Invincible: Return Of Eric Darkwood

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Invincible: Return Of Eric Darkwood

By: Dreamer OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Brother, I missed you." "Younger brother is gone while you were away." The voice sobbed making black lines appear on Eric's face. --- Eric Darkwood took the blame for the wrong person and went to prison for five years. But what happens when he returns with all glory only to find out that his family is on the brink of death? His father was paralyzed, his younger brother dead, and his sister was thrown out to the street left to die. Would the ones responsible be able to handle the wrath of Eric? His anger reaches the towering heavens that mere mortals dare not face.

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  • Cici Aremanita


    Cool Bro, let's also visit the Reincarnation of the Warrior, Thanks.

    2024-02-21 22:49:54
  • Blanca O


    The story is excellent, but the last chapter is of another story. What happened to Eric Darwood story?

    2023-10-29 19:26:51
  • Efi Tabuena


    good plot, hope it wont be a long story with thousands of chapter.

    2023-10-24 11:20:16
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266 chapters
Chapter 0001
"It's time." A faint voice sounded as a figure walked toward the awaiting helicopter.Behind him were rows of men with their heads dropped looking sadly as the young man walked towards the helicopter. Each of the men had a murderous aura surrounding them, at the same time, they looked tattered and w
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Chapter 0002
The figure standing before him didn't look like the graceful figure he knew five years ago before he was sent to prison. Rather, the figure before him looked wretched and ragged that he tended not to recognize her if not for the fact that her face was deeply etched in his mind and he could never for
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Chapter 0003
Eric frowned hearing what the blurry man just said. How dare he have a design on his sister? It seemed like he was asking for death."I see, you don't want to tell me, it seems like I'll have to make him talk to me." The blurry man laughed as he stared at Eric with hostility."Break each bone in his
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Chapter 0004
“Brother!” A soft voice came, bringing Eric back to his senses.“Alexis, don't worry, I'm fine.” Eric smiled as he caressed his sister's hair, his eyes had already changed back to normal.Even though in his mind, he had already sentenced the Carols' family to death. There was no way he was going to
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Chapter 0005
“Huh?”Alexis froze hearing what her brother said, she just couldn't believe her ears. Judging from the way the woman was dressed, it was quite obvious that her Identity wasn't ordinary, and yet her brother wanted her to slap her.“But…"“I said slap her exactly how she had done to you,” Eric repeat
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Chapter 0006
“Here, thank you.” Eric smiled as he and Alexis alighted from the taxi.“Here.” Eric continued giving the taxi driver his money.“Don't worry brother, since you're here to see someone, there's no need for me to collect your money, you can consider it as a free service.” The taxi driver smiled and im
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Chapter 0007
In front of Eric was a short chubby man glaring at him as if he could swallow him whole. His mouth couldn't help but twitch when he saw the clothes on Alexis' body.“How dare you?” The man growled as he looked at Eric.“You must be the manager.” Eric frowned, ignoring what the man had just said as h
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Chapter 0008
But here this stupid manager was, trying to disrespect him. Even if he said he wanted the mall, he would happily give it to him for free. And now this manager was disrespecting him. He had heard of how ruthless the God of war in his front was.“Greetings sir.”Peter suddenly bowed before Eric, but t
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Chapter 0009
“Brother, I think we should stop shopping, the clothes are enough.” Alexis sighed as she looked at Eric.“No we can't stop, I'm not satisfied yet, you've not gotten enough clothes, so we need to continue picking. Besides, I'm not the one who'll pay for it, you heard what that man said, all that we a
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Chapter 0010
It was time to announce his return to them. Even though he had the intention of doing it later that day, he didn't expect an opportunity to come just like that. Well, since it was here, why not use it instead of letting it go?Eric was never the one to let grudges go. He would pay double what they h
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