Few hours later, it was morning and time to keep moving no where. There is no direction and not any single form of guide for Astra and her friends. The only thing they want to do is to stay as far away from the aliens as possible.

They got up quickly and began to walk without knowing where they are headed.

“While we think we are running away from the aliens, we might actual be going toward them” kira said.

“at least we will know the way we shouldn’t go” Astra replied.

While commander Tyra and his drone soldiers are seriously searching, they seem to have gone the wrong way because Astra, kira and Mita have been walking for more than five hours now hoping that they ate heading the right way. Or anywhere far from the aliens.

About five more miles on the same direction, Astra and her companions sighted the shore of a lake about ten metres out of the woods with fine white sand and a bright gentle flowing water.

They were so happy that they could not wait to get there. The three of them beg
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