King of His Kingdom

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King of His Kingdom

By: Jooy Alex CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Damon Langston is a subject of humiliation and embarrassment by his in-laws and everyone else. Poor, good for nothing, gold digger are but a few identities they attached to him. Damon Langston met with the height of his frustrations when his wife forced a divorce on him and her family rendered him homeless. But a phone call would change his life forever as he becomes King of His Kingdom and he is set for world domination.

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  • Youngblood


    Good story. Keeping my eyes actively on this one.

    2023-12-17 23:44:26
  • Jooy Alex


    Fascinating read. Great story!

    2023-12-16 09:37:12
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183 chapters
Chapter 1 - How Dare You?
"Joyce, what do you mean you can't drop me off at work? It's not out of your way at all.""Damon, I don't have to explain myself to you." Joyce Ramsey tossed over her shoulder at her husband, not bothering to dignify him by even staring at him when responding. She just continued with her make-up application.Damon opened his mouth to speak but closed it and sighed. Maybe there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for why she didn't want to take him. He couldn't let himself believe that she was just being mean and malicious to him like the rest of her family.Despite all recent indications to the contrary, Damon still tried his best not to believe that his once loving and caring wife had somehow become just like his in-laws who treated him like a rag just because he was from a poor background."Are you heading somewhere before going to the office? You could just drop me off at the closest junction to my stop then I'll find my way."He sat on the edge of the bed behind her, his voice
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Chapter 2 - You Petty Peasant!
"Oi! Dam! The boss wants to see you!"One of Damon's coworkers shouted from across the room where the delivery guys were picking up their deliveries."But I'm about to go on a delivery," Damon explained."That's none of my business bum." The guy called back and left the room.Damon sighed and looked at the box in his hands. He knew that none of his co-deliverymen would help him out with this delivery.He decided to try his luck anyway. He approached a guy who didn't have much goods to deliver."Excuse me, Vincent, please could you help me drop off this delivery? It's my last one for the day and the boss wants to see me right now."Vincent looked up from his bike and stared at Damon from head to toe. Then he barked out a mocking laugh."You petty peasant! You need my help now? When you went ahead to accept the job of head deliveryman for our region, you didn't need my help then?"Damon sighed,"Vincent you don't need to do all this tonight, please just help me with it, I've taped all t
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Chapter 3 - Mr. Peasant Delivery Boy
"Code. White. I'm sure you know what that means. If anything about our guest leaks out, you're the one who will be blamed, Mr. Peasant Delivery Boy."Damon gritted his teeth. When was this condescension going to end? Was it a crime to be a poor delivery guy?He stared at her coldly,"I'm well aware of the demands of my job ma'am."And immediately he walked away.Imagine, an ordinary receptionist, young enough to be his baby sister – if he had one – had the guts to speak to him so shabbily because he was not rich. He shook his head bitterly as he stood in the elevator, riding up to the 103rd floor. He would do everything in his power to become rich enough to buy Hotel De Salvatore.Just thinking about it made him almost laugh at himself. It was such a farfetched dream. Utterly impossible. But he decided to hold on to it. It would keep him going.The elevator pinged as he arrived on the correct floor.Walking briskly out he located the correct room and pushed the doorbell. Wow. This was
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Chapter 4 - Delivery Boy Husband!
"J – Joyce?" Damon muttered, not quite believing his eyes.Jack's eyebrows rose, then he turned around and looked from a smirking Joyce to a dumbfounded Damon. Then he chuckled,"My, my, delivery boy, you've really got some guts. Who do you possibly think you are to her that you can address my woman by her name?"Damon didn't even hear Jack's words, all his attention was focused on Joyce as she uncoiled her half-naked self shamelessly from Jack's body and sat on the bed, crossing her legs.Jack's brows rose even higher, he turned to Joyce,"Is anyone going to tell me what is going on here?"Joyce rolled her eyes then patted Jack's cheek."I'm sorry honey." She cocked her head towards Damon,"This is my good for nothing, delivery boy –" she shuddered, "I can barely even say it." She mumbled. "Husband." She grimaced on the last word.Jack immediately began barking with laughter, slapping his knees as he did so.Something sparked in Damon's head and a semblance of his consciousness retur
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Chapter 5 - A Man Like You!
Damon was taken aback at that statement. He felt as though he'd just been doused with a bucket of cold water. All of his energy left him like he was a deflated balloon."I mean if she was at Hotel De Salvatore, it couldn't have been with a man like you." Michael, Joyce's father mused, smiling at his wife."I mean." Gianna chortled with him.Damon's mouth hung open,"Is that all you're both going to say?" He breathed. "Joyce is disgracing not just me but the family name as well by what she's doing."Gianna's face contorted in anger,"And what the fuck do you mean by that?" She boiled. "Is it your family name? At least she has a family name to disgrace! Who are you? Your name is nothing but a disgrace itself!""And for your information, any man out there is better than your sorry self!" Michael pitched in. "I mean who do you think you are? Jumping in here to do what? Turn us against our daughter? Because she decided to return to her senses and upgrade to a man much suited to her status?
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Chapter 6 - You Foolish Bastard!
"You foolish bastard!" Damon heard through the phone.He took the phone away from his ear looked at the caller ID and saw that it was his boss. His heart immediately went into overdrive."S– sir –"But the man didn't let him speak,"You are nothing but a disgraced fool Damon! How dare you offend one of our most powerful customers! Who do you think you are!""Sir please let me explain –""You can explain to your new boss because as of this moment, you no longer work for this company! You thought we couldn't do without you because you're some kind of diligent employee? Fuck you! Stupid thing! You're a nobody! And you'll always be a nobody! And I assure you that before you get a job again in this town you would be growing white hairs already!"Damon swallowed as he listened to his boss's insults."You're lucky all Jack Pierce requested is that we fire you! If he'd decided to press charges you have my word you would have spent the rest of your pathetic life in jail!"And then he ended the
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Chapter 7 - My Prince!
"I'm sorry, are you talking to me?" Damon asked confused,"Are you master Damon Langston?" The man asked in a suede voice."Yeah… I am." Damon blinked."Then yes, I'm referring to you my Prince."Damon began chuckling. As he looked into the man's face and saw how serious he was, the chuckling increased to full-on laughter. He laughed so hard, he couldn't feel his stomach anymore."Y– you guys are such g– gr– great clowns!" He burst out. "What else do you have for me?" He asked. "Come on, tell me! I haven't laughed this hard in eons. I'm usually the one being laughed at." He chuckled."I'm sorry about that my Prince but I'm not here to joke. I'm here to retrieve you."Damon laughed even harder,"Tell Jack Pierce that he pulled a good one this time! Kudos to him!" Damon chortled."Please stop this, my Prince, we have not been sent here by any Jack Pierce or such, it's time for you to go home. We've driven around all the bus stops outside Green Bay estate before we found you here, to sho
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Chapter 8 - All Welcome and Hail!
Damon was led into a huge room, the opulence of which put Hotel De Salvatore to shame.There was a large throne at the very front of the room, straight in front of Damon's path into the room. Different caliber of people filled the room, all dripping with wealth and royalty.As soon as they led him in, a trumpet sounded and an announcer shouted from somewhere,"All welcome and hail! Prince Damon Langston! Prince of the kingdom and rightful heir to the throne!"Everyone rose up immediately and bowed to him, they remained bowed as he stood, completely dumbfounded, staring at the scene before him.What the hell?Everyone remained bowed as Damon stared straight ahead at the old man who was sitting on the throne, looking for all the world like the King that he was.Slowly Damon began marching towards him, seeing nothing else to do. It seemed to him that the old man held all the answers he needed at that moment.As he stopped at the foot of the throne and looked up at the old man, everyone r
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Chapter 9 - This is Only the Beginning!
The King chuckled delightedly."Okay son, I don't know who Phillip is but I assure you, you can do whatever it is you want. Just hold on until all your assets have been transferred to you."Damon's head came up to stare at his grandfather,"A– Assets?"King Richard smiled like he'd been waiting for this day to come all his life – which he technically had."Yes my boy, assets."~~~~~~Brandley led Damon to what would now be called his room. It was time for the presentation of assets and he had to look the part.Brandley looked back at him briefly and smiled,"My full name is Brandley Cook. I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier. I was your father's aide. Brought up to be his right-hand man but at his death I defected to your grandfather's side."He pushed open a door,"And now, upon your arrival, I am yours."Damon blinked and nodded, moving ahead of Brandley to enter the room.Brandley saw his expression and smiled compassionately,"I know this is all a lot to take in but I assur
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Chapter 10 - Prince Damon Langston!
"Oh my God mum, I wonder what the Prince would look like! Gosh, if I wasn't already engaged, I wouldn't mind being his wife!" Joyce gushed like a child.Her mother looked at her with disdain."Why is your brain so hardwired to settle for less this child? If you could break up a two-year marriage to upgrade to a better man, what's hard about breaking up a month-old relationship and a three-day engagement to upgrade to an even better man?" Gianna chided.Joyce opened her mouth in shock. She had no words. The ramifications of her mother's statement hit her hard.She blinked as she regained her voice,"B– but mother –""But nothing you foolish child! You will dress up to kill and when it is our turn to pay allegiance to the prince, you will do everything in your power to seduce him to become yours! And I will be there watching, so don't even think about slacking off. It's not every day a prince who is an eligible bachelor just pops up out of nowhere to be crowned!"Joyce swallowed."Yes m
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