Revenge of the Unforeseen Mafia Boss

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Revenge of the Unforeseen Mafia Boss

By: Mystarionn CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Damien Blackwell, a.k.a Mr. Nerdy attempted to end his life on a bridge when his ex-girlfriend betrays him for a wealthier man, his own boss. In the middle of his contemplation, a woman dressed like a mafia approaches and saves him from destroying himself. When asked why, Ash Harlock reveals to him his true identity. "You are the eldest son of the Blackwell family, and I, Ash, will be your companion. Master, let us bring retribution over them." ______ Expected Chapters - 150

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  • Mystarionn


    For those who have supported this book,thank you very much! I very much appreciate your support and love! ...

    2023-06-25 16:49:24
  • Fruz Li


    this book is second to Leading My Family To Glory! good story author

    2023-01-29 14:57:42
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146 chapters
“I have finished with my presentation, Sir.” A tall, lean man extends a hand holding a USB drive to another man in a swivel chair tucked behind a lavish desk. The man from the desk takes the device from his fingers and then plugs it into his own laptop. He then lifts his gaze over to the timid man before him and nods. “Delivered on time as always, Damien. I’m impressed.” His boss inspects the presentation file in his screen and scrolls. “I’m even surprised that with your performance, you have not asked me for a promotion yet.” The man before him, who was described as timid, fixed his glasses and answered in a meek tone, “I believe you are the one that decides that, Sir.” “Very well, your work here is done. You may clock out.” Damien bowed at his boss and then leaves the office and then took off his spectacles to rub his tired eyes. He watched the office clock hanging from the wall and saw that he had gone past the normal overtime. All of a sudden, his drowsiness was taken away whe
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They arrive at the Paradise Resort in ten minutes, but it was a little far. Damien gave his fare and then ran out of the vehicle to chase his beloved girlfriend. Rain was starting to pour and he had forgotten his umbrella back home. The fence separated him from the entrance of the resort. He had to run to the gate because the taxi couldn’t get there for the roads were blocked.Several expensive cars lined up at the sides of the road, but he paid no attention to them. He ran and ran until his lungs hurt. He finally reached the gate but the security stops him.“Invitation?”“I am Mister Richard's employee from Colton Corp. I have an emergency message to tell him.”“Give us the message and we will tell him.”“It’s discreet. Boss told me to keep it.”“Well, your emergency message ain’t reaching him. Get out boy. You’re ruining the show.”“Can’t you see I went into the rain to come here and deliver this message? It’s important!”But the security was not giving in. Damien had to find anothe
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Richard stared at Damien with suspicious eyes while the woman behind him was sweating buckets. Damien frowned at Clarissa, but she couldn’t possibly look at him straight in the eye. “Why does he know you?” Richard asked his wife. “Who is he?”She was shaking. The woman finally glanced at Damien and he shook his head terribly. All of a sudden, she replies.“Yes, I know him.”Damien’s heart loosened and a smile erupts from his hopeless face. A little bit of confidence poured into him, but it didn’t take long before all of those momentary relief becomes snatched. Clarissa’s eyes were then clouded with tears. She sobbed on Richard's shoulders and the cameras focused on her. Damien listened.“He was my ex-boyfriend! He abuses me every day and tried to touch me even if I protested. Richard, please… you have to send him away!”Damien turned pale as the cameras flashed before him, taking pictures of his shocked face. He couldn’t feel anything… he couldn’t even absorb what she had accused hi
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A Friend Leaves, A Debt
That night, Damien lost a friend at work. His coworker looked at him at disbelief and pushed the male away from him. “You’re not like this before, Damien.” He said out of spite. “Even if you were angry, you’d never grab anyone’s collar like that.”Damien was silent. He clenched his fists and bit his lip until he could savor the metallic taste of blood. “I didn’t do it.”“Well you fucking say that to the media.” His coworked grumbled. “Now that you’ve shown your terrible side, I have no doubts you actually abused Miss Clarissa.” “I fucking didn’t.”“That’s why she probably left you.” “That’s fucking enough!” Damien launched himself towards his coworker and lands a punch on his cheek. The coworker drops to the floor, bleeding through his mouth. Damien stood there, stunned at what he had done. His coworker weakly looked at him and shook his head.He angrily stood up even when his legs were wobbly. He spat the blood to the ground and gave him a rejected look. “You fucking changed,
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Damien woke up the earliest and bathed using a hose in the garden. He picked out what was left of his clothes, but they weren’t fit for work. He wore his gray hoodie and some worn navy-blue pants. He walked to work, even if was very far. He couldn’t afford to call a cab because he had no money. As he reached the urban part of the city— where the big skyscrapers mounted to the sky— he took a deep breath and made his way to the bank. The security guard looked at him with a suspicious face. Damien shrugged and then proceeded to the desk to inquire about a loan.“Do you have any identification card, Sir?” the lady in the desk asked her as she was getting out some forms to the small box beside her for Damien to fill out. Damien scratched his head. “I’m sorry, miss. I lost my wallet and it had all my I.Ds in it.”The lady stopped. She dropped the paper and then proceeded back to typing very fast in her keyboard. “You can come back once you have an I.D, sir. We cannot process that so quic
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Bad Reputation, A Harsh Past
He picked up the piece of paper on the floor and then barged out of the company while gritting his teeth and holding the box of his last belonging with him. When Damien was out of the building, he approached a nearby pillar, put the box down, and then took a while to breathe. His palms were bruised. So bruised because he had been clenching them since the beginning of the day. The little money he had was the last thing he was holding on to. He checked the money inside the envelope. This was two months’ worth of pay. With that money, he could pay off half of his debt to the landlady. He stashed the money into his pockets, securely and then left. He walked home that afternoon, and of course, he arrived when it was almost nighttime. His knees were near to giving up, but Damien was used to walking home from another city away at that point. Whenever he would pass by shops with television on, it always showed the prestigious wedding premiere of Clarissa and Richard.Had Damien noticed it,
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Damien is then sent to the interviewer’s office, where he waits on the same benches along with four other interviewees. After twenty minutes, a secretary came out of the interviewer’s door and calls out Damien’s name. At first, she was cheerful, but when she laid sight of Damien’s face, her smile quickly faded. “It’s your turn, sir.” Damien composed himself. “Thank you.”Why did he feel unwelcomed?He entered the interviewer’s office. He was a short, stout man with piercing black eyes and a credible mustache. He gandered at Damien and then offered him a seat. Damien settles down, gives him an envelope, and gives the interviewer the time to read his documents. Damien’s resume was brilliant. He had many achievements and awards from previous works, and one could tell from the first look at his resume that this man was the asset they needed. Damien was confident with his resume. He was even more confident of his performance.The interviewer began with some simple questions and then sl
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Kidnapped by the Stranger
Damien stared at the people before him and shook his head.“Look, I had a terrible day. If this is a prank, quit it out.”The girl named Ash sighed and rubbed her forehead. “I know you do not want to jump, Master Blackwell. Step out. Your father wants to see you.”“Father?” confusion is visible in the male’s eyes. “Sorry… I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t think it is me you’re looking for.”“You are.” Ash leaned closer to him until he could feel her breath on his face. Damien averted his eyes from her and looked away. “Emerald eyes and jet black hair, with a small scar on your cheek. You are indeed Lord Blackwell’s son.”“Who—”Ash placed a finger on his lips cunningly and then shifted her eyes to the men behind her. “It’s him. Take him.”The men in black approached Damien and pulled him off the edge of the bridge. Several cars in the street would look at the suspicious sight in front of them but figured that they didn’t want to get involved so they kept on driving.When
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Lord Tyrell sat on the far end of the long table while Damien was on the other end. Ash moved his plates to his side and served as their referee when things heat up. The girl then stationed herself beside Lord Tyrell.The dining hall was very silent. The two didn't know who should start eating. Ash cleared her throat. “Please, Master Damien, dig in.” Someone had to say it.Damien said nothing and took his spoon and fork. He weighed the utensil in his hand and realized how heavy they were. He then starts eating his breakfast, and his father follows.Ash could feel the awkwardness between the two. She crossed her arms across her chest and leaned against the window while watching the two eat. Now, it would be interesting who would be the first one to break the tension.She waited and waited, but there was not a single word being shared between the two. They finished their meals and have not yet said a single thing to each other. She was about to break the ice, when all of a sudden, thank
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TWO YEARS LATER________________In a dark, wet alleyway of 504 Greenhill Street, just near the dumpsters— a bleeding man is surrounded by five other men wearing black suits and dark shades, each of them holding a gun to his head. A black Cadillac parks near the alleyway, blocking its only entrance and exit to the main road— giving these mobsters their own privacy.The man is sent to the muddy, grimy floor— begging for his life. “Please don’t do this! Have mercy on me! I was only told to do it!”The drizzling rain covered the man’s muffled cries, making him unnoticeable to the people walking past the street. But even if someone had noticed them, they wouldn't dare interrupt. After all, the Black Vigilantes was a former mafia group and now works as the government’s lapdog. A huge business, for the Blackwell family, head of the mob.A woman’s powerful heels then join the scene— Ash Harlock’s haunting footsteps caused the man to tremble even more. “Is this him?” “Yes.” One of the membe
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