover powers up to become invisible in the world and to eradicate the Ghouls. Join Clover as he carries the stigma of 'The one who killed his parents' and follow him as he navigates through the disdain and hatred of his clansmen and the complicated relationships that come along as he journeys the distant stars to finally claim his revenge.

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69 chapters
The Boy Who Killed His Parents
There was the sound of a large crash followed by the fires of an explosion that rocked the body with violent shock-waves and sent massive tremors through the very earth and shaking its foundation.In the wreckage of a medium family sized personal spacecraft, the terrified screams of a child could be heard calling out loudly into the empty space. With the debris of the collapsed spacecraft blocking his way as well, the electronic sparks from damaged appliances adding to the somber atmosphere in the spacecraft, a boy of not more than seven years old stood in the wreckage crying and screaming out loudly for his mother.His face was blackened by the soot resulting from the explosion and snot and drivel ran down his nose as tears streamed from his eyes.Cough, cough, cough!Due to the smoke that was everywhere, the child entered into a coughing fit for a long while as he choked on the smoke. Trying to look through the haze of the smoke, the child called out at
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Two Little Minks And The Big Bad Wolf
Clover opened his eyes to the cute faces of his two little sisters. His sisters, Arya and Verna, looked down at Clover from above his hammock with their chubby little faces that didn't seem to want to outgrow the excess baby fat in their cheeks. With curly golden locks of hair that were braided in the shape of a flower wreath on their head and two pairs of sparkling eyes that shone with the light of the stars, Arya and Verna could not be any more identical to each other.They were like a pair of twin stars that had been born in the universe and whose light shone for the other. Right now, these twin stars had looks of discontent on their faces and their lips were pouted in very cute frowns as they looked at their brother, who had just woken up from his sleep. It was as if they were annoyed at him for not answering their calls sooner.As a glorified siscon who loved his sisters to death, how could Clover stand seeing such a pitiful look on their faces?Clover love
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Universe Immortal Clan
Finally, after a few minutes had passed, Clover stopped teasing his sisters anymore. Releasing his grip on the twins. Clover let them escape.As if they had been given a new lease in life, Arya and Verna hurriedly escaped from the treacherous claws of their big brother, Clover, like he was some heinous fiend.Staring at Clover with grievance and reproach, the twins stared away from him with about two meters between them lest he attack them once again.Laughing awkwardly, clover used his palm to ruffle his golden hair as he tried to brush off the awkward atmosphere in the garden. Clover knew that he might have overdone it with his teasing a little, so he was afraid to look his sisters in the eye.Humph!Seeing Clover like this, Arya snorted in an unladylike fashion that was very unlike the image she was always trying to portray to others as being a mature lady.Standing in the very large hammock with arms akimbo, Arya pointed a slender finger
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The Lighthouse
Clover shook his head to get out of his dazed state, then he looked towards Arya, who avoided meeting his eyes due to guilt. Speechless, Clover could only stand up from the ground before making his way back to his original position.Seeing as her big brother was making his way towards her with an expressionless look on his face, Arya started to panic.Taking a few steps back before stopping, Arya tried to muster up her courage as she said to Clover."What do you think you're doing, big brother? Are you going to hit me?" Arya's voice trembled as she asked this, but Clover did not answer. Instead, he continued walking silently towards her.Now, Arya had a trace of fear in her heart and she was reminded that although her big brother was very caring and doted on her and Verna a lot, he could be unreasonably strict at times.Remembering those times, Arya tried to stand her ground."Don't go too far, big brother. You can't hit me because of this,
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The Observatory
The Universe Immortal Clan originated from a very special upper realm known simply as {The Observatory}. This upper realm is special due to a number of reasons.One of these reasons is that compared to other upper realms in the boundless universe, the size of the observatory is unbelievably small.The various realms in the universe are like small pocket universes themselves that are scattered throughout the main universe. These small pocket universes, otherwise known as realms, contain everything that the main universe has, with only a few differences. These differences are mainly in the predominant elements of law that make up the realm.Most of the time, the thing that differentiates one realm from another is exactly the kind of law element that is predominant in that realm. It could be that it is the law element of fire that takes precedence. In such a realm, there would be many natural beings and treasures that are born with a great affinity to the element o
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Unique Power System
Clover reminisced as he was escorted into the main hall.One hundred years...It had been one hundred years since Clover had lost his parents on that fateful day. But to Clover, it was like it had happened yesterday.Throughout these hundred years, Clover had been focused on raising his sisters, as that was the only way he could numb himself from the pain.It was the only thing that could distract Clover from having thoughts of revenge.Clover did not hate his clansmen for exiling him or for labeling him with the title of a traitor who had caused the deaths of his parents.As far as Clover was concerned, this title was very apt and completely justified. The only person Clover blamed for his parent's death was himself... that and the ghouls who had attacked them on that day.Still, although Clover felt responsible for his parents' death, it was not to the extent that he wished to die or something like that. The only thing clover felt w
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Anniversary Of Death
Inside the [Break Room], Clover was standing right in the middle of a narrow circular platform. Much like the witness stand in a courtroom, the circular platform was placed at the center of the entire grand hall. Surrounding it were high stands arranged in concentric circles, with the inner stands being lower than the outer ones.The [Break Room] was the place where all trials in the Universe Immortal Clan were held. There not many times where the [Break Room] had the chance to be used in the past. Because of how small the Universe Immortal Clan was and how few members there were in the clan, all the Universe Immortals were very tightly united.There were not many cases that were serious enough to deserve a trial in the [Break Room]. Clover's trial was the first in more than a thousand years.For such a serious case concerning the number one treasure of the Universe Immortal Clan, it was natural that it would be held in the [Break Room].On normal days, t
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Clover's Trial
Clover was facing trial before the eyes of every living being in The Observatory.Before thousands of universe immortals and countless other living creatures that inhabit The Observatory, Clover was going to be sentenced.In a corner of the observatory, on a small modified asteroid, Clover's sisters, Arya and Verna looked up at the sky towards their big brother who was standing trial and they could not help but sob.Today, when they had woken Clover up and told him that he was asked to go to the lighthouse, the sisters at that time already had a feeling this was what was going to happen.Ever since the sisters, Arya, and Verna were old enough to understand a little of how the world worked, they had already understood that their brother who had taken care of them and loved them in the place of their parents was basically a convicted felon waiting for his sentence to be passed out.Throughout their childhood, the sisters had had to deal with others l
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The trial continued...The elder immortal who had been speaking finally reached the final point of his speech. He immediately started to announce Clover's sentence."In consideration of various events leading to the loss of the Obelisk and the deaths of Casimir and Pricilla Newell, Clover Newell has been pardoned and would be exempted from having his soul and life force extracted from him.""But... although Clover Newell has been pardoned, a crime cannot go unpunished. In order to atone for his crimes, Clover Newell will hereby be exiled from this realm never to step foot inside ever again until such a time comes when he is able to find and retrieve the obelisk and return it to its rightful place.""This is the final verdict and it will become effective immediately starting down."Following those words, the large bronze bell... Big Ben... rang loudly once more.Once again, the entire observatory was thrown into an uproar.Every living
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A Letter From Big Brother
"Big sis Ursula... what are you doing here?""What did you mean by what you said?"Why are you preventing us from going to save big brother?"Verna immediately shot off a torrent of questions at the lady who had appeared in the garden.This lady had a head full of golden hair that flowed beautifully like a clear stream down a brook. Her face was angular and had sharp contours that were usually found in a man giving her a handsome and valiant look.Her eyes were a clear blue, and they sparkled like stars, much like how the sister's eyes did.This lady looked to be in her late teens and although her face was not cold, there was a certain dignified aura about her that gave her a confident look. Standing at the entrance of the garden, this lady exuded a comfortable feeling that would make one relax at the mere sight of her.Unfortunately, the sisters were not in the right mood to relax. Their big brother had just been given an unfair sent
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