Good News 2

Due to the importance of the obelisk, it was kept closely guarded by the universe's immortal clan. But despite its abilities, the clan never used it. The reason was that using the ability of the obelisk to absorb the life force of other living beings to refine it was the same as killing them. This means if the universe immortal clan wanted to use the obelisk to grow stronger, they would have to constantly kill living beings in the universe to absorb their life force.

For a clan that advocated balance in the universe and considered themselves the protectors of life in the universe, this was something that went against their bottom line. They would never consider turning against every living being in the universe just to increase their strength.

Even if they wanted to do that, it was certain that other races in the universe would not allow them and they would fight back to destroy this clan of immortals that saw them as prey. This is why the obelisk was also a taboo artifact that was fo
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