Astra is surrounded by more than two hundred enemies of different kind. And everyone of them wants to kill her by all means necessary.

The room is very wide and empty, except for the many dead ninja guards of the southern group. She kept looking around trying to find a way to escape this difficult situation.

The only openings in the room are highly protected and guarded to prevent her from coming out at all cost. The walls are thick African mud style that even a bullet cannot penetrate. The only softer part of the room is up through the roof.

She looked up and tried to examine it carefully. At this moment, she has figured out her best route to escape but she needs the perfect time to do it which she doesn’t know when and how it will happen.

Commander Tyra has just stepped a foot on the frame of the door. He stood there and looked all around the room. He knows that the humans from the human federation base are capable of invincibility, he could feel Astra’s presence in the room, althou
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