Vengeance Of The Contradicted Son In-law

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Vengeance Of The Contradicted Son In-law

By: Preshy Writes CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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What will you do when you find out the woman who killed your parents, the woman you have vowed to have revenge against, is your mother? Devon was switched with his wife at birth by his murdered fake parents and was the rightful owner of the inheritance from his dead father-in-law. But will his mafia mother-in-law, who has hated him since day one, let him have it easy when she has been striving for her other son to get it all? "Hello, my name is Devon Nelson and I changed from fugitive to billionaire when I learned the truth. Unfortunately, my mother wants my life."

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  • Supreme king


    Nice one , interesting book

    2022-08-10 00:23:36
  • Arci MT


    it's going awesome ...️ Love it...

    2022-06-20 17:25:46
  • Sandy


    I really love this story. I am recommending it for everyone

    2022-07-22 04:19:27
  • Sunny Sylvia


    this is a fabulous novel meant for everyone to read

    2022-07-28 03:40:36
  • Sunny Sylvia


    oh my goodness this novel is one of it's kind, I really love it and I'm always excited to know the next line action, I recommend this novel to anyone and everyone who love good, interesting, and incredible story and my advice to our gorgeous author is that she should keep up the good work

    2022-07-28 03:39:45
  • Ibrahim Charity


    I can always recommend this book. I love how the author wrote the book. Every chapter hooks me and makes me wanting to read more. Please update more chapters. More knowledge, author

    2022-07-19 21:04:29
  • Temmy Crown


    It's awesome ...... please continue ...️

    2022-07-01 05:31:55
  • Akomolafe Faith


    ... Wow Great book...

    2022-06-26 06:06:24
  • Essy love


    The book is awesome!! I like how Devon is determined to get justice for his parents ,and also how Tamira isn't spoilt and rude like some others... I recommend this book ... Good job author...

    2022-06-25 01:50:13
  • Merry


    Interesting, Author keep updating your incredible work.

    2022-06-24 18:05:01
  • Galleada


    Great book. ...

    2022-06-21 21:58:51
  • Lilly


    This is a very interesting read, you are doing a great job author, keep updating

    2022-06-21 13:01:09
  • Haarroyal


    I'm recommending this book to any readers cause its one of the best. With the ongoing plot, this book is gon' be a hit.........

    2022-06-21 04:26:14
  • Golden-Ink


    really nice book, the male lead is what caught my attention more, he is very mysterious and powerful. time of man I want heh heh, definitely a good read and good job author. waiting for more update ...️

    2022-06-21 02:28:10
  • Flame Illumination


    I am very invested in Devon life. Greatly written book, forcing me to read more and more.

    2022-06-20 21:06:13
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Latest Chapter
128 chapters
Chapter one
Devon POV:*Night time* Father barged in, causing the door to hit against the wall."Luke!" Mother exclaims in shock and clutches her chest. Father goes through some of our things and his. "Where is the suitcase that I kept here?!" he shouts in fright."Luke what is going on?!" Mother asked Father."I can't explain right now. I beg of you. Just tell me where the suitcase is. Please!" Father shouts in mother's face, shaking her back and forth with his hands on her shoulders."Luke I don't know what you are talking about. Why are you so desperate? What happened?" Mother asked, worriedly.Father lets go of her. "No! No-no-no. We are doomed!" Father said, squeezing his hair, resulting in the skin of his forehead being stretched back.I hold on tight to my mother's hand. "Mommy. What is wrong with daddy?" I ask her."Don't worry son. Everything is going to be fine." Mother said to me.Father stops in his tracks. His eyes search in the room we called a house."We have to run..." Father sai
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Chapter two
"The same dream again?" Uncle Francis asked me."Yes. It just won't leave me." I replied."Look." My uncle said, stepping toward me. He crouched and looked me directly in the eyes. I knew what he was going to say and he should have understood by now that I will not be dissuaded."The dreams are not leaving you because you abstain from letting go." my uncle stated."Whoever said I wanted them to go away, uncle? I want them to keep repeating. I want to be prompted every day about what my motive is. Uncle, I endured that night for a reason. And that reason is to avenge the death of my parents." I said to him."That is untrue Devon. Very untrue. Vengeance can never be someone's objective in life." Uncle Francis said, standing on his feet.He looked down at me as he stood and I also got up and faced him, "Congratulations uncle. You just met someone with that purpose." I replied and walked out on him."Devon." I heard him call out."Yes?" I answered without looking back."Be cautious," he t
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Chapter three
"Mother!" Tamira exclaimed, wide-eyed.No one was in more shock than the woman who had just walked in."What the hell are you doing with... with... Oh my God," she said and started to fan herself with her hand.Tamira quickly helped me sit down and then rushed to the woman. I found the woman in question very family at first but after Tamira called her mother, I was sure of who she was.Tamira's mother was the same woman whom I saw her face under the bed when I was only a little child. She was the one who killed my parents back then.All of a sudden, I felt a building level of anger and hate rise in my chest. I was once again seeing the murderer of my parents after all these years."Mother, It's not what you think," Tamira said to her mother, picking up her purse."Then what is it?!" Mrs. Wilson scolded Tamira."I mistakenly hit him with my car on my way out of the gates. I had to make sure he was okay." Tamira explained. "Correction Tamira. You did not hit him with your car. The driv
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Chapter four
"I'll be outside if you need me." my uncle said and left with everything in his hands."What's wrong with your uncle?" Tamira asked."I have no idea," I replied.Tamira shrugged. "I have to go now. I'll see you whenever." She said."Goodbye," I said and she left the house while I remained inside. My uncle came in seconds after Tamira left."Who was your friend there?" Uncle asked."By the way you behaved, I'd say you already knew who she was," I said.Uncle looked around nervously. " are you looking for?" I asked him."Me? Nothing. I just need a spot to place these things." Uncle said."There is space everywhere. Why search?" I asked.Uncle put the things aside and sat on a mat. "Never mind that Devon. I think I need some air. Please leave and let me rest a while." Uncle told me."Okay. If that's what you want." I said and exited the house.Uncle Francis was hiding something but what? I have to find out but I also have this Tamira issue to deal with. Just then I saw Jason approaching.
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Chapter five
"Yes madam." the maid answered."Okay. You can leave." Mom said to the maid. The maid left and mom turned to dad."You can sit down now." Mom told dad and he sat."Why did the maid need to disinfect the sofa?" Dad asked mom as she sat beside him and I sat on a different sofa."Tamira brought in some filth earlier today." Mom said.'What filth?" Dad asked.Knowing that mom was referring to Devon, I had to oppose immediately. "Devon is a human being, not filth mom," I said to her."Yes, a very dirty human being." Mom said."You brought someone inside the mansion in my absence?" Dad asked me."And not just anyone dear. Tamira brought a poor dirty nobody into the mansion. He didn't even have any footwear on. He left his footprints everywhere." Mom said.Dad ignored her."Why?" he asked me."Dad, I hit him with my car by accident and that's why I brought him inside. Just to help him out and make sure he was okay. We are friends now." I explained."That was very sweet of you dear. I am prou
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Chapter six
Some minutes passed by and I kept taking glass after glass of alcohol, feeding the anger in me."Isn't that a little too much babe?" the man beside me asked. I ignored him as I gulped down what remained in the glass I was holding. I took the bottle in my hand and the man next to me held my hand."Hey! Let go of me!" I yelled at him and he did just that.I stuck my tongue out at him and he just returned it with a disgusted look. "What you are doing is not lady-like and you can't handle your liquor," he said."You are not the boss of me," I told him."Really? How about I take you home with me. I don't think you can walk home in this condition." the man said and I got on my feet, staggered forth and back a bit then vomited on his suit.He bolted up to his feet and looked down at the mess on his suit. "Do you have any idea how much that costs?!" he yelled at me.I laughed, hiccupped, and emptied my bottle on his shoes. "Stay away from me. All you care about is money." I said. I tried to
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Chapter seven
Tamira got on her feet and so did I. We both stepped out of my house and went to meet the man."Tamira! How are you?! I hope that brute did not touch you." he exclaimed so dramatically."No Thomas. Devon would never do anything bad to me." Tamira said to him. "Just take me home," she added.Thomas opened the front door so Tamira could seat beside him in the front but instead of going in, Tamira opened the door to the back seat and sat the. Thomas was annoyed by her action but didn't say anything. He shut the door and went round to the driver's seat, giving me a warning look before sitting and closing the door.They drove off and just as they did, I saw my uncle returning. It seemed to me like he was hiding or something.Uncle Francis went inside, completely ignoring me as he passed by and shut the door. At the same time, I spotted Jason approaching. Remembering the assignment I gave him, I also moved forward to meet him."Any information about my uncle? You followed him last night rig
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Chapter eight
"Sir. I'm afraid we can't do that. Do you have a doctor's permit?" the seller asked me."Since when did I need a doctor's permit to buy poison?" I questioned him."Okay, sir. May I know what the reason for your purchase is?" he asked."I have a rat problem," I said. The seller scanned me from head to toe with his eyes and then he laughed. "Rat problem?" he asked me and laughed some more."You don't even look like you have a home, talk less of it being infested with rats. Tell me, young man, where did you get the money from? Did you steal it?" he asked.Enough was enough for me. I have had it with people looking down on and insulting me just because I was poor. I grabbed the man by his collar and flung him over the counter to the side I was standing. He landed painfully on the floor.Holding on to his shoulder, he groaned and crawled away from me on his butt. "Are you going to sell the poison to me or not?" I asked as I towered over him."I'm going to call the cops that's for sure," he
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Chapter nine
I watched as his eyes closed up slowly. My uncle was gone now. I flung it aside by the chin. That was the end of that hypocrite in my life.The door opened and I turned to see who it was. Jason walked in and was about to tell me something he suddenly saw my uncle's dead body on the floor and kept mute."This..." Jason said, in a calm voice.Jason walked over to where the body lay. He lifted my uncle's arm and dropped it then did it again and again."Devon! Your ki..." I placed my hand over Jason's mouth and removed it after he got the message I was trying to pass across."You killed your uncle?" he asked, in a whisper."The bastard got what was coming to him," I replied. "I have no regret about what I did," I added."Devon. You could go to prison because of this." Jason warned. I laughed at his words."What is so funny? We are in a dangerous situation right now." Jason panicked."What is funny is the way people react to murder. When a rich man kills a poor man it is somehow considered
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Chapter ten
The car parked in the middle of the scene and turned out to have carried along with the press as they all came storming out of the car. From the driver's side of the car, a leg stepped out and then the person in question came to view completely."Miss Tamira," Simon said, not expecting to see her at all. And I must admit, even I did not expect to see her here."Officers. This man is innocent." Tamira said, taking off her glasses."I am afraid that's for the law to decide Miss Tamira Wilson." the officer, who seemed in charge, replied Tamira."We are only abiding by the law Miss Tamira," he added."Oh really? Officer if I may ask, when did this so-called murder take place?" Tamira asked."We believe it to be last night," he answered."And how did you find out about it?" Tamira asked."Through a witness." the officer answered. The press made sure to capture every moment of this in pictures and video form."Good. Very good. So can we all see your proof that he is indeed responsible for w
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