The Return of Invincible King

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The Return of Invincible King

By: Universeleap CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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In years, he was just a psycho in others' eyes, but no one knew he was preparing for his revenge. Layers deep within riches of the corrupt state, a child's family met their own fate. Damien Steele is an impeccable man to decipher, spent on building his image as to what may seem. Foundations of principle finally penetrated by a cruel demise, will his heart conquer over his mind? Revenge. Extravagance. Twisted Ties and Ends. Will he prove to love her through any depth?


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172 chapters
Chapter-1 Mental Hospital
"Roses are red, Violets are blue. Faces like ours belong in the zoo. Don't be mad, I am there too. Not in the cage. But laughing at you,"The elderly man sang this rhyme. Everyone laughed when he used rhymes. One individual, however, was not amused. On his face, there was NOT A SINGLE LIP OF A SMILE. As he thought back on the previous night, his heart was racing. When his mother passed away, he held her in his arms. His father and younger brother were both on the ground, covered in blood. He wished to pass away alongside them, but he is unable to. Not until he exacts his retribution and until he discovers the treasure's mystery. Why did they kill the whole family, exactly? One of the wealthier families in the city, his family was not easy to murder all in one night. His mother's last words before passing away were, "You have to save yourself, save our family history, as we promise to your great grandfather." Damien also promised his mother that he would preserve the heritage an
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Chapter 2-Scars
Everywhere was dead silent. Damien was breathing hard, the woman held her face in agony and pain. The punch punched out some of her teeths and blood spilled on her clothes. She screamed. But as she glanced at Damien, she doubted if he truly had mental issues. Then she saw saliva dripping from Damien's mouth. She smiled inwardly, this coward can't be normal she concluded."What did you do that for, idiot?" She violently asked Damien, she couldn't go near him because he stinks, coupled with the saliva dripping from his mouth."He doesn't like being called 'silly' he gets really violent when he hears that '' A nurse explained to her. She decided to not lose track of why she came here. She didn't have time, she would deal with him later.She saw Lily feeling sad and downcasted upon seeing Damien's situation. She laughed at the poor girl and pretended to pet her."Sad at your lover's state of health?" She drawled as she asked Lily who was focused on Damien's face. It took Lily all the se
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Chapter-3 Disgrace
Third Person POV Lily fell on the bed. Devastated. Broken. She was a mess. "How can I cope with this, if someone had told me I would be in this state now I would have probably killed the person, but now here I am." She loved Damien, no doubt. But how would she cope with him out of his mind, and her parents unsupportive. She cried. Damienlooked at her, but coul to do anything. Like his hands were tied. He left to make medicine for her. Lily cried hard! Her future life, her dreams, her goals, all is down the drain already. What made her really sad was her parents reaction to the she issue. She didn't get pregnant out of wedlock, she didn't kill anyone, she just helped her best friend build a tombstone for his parents for his parents and siblings. But she was still asking one question. And that is, who is responsible for the murder of the steels family. Lily has known the steel's almost all her life. "They were not the type to cause trouble, or engage in dirty acts, that's why I
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Chapter-4 A Thief?
As they packed out, Lily was desperate and furious. Desperate because she didn't know where they were going. Her husband was literally a psycho, how can he find a place for them to stay, and she didn't have any money with her. And she couldn't ask her parents for that. She sneaked a glance at Damien as he packed his things, his face was stone cold and too straight. She knew even in his psychic mind, he still missed his parents and everyone that used to surround them. She knew he would miss his younger brother. She missed him too. She missed all of them, Mrs Steel, Mr steel. She felt emotional again. She didn't know when the tears were falling from her face, she tried hiding it but Damien had seen it already."Hey, are you fine?" He asked her, looking really concerned. Lily's heart felt warm,she still had a place in his mind. She nodded, affirming that she was fine. Damien gave her,'i'm not buying that' look.Before look could say anything, Damien pulled her into a hug and sniffed
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Chapter-5 Ugly Scars
Damien saw the disbelief look on Lily's face. He couldn't blame her, it's abnormal for a psycho to have or get connections to this time of villa.It was given to him by the old man in the hospital. The old man virtually put Damien in charge of his villa and to head the organization.Lily couldn't believe this, but she had to. She stared at Damien disbelievingly. It was obvious, he had stolen the keys. What if they were caught ? What if Mrs Elisa Turner came back?"Where did you get this key from Damien, how did you get to know about this exquisite house in your state, answer me!!" She literally screamed. She was in a confused state.He understood where her worries and concerns were coming from. He knew she didn't want another issue happening and he understood that.He couldn't find it in him to fully open up to her, she will have to be patient , when the right time comes she would know."Aye! I met an old man in the hospital, he gave me this key. He told me when I get out of the hospi
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Chapter-6 Truly A Psycho
It has been one week since the 'take off your clothes' incident. Damien knew she was shy and self conscious. No man had very seen her naked before, of course who would?He wasn't protective or that shit! He just knew that even Lily won't let that happen.When she pulled off her clothes, it took all the control in him not to touch her the way he wanted.It was hard already just staring at her there, clothes down full blown naked.He went to the bathroom to cook off then he came back.He was sure Lily didn't know her effect on him, on normal circumstances he would have grabbed her and fuck the hell out of here given the current situation, now isn't the time for that.He quickly applied the bandage and the ointments on her body. That's how his week went, changing bandages and applying ointments.He was grateful to the old man he met at the hospital. After giving him the Keys to the house he gave him contacts of a few people he had left.Damien was amazed at the raw talent of the particu
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Chapter-7 Rumours
Her anger was justified. But one question she continued asking herself was, 𝘪𝘴 𝘋𝘢𝘮𝘪𝘦𝘯 𝘵𝘳𝘶𝘭𝘺 𝘢 𝘱𝘴𝘺𝘤𝘩𝘰?She wants to believe so. She wants to believe that he is recovering but the week's event shows otherwise.Right from getting the huge mansion, to helping her get her skin glow back, to making dinners he used to make before things changed, now , receiving strange phone calls and calling out from her trip home.She couldn't place her hand, but something was off. Damien is hiding something from her. She heaved a worried sigh, she hoped all this ended well. ******Damien stared at Lily till she entered the car and the car was out of sight. He hadn't meant to call off his promise by following her home, but he had to do the needful.Receiving the call made him nervous, scared and at the same time happy that he had finally found the evidence he had been looking for.The woman who he expected would be here any moment from now. He is forever indebted to the old man and his
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Chapter-8 Accident
It was Lily. She was obviously calling to apologize for what she said to him. He actually didn't blame her, he would make it to her. But for now, he's a heavier matter.He picked the phone,"Hello, am I on to Mr steel," Damien's heart stopped when he heard the voice.Why is a man with Lily's phone, who was he and what connection does he have with her? He had lots of questions on his mind."I'm the head of operations at a hospital near the villa estate,""Get straight to the a point,""A lady who's name is Lily had an accident ,she was rushed to her. I decided to call the person's on her emergency list,"Damien's face paled. What could have happened to her? It's not been two hours since she had left the house, and she is already involved in an accident."Where is she now? He asked as he stood up."She still here at the accident scene,"Alexia looked at him with a questioning look.Damien dropped the phone on the table. Why does everyone in his life get hurt at the end of the day? He wo
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CHAPTER -9 Clashes
Damien looked around, he made sure no one was in sight. Just him and the guardians. He smirked. He was about to kick some asses.The guardians were all masked so he couldn't recognise who they truly were. There was no hope of knowing where they came from.The first guardian jumped from the back aiming to hit Damien with his iron rod.Damien bent sideways, grabbed his hand, twisted it to the back and gave him a head knock. Two guardians came up holding long irons, Damien dodged all their hits easily. He used a nearby wood to smash their heads, they were left groaning on the Lilyoor.Three guardians came at once. He stood calm and just practiced the eagle move he was taught, part of the strange exercises the man at the hospital taught him.They all missed their shots and fell on each other. Damien picked two up by their hair and used his leg to kick the third one, throwing the two on his hands where he pleased.He was left with one, which seemed like the head of guardians. He caught hi
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CHAPTER -10 Wounds
Damien drove them to the hospital. The nurses and doctors in the hospital were all in panic.Lily was severely injured. They took her to a room to examine her but they found out that irrespective of her severe injury she wasn't bleeding, which was unusual.The doctor came out to speak to Damien concerning that."Mr Steel, we have carried out a comprehensive inspection of the lady, and her situation …. is unusual,"Damien locked eyes with Alexia, who gave him a knowing smile. Damien just looked confused."What I'm trying to say is, her condition is stable , there are no bleeds or serious injuries. It just needs some stitches and she's good," The doctor told Damien."Thank you doctor," Damien thanked the doctor, feeling relieved that at least Lily won't die. He gave Alexia a tight smile.The other nurses wheeled Lily to the emergency Ward to stitch her injuries."Did any help you before coming here?" The doctor suddenly asked Damien.They were all standing in front of the emergency warc
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