Supreme Trader

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Supreme Trader

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Synopsis: Edward was adopted when he was five years old—a dream come true for orphans. However, his life was anything but happy. His adoptive father was a scoundrel, always cheating, drinking, gambling, and abusing his spouse and Edward. After years of gambling and drinking, there was nothing left but countless debts and four pale walls in the house. Though weak and sometimes neurotic because of her husband, his adoptive mother always showed great love and affection to Edward. However, good things could never last long. Unfortunately, his adoptive mother soon fell ill when Edward was seventeen. His scoundrel father shunned the responsibility by deserting them and ran away. Edward had no other choice but to drop out of school and toil himself day and night in restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores. Yet, he could merely earn a little money that could not even support him to keep his head above water, not to mention pay his mother’s expensive medical expenses. One day, a chance came. One of his boss’s good friends offered him a better job as a salesman. Things seemed to go well for Edward. He got a girlfriend named Rebecca in his new company. He also had made a good friend, James, there. And above all, he got a better salary. However, something went wrong on the day he demonstrated the slide before his customers. Would he lose his job and come into the same plight again? Would his girlfriend be nice to him like before? Would Edward stay at the bottom rung of the social ladder forever? Read on to unravel Edward’s journey in this mundane world to become the extremely wealthy Supreme Trader with the help of his Super Trading System.


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  • Ummi Aida


    well written. interesting plot. even with so many system story, yours still can capture my interest. keep on creating

    2023-05-08 21:37:09
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129 chapters
Chapter 1 Pretty Hazard
It was at the Fanta hospital in Orinda, California.“Good. I’ll arrange the surgery for your mother next Wednesday,” said the doctor, kindly nodding to a handsome boy.Edward’s heart leaped with joy. He had been waiting for this moment for ages.“Finally,” shouted the young boy, feeling like a prisoner who had just been granted parole. The weight bearing down on him for so long fell off him eventually.At the time, Edward’s emotions overwhelmed him.He dashed out of the doctor’s office like a flying arrow. Crouching alone in the corner of the hallway, he wept like a baby.As passers-by went past him, he did not even look up, not giving a damn to those odd looks on their faces.Two months before, he had been in the same office.“Your adoptive mother has been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, Edward Addison. She needs a liver transplant. You’ll have to pay 100, 000 bucks for surgery or she can only live for three months.”The same doctor’s indifferent words had crushed him, sending him sp
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Chapter 2 A Setup
Now, Edward found another reason to work harder than before.He vowed to pull out all the stops and go the extra mile. He told himself that he needed to make more moolah, not just for his mother's sake, but also for his lady love Rebecca.He yearned to present her with a token of his affection, maybe a dazzling diamond ring, a lavish designer bag, or something along those lines. It was his way of professing his undying love for her.Before long, fate smiled upon Edward.With the help of the mysterious middle-aged widow, he had a shot at securing a big contract - but only if he could knock it out of the park in his presentation."Work hard, Edward, and you'll be promoted. Besides, If you seal the deal, we might just make you a partner with a 1% stake in the company.”The boss’s words echoed in his mind like a prophecy.It was the golden ticket he'd been waiting for and a chance that he had to jump at. If he could become the partner of the company, he knew he would soon pay back the mon
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Chapter 3 In Custody
His boss gave him a hard kick, freeing himself from Edward’s grip on his leg. Edward, sprawling out on the frigid ground painfully, watched his boss strut away desperately. Suddenly, he felt as if he were plummeting into a deep abyss, consumed by utter darkness with no way out. He longed for his boss to return since he was the only beacon of light to lift him out of this inferno, but he didn’t show up. Suddenly, a glimmer caught his eyes. It was that cursed video of the naked boy gyrating before a pack of old, ugly women. “Damn it! It was not me,” whispered Edward, his mind going blank. At the time, he didn’t know what to do. All he wanted now was to seek solace from his girlfriend. Without any delay, he whipped out his trusty phone and decided to call his girlfriend. But to his horror, he discovered the video had already gone viral on the internet. “How could this be happening?” Edward murmured in a tremulous tone, “I've got to make things right with Rebecca, no matter what.”
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Chapter 4 Super Trading System
Moments later, Edward found himself thrown into a dank, dingy cell that reeked of desperation."Am I really behind bars?" he muttered to himself. "No way, I've got to find a way out of this mess."Turning to the little mustached policeman, Edward pleaded, forcing a faint smile on his face, "May I know your name, sir? Please let me go. I didn't do anything wrong.”“Call me Bill,” sneered the policeman, “you don’t know the rule, do you?”“No, what’s the rule?” asked Edward, his brow furrowed in confusion.“You know I’m Bill,” said the policeman, a sly grin spreading across his face, “I’ve got a lot of bills to pay. I hope you can do me a favor with my bills.”Edward's heart sank as he realized he was dealing with a crooked cop who was trying to shake him down for money.“Well, dear Bill,” Edward replied, forcing a faint smile on his face, “I'd be happy to help you out. But could you let me in on how much of a dent this will make in my wallet?”“Sharp thinking,” said Bill, flashing a yel
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Chapter 5 Ripped off
‘If I keep up this good work, I'll be rolling in it before long,’ Edward thought happily.As he was lost in his reverie, the two corrupt cops returned to check him, their jaws dropping at the immaculate floor.“Well, well, well, looks like you’ve done me a solid here,” the mustached cop remarked,“But that doesn’t mean you're off the hook for my bills. What do you say? Ready to fork over that five grand?” “Can I get a discount for cleaning up this place for you?” Edward attempted to negotiate, but immediately realized that he made a big mistake—he should have never bargained with others. As a promising trader, haggling was a bad habit.“Not a chance, kiddo,” the sneering cop retorted, “You know the drill - pay up, and you can waltz out of here scot-free.”“I was only kidding,” Edward stammered, pretending to be confident, “Five grand, huh? No problem! Can I just swipe my card here?” “Absolutely,” the mustached cop replied, smoothly pulling out the card reader. It was evident that
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Chapter 6 Rewarded 10,000
"Frank, it's me! Open up, I've got something for you," he yelled with glee.After a few moments, the door creaked open, revealing a scrappy little kid with a starved look in his eyes. The old man held out a burger, and the kid snatched it like it was his last meal."Slow down, Frank, slow down. You must be starving," the old man cooed."You eat it, too, grandpa!" the boy said, spreading a big grin on his face."You haven't eaten anything for days, Frank. It's all my fault. I've been working for days and haven't earned any money. Fortunately, I met a fool today," the old man admitted."A fool? What kind of fool?" Frank asked, looking puzzled."I mean a good person," the old man clarified, “Yeah, a good person.”“Who is he?” inquired the little boy Frank, gawking at his grandpa with saucer-sized eyes.“Maybe he’s referring to me,” Edward piped up out of nowhere.Abruptly, Edward appeared before them, causing the old man to step ahead to hastily shield his grandson from harm’s way.“What
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Chapter 7 Back off, Bitch
As he strode into the hotel's opulent lobby of FS Hotel, Edward felt a sense of excitement and adventure. This was a new chapter in his life, and he was ready to embrace it with open arms.“Welcome to the FS Hotel, sir!” A boy with a bright smile greeted Edward at the gate.“Good afternoon, sir, nice to meet you,” greeted a stunning young lady dressed in a uniform of the hotel with a warm smile.Edward smiled back at her and could not help but steal a glance at her long, slender legs.‘Are all the female workers here as beautiful and hot as her?’ wondered Edward.The warm greetings from the workers here at the hotel made Edward feel like he was on top of the world.‘This is the life I want. And I would like to live it here to the fullest.’Enjoying the mesmerizing scent in the lobby, Edward even felt like he could have stayed here forever.As he savored every moment of the experience and indulged in all its pleasures it could offer, he accidentally bumped into a woman in a sexy slip d
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Chapter 8 Take the First Trade
“Don’t take it to heart, sir,” Kalina said with a twinkle in her eye, revealing her eight pearly whites like a Hollywood celebrity, “Lady Dorothy is a mere gold digger who enjoys hobnobbing with the upper crust.” “Oh?” chuckled Edward, his eyes gleaming mischievously, “You are kind enough to say she is a gold digger. In my eyes, she’s no more than a poor hooker. Prostitution, destitution.” “You’re so eloquent, sir,” smiled Kalina awkwardly, not expecting Edward’s harsh words on Dorothy. “Well, by the way, do I look like a member of high society?” asked Edward. “I have to say you don’t look like one of them, but your action betrayed you. Only a loaded man would be able to buff the shoes with cash,” Kalina winked playfully, sending a thrill down Edward’s spine. “What if I’m just faking it?” Edward played along, suddenly keeping a straight face. Kalina’s smile faltered for a moment, but she quickly recovered. “I’m sure you’re pulling my leg, sir,” smiled Kalina again. “I must say
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Chapter 9 Revenge
[Bravo! You’ve taken your first plunge into the market. Now it’s time to sit tight and see how the tide turns in the market.]“Okay, no problem,” whispered Edward, wiping away the sweat on his face. Yet, Edward couldn’t shake off the nervousness that was slowly creeping up on him as he stared at his EURUSD chart with bated breath. The market was going against him, and he could feel his balance dwindling with every passing second. [Hey, Edward, take it easy. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you. Just let your position ride with the waves of the market. It’s time to feast your eyes on something other than the market.]“Good suggestion,” nodded Edward in a low voice, trying to calm his racing heart. However, he found it hard to relax. He had to take a deep breath and look around, trying to distract himself.Just then, he saw Kalina coming over to him, pushing a gleaming cart that was fit for a king’s banquet. Her elegant figure and captivating smile immediately stole his attenti
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Chapter 10 the Sixth Avenue
“It’s none of your business, James. Now do what you said you would if you don’t want to suffer again.,” said Edward coldly. Seeing this, Rebecca’s tone changed from haughty to soothing. “It’s just a misunderstanding, Edward. James and I will leave here immediately. I hope you enjoy your meal here. See ya!” With that, she propped up the injured James and readied to make a break for it. But before they could flee the scene, Edward interjected with a bone-chilling threat, brandishing his rock-solid fist like a weapon. "Before you skip town, you better make sure my fists are on board," he growled. "Don't push your luck, Edward," Rebecca cautioned. "You wouldn't dare lay a finger on a defenseless dame like me, would you?" "Sorry, honey, but for those who can't stick to their word, my fists don't discriminate. Keeping promises is a sacred code of honor. And let me tell you, I'm just trying to whip you two into better shape," Edward snickered. Kalina suddenly chimed in, "I love that ph
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