Joe Cole: The New Money King

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Joe Cole: The New Money King

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“And who do we have walking into class late like he owns the school?” Jake Sullivan, the son of the world’s richest man, said out loud taking the attention of the students in the class and putting it all on Joe Cole. “Of course Jake, he owns the school. All hail Joe Cole, King of the Poor and Master of All Miserables, the Great Pauper and Beggar!” Another student shouted, banging his desk to make a mockery of Joe Cole. The entire class burst into laughter, mocking him to the highest level. “Hey Cole, quick question. When will you ever be rich like the least of us?” Joe Cole’s humiliations at King & Queens University only grew higher and so by the day. However, at the height of his frustrations, Joe Cole made just one phone call, and the President of the United States appeared at Kings & Queens University with his motorcade. Finally, Joe Cole had become crazily rich and everyone called him, “THE NEW MONEY KING!”

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Chapter 1: What’s $5,000?
“Joe Cole!” a very angry and disgusted Robert yelled, “Where the fuck are you?”Robert continued to bang on his door until he came out of his room.“Hey Robert, sorry I was asleep.”“How can your lazy, poor, and miserable ass be sleeping at this time of the day?” Robert answered in anger.“Come on, man. I was really—” Joe Cole tried to answer but was immediately interrupted by the now pissed-off Robert Brownstone.“And who the fuck do you think you’re talking to? Your homie?”“Robert, just calm—”“Do not dare tell me what to do, you miserable bastard. In fact, you’ll be walking to school today since your sorry ass forgot to wash my car this morning.”It suddenly dawned on Joe Cole why the Crown Prince of Denmark was mad at him. Joe Cole returned late the previous night from a very tedious job he went off-campus to do just to earn extra morning for something big he was planning towards. Usually, he would wash Robert’s car every morning and get paid for it either in cash or in a free ri
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Chapter 2: You madman!
"Baby girl," lovestruck Joe Cole greeted grinning so bright he could light up the entire place, as Emily walked towards him looking all gorgeous, "You're welcome darling. You look stunning.""What do you expect, am a goddess," Emily responded feeling herself and her beauty, "But thanks anyway."Joe Cole kept staring at her, seeing more of her so brightly in his mind than what the fancy faded ambiance in the place made visible. He couldn't believe himself, he may be poor but he was dating the most beautiful girl in school.Not only was she one of the school's beauty goddesses, her father was the founder of the school and the chairman of the school's board of directors. Mr Ravioli Martinez, Emily's father, wasn't as rich as the parents of other students, but he was a multi-millionaire."So how did you manage to afford all of this?" Emily, not impressed at the treat Joe Cole had set up seeing that it was nothing compared to what she was used to, but she was surprised that Joe Cole could
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Chapter 3: Go and Sin No More!
Emily was Joe Cole's crush since the very first day he saw her on Campus, they were in different departments but he studied hard so he could help her with her schoolwork. He loved her from afar and couldn't summon the courage to ask her out because she was in a relationship with one of the school's kings. His opportunity came a month after her breakup and unprecedentedly, they became friends. With his wit and charms, he finally got her, she agreed to date him because of how much he helped her academically, and she insisted they keep the relationship secret.This would be the first time he was taking her on a date, he had cashed in all the money he saved from working tirelessly for months just to plan an expensive date for Emily in one of the school's top restaurants, Palace Dining.A full-course dinner at Palace Dinning cost $30,000 at the least level, and Joe Cole labored hard to afford it with much sacrifice to himself just to please the girl of his dreams. But she turned against hi
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Chapter 4: I’ll See to That!
A few minutes after the call, the officer in charge of his cell received a call from his walkie-talkie with certain instructions. Immediately after the call, he approached Joe Cole’s cell looking at him most surprisingly,“You lucky bastard, who did you call.”“That’s none of your business, sir.” Joe Cole responded with confidence in his voice.“Well, soon I’ll find out and when you’re back here, I will make sure to teach you my business.” The officer opened the cell door for him and he came out.“That’s never going to happen.” Joe Cole responded.The officer led him straight to the Lieutenant’s office.“Thank you, officer, you may take your leave now. I want to speak with him alone.”The officer saluted the Lieutenant and left. Then the Lieutenant turned to Joe Cole with a surprising look,“You may have your seat, Joe Cole.”“Thank you, sir. But am I free to go now?” Joe Cole asked.“We’ll get to that Mr. Cole, I just want to ask you some questions if you don’t mind.” “Okay sir, ask
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Chapter 5: Most Likely to Steal!
Emily and Jake being the latest trending school couple worked to turn the school against Joe Cole, no one was giving him his usual menial jobs anymore but he didn't need those as he already earned $100,000 compensation from the Police and the School."That bastard thinks he can embarrass me in this school. Damn—" Jake pacing around in a meeting with Emily and his friends, said furiously."Come on Jake, relax. We'll deal with him." Marquis said, trying to console him.Marquis was Mercury's elder brother and the son of President James Carter of the United States, he was Jake's right-hand man who equally despised Joe Cole with passion.They came up with a plan to finally get Joe Cole out of the school.**********************Whilst in class, Jake began pacing around looking hard and meticulously for something he thought was lost. He searched himself and his belongings thoroughly but couldn't find them, his anger soon attracted the whole class to him and everyone began to enquire about wh
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Chapter 6: Privileged, Spoilt, and Entitled!
President James Carter had only visited the school twice until now, but of course, everyone knew who he was. But his arrival at a time like this left them confused and wondering what was going on. Why would he interrupt them in such a moment?The President's Secret Service Agents quenched the protest, controlling the crowd and making sure everywhere was safe for the President to come out. Once done, the President came out of his car, the Beast, and the students cheered at him.PRESIDENT CARTER!!!Marquis and Mercury, to their surprise not knowing why their father came to their school and even, without a prior notice, rushed to meet him immediately."Dad! What are you doing here?" Mercury asked."Hey Dad, how's the White House?" Marquis joined her."Good day to you two. And how are you doing today?" Their father asked."We are fine." Marquis quickly responded, wanting to conceal the event at hand. But Mercury disproved him sharply."No, we are not, Dad. Marquis and the thugs he calls f
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Chapter 7: The Knight Templars!
“Yes sir, am dying to know.” Joe Cole answered the President, adjusting himself to the information coming his way.“Okay Joe Cole, I’ll tell you a story.” The President took a seat opposite Joe Cole, crossed his legs, and began his storytelling.”“50 years ago, a couple—adventurists and explorers of ancient relics and artifacts—, struck gold in one of their deep explorations. They found the lost treasures of the Knight Templars, the wealthy and powerful Catholic military order whose members combined martial prowess with a monastic life to defend Christian holy sites and pilgrims in the Middle East and elsewhere. After their death and the tragic end of their operations in 1312, it was rumored that their vast wealth was never found and was lost forever.”Joe Cole wondered why the President was giving him history lessons, he had read about the Knight Templars and he too like everyone else considered the part of their lost treasures to be a myth. ‘The Catholic Church ceased that wealth fo
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Chapter 8: Get the Doctors Here!
“That child, an adorable baby boy, has now grown into a brilliant young man. That young man…is you. Joe Cole." President Carter's words broke the heightened suspense in the room but also made Joe Cole burst into laughter.JOE COLE LAUGHS OUT LOUD!!!The President and everyone else stayed calm, knowing the news would sound ridiculous to Joe Cole and they were right. So, they allowed him to have his fill.After about a minute of solid laughter, Joe Cole spoke up,“Am sorry, Mr. President. That was very rude of me. It's just tha—” He still couldn’t hold the sensation within himself, he burst out again for another round.“Alright. Alright. Am truly sorry, sir.” “No, it's fine. Take your time, we understand it's a lot for you to take in. So, take your time.” The President said to him.“Wait, you’re serious?” Joe Cole stopped laughing for a moment after the President’s response, and he decided to allow President Carter finish the story.“I understand that this is beyond you right now, but
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Chapter 9: Dreamer…Dreamer!
After a few minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation from Rachael, Joe Cole was revived and allowed to rest until he was fit enough to continue. Once he was fine, they continued.“Am really sorry for passing out like that. My brain shut down for a while.” Joe Cole apologized, “Please sir, can someone explain these figures to me?”“Fortunately, the contract your parents made with the government which is TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED ended this year as the 50th year. And so far, the 2% annual interest paid to the account totaled at $300 billion, a solid 100% ROI. And now we have to return the treasures and continue a perpetuity payment of $3 billion yearly.” President Carter explained.Joe Cole, all smiles and his perfectly lined teeth showing, reacted,“So I’m worth $300 billion right now?”“No sir, you’re worth far more than that,” Rachael answered him. Her response widened his eyes more, his mind forgetting what the President had told him about the contract.President Carter continued his ca
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Chapter 10: Denmark's GDP!
Joe Cole couldn't figure out if the events with the President was all a dream or not but he could remember every deal of the event. He checked to see if he had any money or sort of evidence with him to prove it wasn't a dream but he found nor. He ignored the situation and got ready for school.After a while of dressing up, Joe Cole was set and ready to leave for school. He was in the same faculty with Robert and that was why he favoured riding with him to school. John was in a different faculty and his timing for school didn't always match with Joe Cole's.He went out of their school mansion to see if Robert would forgive him and give him a ride.“Hey, Robert,” he called out to him as he ran towards him where he stood beside his car, “I'm sorry I did not wash your car, but if you would give me a ride to school, I promise to wash all your cars for free.” Joe Cole said to Robert hoping for some pardon from the Prince of Denmark.Robert took his attention off his phone and looked at Joe
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