Chapter 379 : The Truth Laid Bare (3)

“Stay close! CLOSER!”

Although he disliked Mute Ryne and her meddlesome actions, that did not mean he would let her die. Yes, he did threaten her earlier but the girl was, after all, still young and innocent. Maybe she did what she did due to the pressure from Abyss’ agents… In anycase, the most important thing right now was to know where he is and what exactly is happening.

Bin didn’t even have enough time to examine his surroundings. The moment he appeared here, he was attacked by those enormous golems, so he retaliated appropriately. Large golden hands made of sand rose from the ground and punched the closest moving rock, blowing it away.

Mute Ryne was rooted to the ground, struck by fear and desperation. Her body was shaking uncontrollably

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