Jake Klien: Rise Of The Young Trillionaire

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Jake Klien: Rise Of The Young Trillionaire

By: Bunny bear Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Jake Klien, a poor university student who is a musician and also a delivery boy, got betrayed by his girlfriend, Zara, who cheated on him with his biggest enemy in the university, Weston. Heartbroken, Jake promised revenge but was seduced by his boss who wanted to have a taste of him by all means and was bullied by his colleague who was hell bent on frustrating his whole existence. Entertaining people with his music, Jake Klien never knew that he was the heir to the Acrobatic Empire, the biggest empire in all Asia. With his new discovered wealth and fame, Jake was ready to make everyone who mocked, bullied and betrayed him pay dearly.

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  • Bunny bear


    This is my newest baby. Read it and you won't regret it. It will surely keep you at the edge of your seats.

    2024-02-26 22:02:23
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It was a bright summer afternoon in New York City. The streets were filled with activities. The roads were busy as cars went to and fro in a somewhat hypnotic scene. The legendary New York City, the city of towering dreams and endless possibilities. Amidst the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, hopes take flight like pigeons and set sail like ships. The dazzling lights of Times Square promise a future filled with excitement and chances waiting to be seized. In the midst of the urban buzz, pockets of beauty emerge—Central Park, a green haven where dreams find a peaceful spot. The Brooklyn Bridge links aspirations across the river, symbolising the connection between dreams and reality. Every neighbourhood, from the artsy SoHo to historic Greenwich Village, contributes to the city's diverse dreamscape. A city where each street corner tells a story, and the pursuit of dreams becomes a shared adventure beneath the twinkling skyline.“Kline!” a lean man in his forties called out.“Y
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“What did you just call me?” Drex thundered again. His eyes were steamy and he was red with anger. His veins and muscles bulged in rhythm to his heavy breathing.Anger was evident on this huge man's face. Jake felt his courage leave him as soon as he was toe to toe with Drex. He immediately regretted his actions and wished he had kept silent instead of talking back at him. He braced himself for the worst as he attempted to give Drex a befitting response to his question.As Jake opened his mouth to speak, He was immediately interrupted by a sharp pain that struck his nose and lips. Blood trickled down his nostrils and lips. He spat out a wad of blood mixed with saliva.“Son of a bitch!” he muttered to himself as he realised that he had been punched in the face by Drex. He was a gym addict himself, and had quite a lot of stamina. If not, the punch would have instantly knocked him off his feet.He was still contemplating this when the second blow landed, jabbing him on his jaw, and this
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Jake had just finished work for the day at Les Royales restaurant. As soon as he was allowed to leave, he took off his work uniform, hurriedly got on top of his bike, put on his backpack and put on his airpods. He switched on his favourite music playlist and sang along to the songs as he paddled swiftly towards his destination.Forty-five minutes later, He arrived at his destination, KwikStop Pizza. His night job where he had to do several door to door deliveries until daybreak. He went in, put on his uniform and resumed immediately. He hurried to his boss's office in order to receive his delivery list for the night as well as the deliveries to be delivered. He arrived at the office door and then knocked.“Hold on. I'll be with you in a minute!” his boss yelled from within the room. Sam, an employee came out of her office, sweating profusely, smiled at Jake and said “Hey man, you're here earlier than usual. The DILIGENT delivery guy.” he let out a loud laugh.His muscular figure seem
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“Hey there, pretty boy. Why have you been playing hard to get? I know that you know very well that I want you, and I've been showing you signs all this while, and you've done a great job at pretending you don't like what you see. I have trailed you around and I know you don't have a girlfriend, so there's really no reason why you shouldn't satisfy me. I need this one favour from you Jake. I really need you! - Your Secret Admirer.”“Who could this be?” he wondered. “My boss?” he thought to himself. “She could have just used her normal email address. Maybe it's not her. Well, if it's not her …who is it?!” he kept thinking of who else apart from his boss was making advances on him. He finally decided to sleep it off and try to figure it out in the morning. ***Maria sat in her bathtub, feeling satisfied as she had put her plan into motion. Jake knows she wants him, but then he's probably trying to figure out whether or not she really is his secret admirer. He
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Jake immediately looked away from his boss's half-naked body. He was already in her trap. He couldn't see how he could possibly have escaped this scenario without losing his job. His boss was going to make her advances clear to him, and he would have to either comply and keep his job while losing his dignity—and virginity—or decline her advances and lose his second job. Jake has never slept with a lady, not even his ex-girlfriend, Zara, because she always gave him excuses and wouldn't let him near or touch her. He wondered how he was barely able to afford a comfortable life with both jobs and how much worse it would become if he only had to keep one.“Ma'am what are you doing? This isn't right!” he said, trying his best to hide the disgust he felt towards her, seeing her dressed like a hooker.“No, no, NO! Jakey. Don't be such a baby about this.” she teased him, chuckling. “You know very well what I want from you Pretty Boy. I want you to make love to me. I want to taste the warmth in
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“You deaf or something?!” the voice yelled as the person—appearing as a hulking silhouette in the dark of the night—approached him swiftly.Jake made no attempt to speed up or try to get away from him. As the person got closer, he recognized the voice. It was Drex's voice, he probably wanted to get back at Jake for what happened between the both of them the other day at work. Jake was not in the mood to deal with that kind of confrontation. He was still pondering these thoughts when he felt a strong pull on his shoulder, which sent him falling off his bike and onto the pavement, bruising his knees and elbows.“You think you're such a tough guy huh?! I'll show you punk!” Drex said, kicking Jake in his midsection as he lay on the ground.Jake coughed and spat on the spot as the kick immediately knocked the air out of his lungs.“What do you want from me?!” Jake screamed at Drex.“To finish the fight you started, Twerp!” Drex said as he threw another punch. Although, his blow didn't hit
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Jake had just finished his long studio session. He had successfully recorded two songs in preparation for his open-mic night scheduled for Friday that week. He stepped out of the recording booth and put down his headphones. His producer-friend Max was beaming with smiles as he came out.“Bro, you killed it! Those were some sick melodies you pulled out.” Max hyped him, genuinely impressed by Jake's musical abilities.“Thanks a lot bro.” Jake appreciated him.“Here you go bro! Your masterpieces are in this doohickey right here.” Max said, handing him a flash drive containing his songs.“Alright bro. Thanks again.” Jake said, expressing his gratitude.“Anytime homie.” Max responded.“Yeah. Unfortunately, I'd have to head home now. I've got some things to put in place.” Jake told Max as he headed out of the studio.“Alright bro, I'll show up at Les Royales for your performance. I wouldn't miss it for the world.” Max told him.“I would really appreciate that bro. See ya!” Jake said as he w
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Max rushed to the location where Jake was attacked, a mix of worry and anger evident in his eyes. He found Jake on the ground, battered and bruised, with remnants of his shattered guitar scattered around him."Bro, what the hell happened?" Max exclaimed, helping Jake to sit up."Drex... it was Drex and his gang. They just... they destroyed my guitar, Max. The one my Mom gave me," Jake choked out, tears streaming down his face.Max clenched his fists, his expression turning fierce. "We're not letting them get away with this, Jake. First, we need to get you to a hospital."As Max helped Jake up, they made their way to the nearest hospital. The doctor examined Jake's injuries, and Max sat by his side, offering support. After some time, the doctor assured them that Jake would recover, though it would take time.While Jake rested in the hospital bed, Max stepped out to make some calls. He contacted the local authorities, informing them about the biker gang attack. Max was determined to bri
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Jake was excited as he went backstage to hug his friend.“We did it Max. We actually did it.” he told his friend, filled with joy. He was so happy that they had conquered the show.His boss, Tony Rogers walked in, beaming with smiles. “Well done Jake! Your performance was breathtaking. I didn't know you had such vocals in you. You're not only a great employee, but also a great musician. Someday the world will hear your amazing voice.” Tony remarked.One of the waiters came into the room. “—Sir. I'm sorry for interrupting you but a customer wants to meet you immediately.” he said.“Tell the fellow that I'd be there immediately.” Tony told him“Alright sir.” the waiter answered and left.“Thanks for this opportunity sir. I really can't thank you enough.” Jake thanked his boss.“It's all good lad. I'm proud of you. I have to go now. A customer is waiting for me.” Tony replied as he walked out of the room to go and meet the customer.Tony was indeed impressed with Jake's performance. He
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Jake rode home after he had finished his last delivery. As he parked his bike, he wondered if Maria actually regretted her actions and wouldn't play any more games with him, or if she was just retaining him in order to get a better opportunity to try again.He parked his bike, walked to his door, frantically searched his pocket for his house key and when he finally found it, he opened the door and entered his house.He reflected on his day while he prepared some omelettes and ate it alongside some bread he had bought on his way home. He then took a shower, went to bed and shortly after, he was fast asleep.***Juliet laid on her bed, wondering whether she should have talked to the pizza guy. She just wished he would eventually make it in the music industry, as she wanted more of his music. She couldn't quite understand why his music had such a calming effect on her. She concluded that if fate brought them together again, she was going to talk to him. She then closed her eyes and soon
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