Commencing Repairs

Just as Clover ordered, Ktulu stayed in a corner and didn't move at all. He didn't dare to! The only thing Ktulu could do was watch Clover as he worked on preparing the ship.

In the end, Ktulu realized that Clover really didn't need his help at all. He was fully capable of fixing the ship on his own.

As a cosmic Lifeform, Clover's strength was extraordinary, and he didn't need to fear going into space with his body at all. Unlike Ktulu who would need a spacesuit to be able to breathe in space and protect him from the cosmic and radioactive energies in space which would be very troublesome, Clover could just head out with his bare body to fix the external part of the ship that needed repairs.

There was also Trudy who could run multiple calculations at the same time to repair and improve the core systems of the ship that had suffered damage and she could also carry out automated repairs on the ship by herself. As long as there were materials to use for the repairs

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