Less Kisses, More Kills

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Less Kisses, More Kills

By: chinaza uzoma OngoingUrban/Realistic

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A lifelong feud between two mafia families is heightened when the two mafia bosses kill eachother in a tussle. Bianca Rizzo, a free spirited college student becomes hardened when she learns about her father's death, returns from Los Angeles to her hometown and begins training to take over the mafia business. She vows in her heart to destroy the family responsible for death of her father. Lorenzo Sforza, a CEO of a jewelry company far away from home, returns home to take after his late father's mafiadom and also makes plans to deal with the perpetrators of his dad's death. Four years before Bianca and Lorenzo father's deaths, they both meet each other online and form a deep connection, sharing eachother's burdens. Bianca is excited to finally meet the guy she's been chatting with online, who is returning to his hometown, which is her's also. What will happen to them as they unviel secrets surrounding their families that succeed in tearing them. Will a four year old, well nurtured love turn into hate as their families continue feuding? Read Less kisses, more kills to find out...

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76 chapters
Chapter One - Beginning
the harsh rays of sunlight scorched them as they stood facing eachother in the wide roofless room. they didn't know why they chose a roofless room containing cameras, to have their conversation. the sunlight tanned their delicate skins but they still stood, glaring at eachother, unflinching and oblivious to their surroundings, only themselves.Giovanni Sforza adjusted his poise as his glower at his nemesis, Carlo Rizzo deepened. The cheating bastard, Carlo had agreed to meet him openly here, both arriving with their soldiers and capos.He and Carlo's Ill fated relationship went way back to the generation before them. Back then, when he was merely an heir to the Sforza mafiadom, he'd watched his father closely and found out his dad had a lot of foes."one thing you should learn, Giovanni" his father had always told him "is that, a man couldn't have scaled to the top without making his fair share of enemies and allies. but a man's wisdom truly counts if he's able to make an equal balanc
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Chapter Two - Inversion 1
"easy, Matt, I'll be at the party" said Bianca Rizzo, as she conversed with her boyfriend, Matt on the phone. across her, sat Allegra and Kimberly who both feasted on her with their eyes, waiting for what she'll say next, if they could be of any help with her conversation."okay, I'll get off the phone now, I've got to meet up with Spencer and Grant" said Matt to Bianca"alright, see you at the party " She replied and was about to hang up"I love you!" Matt interjected"Same" said Bianca and got a glare from the both of her friends."wait right there! I need you to say it" Matt pushed and she rolled her eyes, was it always necessary to reply a declaration of love when you're in a relationship? most times, she didn't deem it necessary to always declare love, she was someone who acted more than she spoke.But if Matt insisted..."okay, Matt, I love you too. happy now?""Babe that sounded really insincere " Matt complained"say it like you mean it"Bianca rolled her eyes again. he was ba
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Chapter Three - Inversion 2
"how many shops were the emerald piece delivered to?" Lorenzo Sforza asked Jay, his distribution manager as he went through papers."Forty three sir," "in Norway?" he asked, to confirm the location"no sir, we made sure to deliver in Illinois first" replied Jay"you haven't distributed pieces at Norway yet?" "not yet, Sir. we are still making preparations" "go now," Lorenzo ordered "see to it that the pieces get delivered before nightfall""I'll get right to it sir" said Jay then scurried off. Lorenzo flipped through the last pages of the papers concerning work and kept it aside. work life today was tiring since he decided to work a nine to five.his schedule was always tight and sometimes he wondered when he would have time for a vacation, maybe at his hometown. he hadn't seen his parents for over six years since he traveled out to start his business. they'd only face timed. well, he doubted if they really missed him like they said because his smitten parents had eachother. he d
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Chapter Four - Tears
These last two days went like a blur for Bianca. Emergency flight to Italy, uncontrollable tears, her, continuously wishing this was all a dream, her friends trying their hardest to comfort her, her, missing Matt and most of all, her dad, her, getting home and not finding her dad after frantically searching for him both in the huge house and the family warehouse, her, seeing her mom in a desolate state as melancholy was the order of the day.she remembered her last conversation with her dad. tears cascaded down her cheeks as she reminisced.it was the beginning of a new semester in her faculty and she'd face timed her dadshe thought of their conversation. "hey" her dad said when he saw her. he looked busy but he went away from his capos and the others, to talk to her"hi Dad" she smiled "sup""how's my sweet figlia doing?" he asked her"I'm doing well, dad although it would have been good if you saw for yourself" "I'll make out time someday, sweet" "right" her bright countenance d
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Chapter Five - Vengeful 1
The door to the room where Lorenzo was staying in was unlocked four hours later but he continued to stay in the room until two days went by.His madre, Barbara had to go into the room to see him and get him to eat and shower."Mio figlio" she called him"do you want to leave me here too? you want to die?""Madre..." Lorenzo began"you haven't gotten out of here since two days. you haven't eaten since two days. you haven't showered since two days...." she reiterated "what is it you want, Lorenzo?"Lorenzo stared ahead, into thin air, oblivious to what his mother said. they both kept silent."he was shot in the head...." said Lorenzo "who did that to him?" he turned to his mom and watched her body quiver in fear before she answered"Carlo Rizzo""who's that?" He hadn't heard of any Carlo Rizzo before and didn't know why the person invoked such reaction from his mother."Your dad's archenemy", she said simplyHe knew that his dad made enemies and competitors in his mafia circles. that wa
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Chapter Six - Vengeful 2
Three weeks laterBianca sat on her bed, in her room, reading a book. three weeks had passed since her dad's death and two had passed since his burial. her dad's burial vibe was next level dreariness. sympathisers from all around the world attended, his siblings, his business allies, his friends, Allegra and Kim came too, her bitchy younger sister, Capria who didn't come home when she heard about their dad's death, came for the burial with her boyfriend, a skinny, blonde, freckle faced guy, and they both left the next day immediately after the burial. she didn't want to think of Capria at that moment. her ex boyfriend, Matt never called for once to share his sympathies or comfort her and it made her realise how cruel he was, and it also made her get over him quick.her mom's family and friends came too, her dad's business associates, capos, soldiers, his mafia consigliere. there were so many people who attended, but she took note of the important appearances. it took a lot of time and
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Chapter Seven - First meeting
About thirty minutes later, she was ready to go, and her driver took her to go see Lorenzo.she sent a message to him as she went, which said;'I'm on my way to the Pretoria fountain, hope you won't keep me waiting? xoxo'she sent itBianca inhaled deeply. she felt sick with anticipation for she was going to meet the guy she'd been chatting with since four years. she really wanted something to distract her from the pain of loosing her dad. Allegra wasn't here to do the job, and she was yet not ready to get busy with mafia business now. meeting with Lorenzo was a good option. how was he going to be? hot? hunky? lean? huge? was he going to be exactly the way she fantasised? or was he going to fit into Allegra's description of ugly? how were they going to click? how would she address him? she didn't know how she felt. they were almost at the location. she glared at the driver, wasn't he going to drive fast? okay, while she waited, she was going to practice how she'd relate with him. she'
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Chapter Eight - Affari di famiglia
" you can hit me now" June said. she was learning to fight and June was her opponent and her teacher. according to her mum, martial arts was essential for her. her mom was hell bent on making June teach her, amidst her constant opposition. she didn't need martial arts to survive in mafiadom, her dad didn't even know how to fight. he was always armed with guns and she'd seen him use it when she was a kid. she didn't know why her mom tried to make her different from the other mafia bosses before her."focus BB" again with the BB. she didn't want them to call her boss, not just yet. but her mom wouldn't listen, she made sure that everyone called her boss Bianca. "call me Bianca" she widened her legs as she made a hit at June"I'm not allowed to do that" said June, dodging the hit."well, I'm not comfortable with y'all calling me BB" she protested"you have to get used to it" said June "we will go back to attacking later, let's go to defense""okay...""I'll hit now!" said June, then fl
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Chapter Nine - Treat You To A Meal
"yes," said Bianca "this is the place" she'd gotten herself prepared for the outing or she didn't know if she could call it a date with Lorenzo.she looked at her sprained ankle. it was good, it already started healing because June had done something about it.her mom didn't know that she went out so she had to be back before her mom found out. she was sure her mom wouldn't fancy the idea of her meeting someone when she was supposed to be learning family business, but her mom couldn't blame her, she needed a breather.Lorenzo had been quite specific on where they were going to meet and the dinner aspect of their meeting. what did he plan for her?"don't forget to come pick me up by exactly..." she looked at her watch "eight o clock" she said to the driver as she got out of the car."yes, BB" replied the driver, then he drove off.she got into the eatery, taking slow steps because her ankle still pained her. once she entered, she noticed there was no one in the restaurant, only Lorenz
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Chapter Ten - Soldiers and capos
"why do the soldiers do all the dirty work?" Bianca asked her uncle Luigi. it was forty five minutes after eight in the morning and her uncle showed her around the warehouse behind their house. even after all her uncle Luigi taught her yesterday, her mom still insisted on her learning afresh today again. her mom had suddenly turned to a disciplinarian since her dad's death. she guessed the passing of her father was still taking its toll on her mom."they have the lowest ranks in all mafia families" answered her uncle Luigi"oh" she exclaimed "what about the capos?" she asked"they have a higher rank than the soldiers" he said "they are assigned to take care of the soldiers""how?" she didn't understand"each capo is assigned a particular amount of soldiers, to control and give them orders " her uncle explained"are the soldiers usually bigger than the capos?" she asked"it isn't always like that" he said "in most cases, yes"so mafia families were all about hierarchy? this was a new e
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