Chapter 357 : Brother and Sister (1)

“Che! Why didn’t you let me pay?” 

Jasmine, just like earlier, stubbornly insisted on paying for all the clothes but she was ignored. Bin handed the black credit card Paul provided him and paid for everything. In the end, he bought some of the clothes he liked and, though reluctantly, did the same for everything Jasmine picked. As much as he didn’t like to admit it, the girl had a good and fashionable sense and everything she picked for him was suitable and good-looking.

He was also to get rid of the ugly headband, replacing it with a normal black hat that did a good job in covering the hole in his forehead. Technically, there was no longer a hole as Emilia and Chan Wu filled the two sides with a solidified substance that slightly resembled his skin color, nonetheless, it remained awfully conspicuous and

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