The Secret Life of Him

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The Secret Life of Him

By: Ameiry Savar OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Floyd thought his life ended when his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his child decided to marry his boss over him. He was also sent to prison because of Roxane's doing. He was hurt and enraged because of what they did to him. But a mysterious woman visited her in prison and claimed that he was the only heir of the wealthiest clan in the world!  Floyd finally finds out how he can redeem himself and get his son back. Now, he is ready to make them pay for what they did to him! 

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  • Jamez Cruz


    Nice start

    2022-11-21 22:30:38
  • Belladonna


    Gonna read this!...

    2022-11-03 19:29:46
  • Donald Leedy


    first off I like the story. I really enjoy these types of stories and have read a lot of them. that being said. your main character.. for being a young master.. is taking way too many hits that he would never take. just if your going for realism your putting him down in the dumps a bit too much

    2022-12-23 12:42:56
  • Iwaswiththestars


    Highly recommended story!

    2022-11-09 09:33:09
  • JJ Rubido


    it's a beautiful story but there's no update...

    2023-07-10 17:42:25
Latest Chapter
117 chapters
1. The Engagement
'I'll be finished! Finally!' Johnson Floyd was relieved when he saw that the report he had been working on since morning was about to be finished. It was his fifth time revising it because his editor did not approve it. Saying that every line should still be changed. Floyd was a scriptwriter for the most prestigious television company in the country. “Oh, my gosh!” Floyd almost jumped from his chair when he heard his co-worker shout from the next cubicle. He stood up and went to Claire’s table. “What’s wrong?” Floyd asked worriedly. Claire was a pregnant co-worker of his, that's why he was a bit worried. He frowned when he saw that she was holding a phone and watching a video. “I’m fine!” Floyd touched his chest and shook his head. “I thought something bad happened to you!” he said in disbelief, even though he was relieved that Claire was fine. He was sleep-deprived and coffee was the only thing that made him awake. Maybe this was the reason why he was so jumpy these days.
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2. She said yes!
Floyd rushed to the hotel where Roxane and Dwayne were right now. He was full of rage because of what he had just seen. He can’t let the mother of his son be married to another man! He knew that he was not as rich as Dwayne. But Roxane promised to be with him. They might not be married, but they are basically husband and wife. They have a son and live in the same house. He can’t let this happen. Floyd reached the hotel. He almost gasped when he saw the luxury hotel in front of him. He couldn’t even see the top of the building because it was too tall. He felt small when he realized that he could never bring Roxane here, no matter how hard he worked. Floyd tightened his grip and glared at the hotel entrance. Still, he can’t let Roxane cheat on him. He walked to the side of the hotel. The wall was made of hard glass. That’s why he can see what is inside. He tried to look around until he saw a woman and a man sitting at a round table. There were a few waiters at their side serving them
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3. The true partner
“Babe! Let’s go!” Roxane held Dwayne’s arms and tried to pull him inside. But later he continued to get out and watch the commotion. “What is going on here?! Release him!” Roxane grunted and was hesitant to go out. But Dwayne looked at her and signed to her to go out too. Roxane sighed and went out. She smiled at Dwayne. On the ground, Floyd stood up and faced the couple. He grinned and clenched his fists when he saw Dwayne’s hands at Roxane’s waist. Dwayne frowned when he noticed that Floyd was glaring at Roxane. He took his phone and opened his app again and started recording. “Do you know this man, babe?” Dwayne asked Roxane. The phone was pointing at Floyd but he was looking at Roxane. Immediately, there were a thousand views on his live video. There were comments too asking what was going on and who was the man in the video. “What is the meaning of this, Roxane?!” Floyd glared at Roxane. “Are you cheating on me?! What? Are you only playing me? Roxane! I did everything
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4. She took everything
After the commotion, Dwayne brings Roxane to their hotel room. She was still crying because of what happened. Dwayne then was too worried about his fiance. “Don’t worry. I will not let him get near you again,” Dwayne assured Roxanne. Roxanne sniffed and wiped her tears. She was sitting on the bed and Dwayne was kneeling in her front. “W-What if he does? I know him, Dwayne. Floyd will never stop!” Roxane exclaims and cries again. Dwayne sighed and sat down at her side. “I will fire him immediately so he cannot get near you anymore. I will hire some bodyguards for you too. No one can hurt you anymore now that you are my fiance. I will do everything for you to be safe.” A small grin went off Roxane’s lips. She continued crying. “I-I still have something to confess to you.” Dwayne frowns. He looks at Roxane and wipes her tears using his thumb. “What is it?” “Will it be okay? What if you wouldn’t want to marry me because of it?” He smirks. “Roxane. I love you and you only. I can ac
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5. Fired
Floyd spends his night fixing their things. He couldn't stop crying while picking up their things one by one."Floyd."Floyd looked at the door when he heard someone calling him. It was Raquel. Their neighbors. She was looking at him sadly."Is it Roxane again?" she asked.Floyd sighed. "If you are here to nag me, please go. A lot of things happened to me already today."His shoulders slumped as he arranged the chairs and tables. They took his son and messed up their home. Fortunately, none of their belongings were damaged.Raquel just shook her head and helped Floyd. She just returned from work when she learned about what happened to Floyd. She immediately went to Floyd's house to check on her friend. Raquel has been a friend of Floyd since her college days too. She was the one who helped Floyd move into their apartment. She always knew that Roxane was not good for him. But Floyd really loves Roxane so she couldn't do anything and just watch. It is hard for her to see her friend hurt
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His girlfriend. His son. And now his work. Floyd lost everything he has. He just wanted a normal life for his family but everything went downhill. Seeing Roxane and Dwayne happily cuddling each other enraged him more. He runs towards their direction. “Roxane! Dwayne!” Floyd shouted as he rushed to the couple. Roxane's eyes widened when she saw Floyd nearing them. She hides behind Dwayne’s back. Dwayne then immediately signals their bodyguards before Floyd gets near them. The guards stop Floyd and the latter tries to resist. “Let me go!” “What are you doing?” Dwayne asked in disgust. He looks at the man from head to toe. “Roxane!” Floyd stops moving and looks at Roxane. But she was looking away. “Roxane, please. Where is Miguel?” “Don’t talk with her! I’m asking you! Didn’t we already fire you? Why are you still here?!” Floyd's jaws groaned. He clenched his palms and glared at Dwayne. He tried to approach it again but was immediately blocked by his men.“You! This is your fault!
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7. The Outreach Program
Days passed, and Floyd didn't know where he was going. It was as if he suddenly lost himself and only stayed in their home. He tried to call his girlfriend several times but she did not answer him. Even on his messages, she no longer replies. Floyd tried several times to lurk in the building but he couldn't really get close. As soon as the guards see him there, they drive him away. He begged Trace several times to help him talk to Roxane but even he was told it was impossible. “I thought you would help me?” Floyd asked Trace when they met in a bar. “When can I talk with Roxane?” Trace drank from his bottle. “She is not talking with me, Floyd.” “Impossible. Are you even trying?” “Don’t look at me like I am not doing anything, Floyd. I tried, and I am trying. She doesn’t have an interest in you anymore.” Floyd sighs. “What should I do now?” “I told you to move on. You are finally free from her.” “But what’s the point of living if my family is not beside me? I worked hard b
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8. Accused
"Urgh! Finally!” Roxane exclaimed as she entered the room. She hurriedly sat in a chair opposite the vanity mirror. He placed the branded bag she was carrying on the floor and leaned back in the chair. "Please turn on the air conditioner. It's hot!" he ordered his companions. One of Roxane's companions quickly followed and turned up the air conditioner. "How long is it?" Roxane's PA, Carla, tasted it. “This will take up to three hou–” "Three hours?!" Roxane sat down properly and looked at Carla in surprise. "Why didn't you tell me about it? I wish I didn't go!" Carla winced. “M-Ma’am, I told you last week about it. I even gave you the program details and othe–” “So, are you saying that I’m a fool?” Carla’s eyes widened. “What? No!” She shook her head. “I-I’m sorry, Ma’am. But we need you here. Everything is already set. If you won’t be here, the network will be affected.” Roxane rubbed her forehead and waved Carla away. “Fine! Whatever. Where’s my makeup artist?” “She’ll be
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9. Jailed
Things happened very fast. Floyd didn't know what he was going to do. All he wanted was to talk to his ex-girlfriend so that they could get back together. But here he is now being dragged off the court by the bullies. He even saw Roxane wailing while being hugged by her companions. "No! Let me go!” He tried to break their grip on him but the police only reprimanded him. "Stop resisting! It will only stress you out more!” “But I didn’t do anything!” On the other hand, Trace rushed to the scene. When he hears that someone tried to rape Roxane, he knows that it was Floyd. And there he saw Floyd being dragged by the police. “Floyd!” Trace approached them. “Wait, sir. Where will you bring him?” “Trace. Please! Help me! Tell them I can’t do it to Roxane!” Floyd begged. Trace looked at the police in confusion. "Sir. There must have been a mistake.” "Excuse me, sir. But we must bring him to the police station. There he can appeal what happened when he has an attorney." “But Floy is n
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10. Inmate
Floyd went out on a bus with the other inmates from the different police stations. As he thought, he was sent to prison. It was the biggest prison in the country. But Floyd did not mind anymore. It's like he already accepted what happened to him. “Fall in line! Move faster!” said the jail guard. Floyd sighs. He could hardly walk because of the handcuffs on his foot that were connected to his hands. He looks at the high wall with wires at the top. He saw a sign that it was high voltage. He also saw the big gate made of steel. No one can peek from outside. He saw another gate from their side but he could not see what was inside. It’s not as tall as the front gate but everything is covered too. Though he could hear voices from there. Floyd sighs and tries to catch up to the other inmates. He already went here when they were covering a story of an inmate. Floyd never thought that he would be back as an inmate. Floyd stops walking when they reach a building entrance. A jail guard that
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