Chapter 303 : Paulo Ricci

Bin did not dream, he felt as if he felt into a bottomless abyss for a prolonged period of time and when he woke up, he saw an exquisitely decorated ceiling along with a fairly large chandelier. He felt no pain but he did notice that his body was stitched up and fixed up, almost entirely. 

The young man sat up and looked around only for his gaze to fall on a seemingly bored voluptuous woman sitting right next to his bed.

Irina, a four-star general working for Abyss, like the first time he had seen her, the woman was still wearing a very revealing dress, her legs seductively crossed, exposing a portion of her thighs.

A pair of crimson pupils looked back at Bin, who was visibly wary but helpless to do anything. He did recuperate some Mana but he was still in no condition

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