Chika noticed Ashtria’s reactions, she saw her shake her head and continue walking. She just shrugged her shoulders and continue to walk as well.

The four of them gathered in the middle of the forest. It is safe for them to walk as there are no wild monsters around, however, they still need to be aware or careful as machines and bots are everywhere.

Mr. Blacksmith speaks to the earpiece they are wearing, only Lucas and Ashtria had one. He told them to go to a bar called "Darienio" as the leader of squad one of the organization resides there. Lucas clenches his fist as he cannot wait to save his sister, he is worried that there might be something going on with her right now.

He was afraid that Sanya will experience the things he saw when he trespass into the underground laboratory. Valdo notices his behavior so he taps Lucas’s back and smiled to bring him back to his consciousness. Lucas’s eyes widened and look at him, he closes his eyes for seconds and seriously looks at their path
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