The Unwanted Billionaire Descent

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The Unwanted Billionaire Descent

By: fibiaavanti Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Theodore was an unwanted child, born of a forbidden relationship between his mother, Olivia Whitmore, and Harrison Hawthorne, one of the top ten richest entrepreneurs in America. Harrison kept the child a secret from everyone, including his wife. However, 20 years later, Harrison began searching for his child and revealed the truth to his wife. Would she be able to accept it? And what would happen to Theodore's life once the truth was revealed?

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  • fibiaavanti


    hope you like this book!

    2023-11-29 08:09:28
  • JC James


    it is a great story but there are alot of grammatical errors.

    2023-11-27 22:10:15
  • Lovelyitee Rousettt


    As a person who love reading novels, this kind of novel is really my type of story to read

    2023-11-21 02:08:27
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152 chapters
001 - Find The Boy
"Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Theodore." I shook his hand with a big smile."Hi Theo," he said, returning my handshake. "Please, sit."I sat down and faced the owner of this cafe. I tried to make a memorable first impression on him. I gave him the file that I brought."I saw a vacancy at this cafe, so I decided to apply." I explained briefly."Are you doing anything else out there?" The owner of the cafe looked at me sternly."Nothing; I have graduated, so I am now focused on working and taking care of my mother.""Oh okay. Here they work per shift, so the working hours are probably 5 to 6 hours." He linked his fingers on the table, which made him look more dignified. "The salary is 10 US dollars per hour. How?""Yes, no problem. I do," I answered confidently.I have no choice but to work and raise money for my mother's treatment."Okay, then starting tomorrow you can start working, Theo." The owner tidied up my files and then stood up from his seat.I stood up and replied, "Tha
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002 - Flashback
Twenty-two years ago...A sparkling world that was always dazzling and made everyone fall into it. Tonight, a man was seen sitting alone in one of the front seats of the bar. It hasn't been 30 minutes since the man sat there, but there are already three empty bottles lined up in front of him.The man, who was about to turn 30, looked frustrated and sad. This could be seen from the way he sipped and finished every bottle of beer served. "Give me one more bottle." He shouted loudly while raising his index finger while tipsy.Without saying much, the bartender opened a bottle of beer with a 30% alcohol content in front of the man. In a matter of minutes, he gulped down the fourth bottle. Instantly, his head hung limply with his hand still holding the bottle of drink."ARGH!!!" He groaned as he banged the bottle on the table.Several eyes that were surprised by his groan turned and stared at the man with a sneer. They began to talk about him,
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003 - Accidentally Meet Up
My cell phone alarm has been ringing for a few minutes. My ears heard it fine, but my consciousness refused to open my eyes. My left hand tried to find it and grabbed it, before my eyes slowly opened.At 07:27 AM. "Oh snap! I have to get up now," I muttered, immediately straightening up. My body was feeling sore from having to sleep sitting in front of the emergency room. I blinked my eyes several times before I stepped into the hospital bathroom. I washed my face and tidied my hair. I didn't have time to go home and clean up. I immediately ran to the cafe where I work."Come on, I can't be late on my first day of work." I decided not to ride a vehicle and chose to walk.Another five hundred meters, I would arrive while the time was already 07:58 AM. The pedestrian lights were still red and the cars were still hurtling down at top speed."Come on, hurry up." I mumbled while beating-tap my feet to the ground.The sound of the lights rang and my feet stepped swiftly. However, who would
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004 - Stepson
Before my question got its answer, suddenly the cafe bell rang. A couple customers went in and were followed by a woman. I took a glance, and at the same time, my co-workers were calling me."Theo, can you help me?" He asked in front of the other customers.I looked back at Mr. Hawthorne and said, "I am sorry, Mr. I need to go back to work. Nice to talk with you." I stood up and took a bow in front of him."Theo," he called me again."Yes, sir" I asked quickly because I really needed to go back to work."Please contact my assistant later. I invite you for dinner tomorrow." Mr. Hawthorne said while standing up and bringing his drink.I didn’t even have a chance to answer; he just walked away, passing by me. I didn't have time to chase him because my co-workers started looking at me with his death glare. I ran back to the bar and helped him with the orders. Mr. Hawthorne's sentences made me unable to focus on my work."Axel, take this to table number three." My co-workers kept asking me
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005 - Chaos Dinner
I was too stunned when Mr. Hawthorne announced that I was his stepson. Instantly, I looked at Mr. Hawthorne with an uncomfortable feeling. "Mr. Hawthorne, are you kidding me?""No, Theo. Haven't you read my message?" Mr. Hawthorne furrowed his eyebrows in the middle."No, it's not like that. It is just...""Honey, what did you just say?" Victoria stood up from her seat and chuckled a little. "You're kidding, right? Our only son is Spencer." Victoria pointed at their son, Spencer, who was sitting pretty in front of her.Mr. Hawthorne took his hand off me and walked over to his wife. The dining table atmosphere became so uncomfortable. This was not the dinner I expected; I have not even had time to touch the cutlery on the table. I glanced at Spencer, who was looking at me with distaste."Honey, I'm sorry." Mr. Hawthorne put his arm around his wife's waist and then whispered something.Victoria made an annoyed face and then pushed her husband away. "You're lying, right?""Victoria, I'm s
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006 - Become Rich
We walked in together and stopped in front of the receptionist. "Where is her room?" Mr. Hawthorne glanced at me."It is over there." I gestured to the left corridor."Alright." Mr. Hawthorne nodded his head and followed my direction.When we passed some of the nurses and the doctor, they bowed and greeted Mr. Hawthorne.I was surprised when everyone recognized and paid respects to Mr. Hawthorne. "What an extraordinary person this is!" I muttered to myself."Over here, sir." I pointed at an emergency room door.Mr. Hawthorne stopped and stared through the half-covered glass that covered the emergency room. I stood behind Mr. Hawthorne and fell silent as he stared at her. Suddenly a nurse came and looked at Mr. Hawthorne, who looked like he wanted to enter."Mr. Hawthorne," said the nurse politely."Good night." Mr. Hawthorne returned and looked at him. "Sorry, I just wanted to see my friend." Mr. Hawthorne added"What, Mr. Hawthorne, wants to come in?" The nurse offered it to him."Can
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007 - Live Changes
"Take care of him," said Mr. Hawthorne, who had told Preston to come to the hospital that night right before he left."Here is your new car key. For the time being, you will be his personal assistant.""Yes, sir." Preston received the key to a new sedan."I'll go first," said Mr. Hawthorne before getting into his car and driving away from the hospital.Meanwhile, I was still sitting limply, holding a cold water bottle in both hands. I felt uneasy, and I was determined to wait until my mother's treatment was finished. One hour and two hours passed very quickly. My back started to hurt, and my head felt heavy. I leaned my head and body against the existing wall and unknowingly fell asleep."Mr. Theo," said the doctor who tried to wake me up.I flinched before trying to force my eyes open. My consciousness still had to process long enough before I finally saw the doctor standing in front of me, waiting. I also tried to stand up and stretch my body a little."Sorry doctor, I..." My words w
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008 - Funeral
I quickly showered, changed clothes, and decided not to touch my breakfast. My stomach still felt full, and I had no appetite to eat. I came out of the room and was immediately greeted by Preston."Are you ready, Mr. Theo?" Preston checked again before we left the hotel."Yes, I am." I nodded my head confidently."Please," Preston said, motioning for me to go ahead.We took the elevator down to the basement and got into the car. Not to forget, Preston helped me open and close the car door. "Thank you."Preston jumped into the driver's seat, and we headed straight for the cemetery. During the trip, I stared at the city streets, which were already packed with vehicles. I still feel very empty and can't believe that now I'm heading to my mother's funeral. Whereas yesterday I just got a job and am struggling to meet my mother's surgery needs."Mr. Theo wants to stop by to buy something." asked Preston, looking like he was just being polite after seeing me daydreaming."Ah, no, Preston. Let
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009 - New Life
"Sorry, Mr. Hawthorne, I did cross my limits. How can I bear to hear your son's remarks so impolite?" I said a fact right in front of his eyes."Mr. Theo," said Preston, who was starting to get scared seeing me fight his boss.Mr. Hawthorne held Preston, who wanted to break us up. "Stay where you are, Preston.""Yes, sir." Preston complied.Mr. Hawthorne was still staring at me without saying a word. I don't know what he's thinking. Is Mr. Hawthorne looking for reasons to blame me and punish me for spanking his favorite child? I don't know; maybe yes and maybe no."You're absolutely right; Spencer shouldn't say things like that to you." Mr. Hawthorne agreed with what I said.I was dumbfounded and didn't expect it to turn out like this. Mr. Hawthorne definitely sounded on my side, and there was no swearing or anger in his words. Our eyes met, and I didn't see it in either of his eyes."I am sorry in the name of Spencer." Mr. Hawthorne nodded slightly."Mr. Hawthorne," I said, trailing
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010 - Mr. Theodore Hawthorne
"No need, Preston." I answered casually. "I'm not going to find trouble with him.""Please, sir." A shop employee brought a bag containing the clothes that I just bought."Thanks," I said, about to take it, but Preston took it much faster.I was surprised but did not make any comments. I turned around, followed by Preston behind me. I didn't turn my head or even glance at Spencer, who was standing in the same place as before. I'm not in the mood to make a scene in public. However, Spencer didn't seem to think the same way as I did."Hey orphans! What are you doing here?" Spencer half-screamed for me.There were no other visitors besides myself, Preston, Spencer, and his friends. So, it is certain that the call was addressed to me. I kept walking and pretended I didn't hear him."Oh, apart from being an orphan, it turns out to be deaf too." Not satisfied with that, Spencer returned to his cheap words again. "YA!" This time, he actually screamed.I was already on the threshold of the ex
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