The Road to Professional With Simulator Career System

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The Road to Professional With Simulator Career System

By: hotaka katsuo OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Tristan considers himself useless, from his career to his love all ruined because he was born with no conspicuous abilities and does not come from rich people. Until a system appeared before him, he would gain many abilities and make him a rich man. "With this I will have fun. I can do anything and become anything. I have a Career System Simulator that you don't have."


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  • Maurice Hamahona


    Good story

    2023-10-17 10:19:58
  • De_law17


    The synopsis and title was Intriguing and that's what dragged me to reading this book. I love the book, the plot is fine however I think it's too fast paced and the author need to edit chapters before uploading pls ... Overall I can say it's a good read and it will be as long as there's no more typo

    2023-07-14 07:26:30
  • Sumvit Prasad


    book is good, but please try to add chapters at fast pace

    2023-08-21 00:19:02
  • Hector Bayaras


    I love the story,,i found reading this novel not boring.the twist are great,,only after asking bonus reward to unlock next chapter,,I found it so short chapter then ask again for reward points to unlock another chapter..but truly I enjoyed reading this novel.

    2023-07-30 18:55:54
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221 chapters
Chapter 1
"You are so stupid. I've told you repeatedly that you should do well. You're now making a mess of this place." Ted put down the document in front of him. He stared at the man who looked so useless in front of him.He wanted to get all the work done, but this subordinate in front of him was stupid and making mistakes repeatedly."Sir Ted, it wasn't me who messed up the paperwork..." Tristan tried to explain.The paperwork held by Ted was not his, and he had never even gotten the job. Beside Tristan, two men were holding back their smiles. Tristan could tell that they were holding back smiles and mocking him."Sir, he did it. He's been stupid for a long time. His brain is probably made of horse dung, so he's from the lower classes."Martin looked at Tristan with a condescending look in his eyes. He was Tristan's senior at work, having entered the sales company before Tristan, whom he disliked. The first time Trista worked here, he immediately received praise, which infuriated Martin, be
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Chapter 2
He opened his eyes slowly, his head hurting like hell. And when he looked more focused, he saw the screen before him.Tristan immediately remembered everything from yesterday."What is this?" Tristan chose to walk back to the riverbank and look at the screen before him."Is this the latest technology?" he asked but quickly shook his head. "No way."His forehead sweating, he scratched his head and re-read the message on the screen."A game... yes, it's similar to a game on my phone that I often play." Dazed and confused, Tristan suddenly chuckled, and before he could press the button, he ended up passed out on the riverbank with no idea how he got back to his flat.Now the man was staring in front of him with fierce eyes and a glass of water in his hand."Should I press yes?" he asked himself. Tristan hesitated within himself at the possibility of what could go wrong. He gulped and looked back at the screen in front of him."Okay." After some time, he finally pressed the 'yes' button,
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Chapter 3
Tristan could hardly get anything out of his mouth. He had just experienced the most unexpected thing in a row. He swallowed his saliva and caught Celine's hand, which was about to run away from him."Celine, we've been together for a few months. You shouldn't be acting like this." Tristan held Celine back, and that made Celine laugh."What a disgrace. You can't prove anything, you have no ability and even now you're just a delivery man. How embarrassing."She slammed Tristan's hand away, and when Donny wrapped his arms around her waist, he pressed his body against Celine."It's good that you decided on this useless man. He'll only be a poor, useless man for so long."The sound of laughter was heard, and all of Celine's friends there looked down on Tristan. Tristan squeezed his hand, staring at the lover he had always loved."It turns out that you've been insincere with me, Celine...""Of course I was insincere. Do you think in this world we can eat only with love and sincerity?" Celi
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Chapter 4
Celine watched Lucy from top to bottom. She didn't like that the woman in front of her was much more beautiful than she was. With nice clothes and expensive-looking jewellery Celine felt defeated, but she didn't want to admit that."Don't talk nonsense. There's no way you guys have a relationship, because this guy doesn't have anything. He's just a lousy delivery man."Celine did not want to bring herself down at all. She was sure that she was a beautiful woman, and of course, she had to assert herself, she looked at Tristan and then at Lucy. If Tristan had nothing, the woman he was with would be from the same circle as Tristan."That's right. The two of us are lovers, I'm very happy to have become her lover. Lucy is a beautiful and sweet woman."Tristan reciprocated Celine's treatment by gently pulling Lucy's hand and rubbing her back. That surprised Lucy, but she didn't say anything and let Tristan do it."It turns out you're a cheater. Do you know that just a few hours ago I dumped
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Chapter 5
Jeremy looked back at Tristan and the phone screen that Tristan had shown him. The amount of money he saw was huge, and he couldn't believe it. He grabbed Tristan's phone and looked at it more closely than before.He paused, swallowing saliva was quite tricky now because of the interconnectedness within himself."This can't be..."Jeremy wasn't the only one who couldn't believe that Tristan was a man with money. Lucy looked at the man who worked as a delivery man so intently."You can't judge people by their looks." Tristan spoke with a hint of arrogance, he looked at Jeremy and capitalized on their connection immediately. He again grabbed the cell phone held by Jeremy and looked forward to what they had at stake.His right hand was outstretched, and his expression was cold looking at the man before him."You didn't forget that you had a bet with me, did you? Give me your car keys at once."Tristan said in a loud voice. He was fortunate because today he got a prize of 15 million dolla
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Chapter 6
Tristan threw himself on the bed with such a happy face, staring at his phone screen with a smile showing his teeth."I have so much money. I'm so happy. With this money what should I do? I can buy a lot of food and also," he stopped talking and thought about what he should buy with this 15 million dollars.He had just arrived at his flat and was forced to put his car at Lucy's. They had even saved each other's cell phone numbers and were now friends."If you look at this notification, it means I have to fulfill 100%, which means I'll probably get more money than this."Tristan was very excited to talk about money. He could even imagine large bills falling and becoming the water for his bath."Yeah, what I thought earlier must be true." Tristan held his stomach suddenly, too excited to feel hungry. "It seems I should order some food first, I spent too much money just to buy the things that damn woman wanted. Now I'm relieved to be rid of her and I should celebrate by eating lots of go
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Chapter 7
Celine was so excited. She had seen for herself the money Tristan had. She knew, of course, Tristan would choose her, who had been accompanying Tristan all this time. She confidently walked along.As desired by Tristan, Celine had to ditch Dony in the crowd. That's why they were now in a cafe. Tristan sat in another place to observe while Celine was in front of it. Tristan deliberately chose a seat near the door."Celine!" Dony approached Celine excitedly. He liked Celine, who was his friend.When Dony approached, he immediately gave Celine a hug. Celine pushed him, which made Dony expression surprised."Celine, what's wrong?" Asked Dony, confused by the reaction given by Celine. Usually, the woman would be spoiled."Ah, is it because I haven't given you the ring yesterday?" asked Donny after thinking about Celine's quite different attitude.Yesterday after they got together with Dony's friends, Celine pouted and wanted a diamond ring that cost 5000$, and Dony said he would buy it for
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Chapter 8
"I know now why the prize is big. Because delivering it is harder than delivering other packages. Damn it."Tristan collected. The letter in his hand on his tattoo, and he exhaled. If it's like this, he won't be able to buy an apartment or a house, Tristan squeezed his hand."There's a dog inside, I should buy something first so I can leave the dog alone. Or should I sedate it?" Tristan asked himself.He then rode the ugly-looking motorcycle to buy the one that could quiet the dog. As he chose a bone to give to the dog guarding the house, a group of men had just entered the store and were behind Tristan."Hey, are you going to keep picking without buying? Are you going to eat that bone so seriously?" One of them spoke to Tristan in a dismissive tone.He was chewing gum, and it made an annoying sound.Tristan ignored him, he took the more giant bone, and he was forced to use his 30$."Well, I hope it's worth the reward I'll get later." Tristan found it hard to spend money on the dog of
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Chapter 9
Before Tristan called him, he had gotten a call from Okin, who was an annoying guy. Several times Okin had sold his assets or bought assets from Silas.The grumpy old man rarely cared about others and contacted him just to say he served a delivery man well. Silas thought the man in front of him, who only worked as a delivery man, must have had little money. But what had he just heard, fifteen million? That was absurd."Sorry, Sir Tristan... 15 million is not 15 dollars..." He tried to explain and shook it. But in a slightly agitated manner.Tristan just nodded his head."Perhaps you should check your ears, Sir Tristan. Fifteen million is a lot of money and too much for you to be living in an apartment for that. You only work as a delivery man, I understand you want to live in a comfortable place, but we must learn to know ourselves, Sir Tristan."He wiped his sweat again. He talked a lot in front of Tristan and felt slightly irritated. Even the clothes Tristan wore looked quite rumple
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Chapter 10
Tristan's life had changed so much in just a few days that he had enjoyed a wonderful life. He opened his eyes, feeling hungry, and held his stomach with his left hand."I want to eat because I was tired yesterday, I chose to sleep instead." Tristan rubbed his face yes, he quickly got off his soft bed and rinsed his face with water. After a while, he quickly prepared to go out."It seems that today I should also take my car. No missions have come yet, I can have a little fun."Tristan smiled, he walked while whistling as he felt that both his shoulders became lighter than before.Trista immediately went to the closest supermarket near his apartment building with the motorcycle he needed to use as a Delivery Man. 5 minutes away, Tristan felt happy. He immediately parked the bike and stretched his body."I have to order a lot of the latest food I want, Duke." Tristan chuckled, he entered the convenience store, but a couple rudely bumped into him."Aa, shit..." Tristan cursed a little. H
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