Chapter 465 : The Bunker (2)

Unfortunately, Bin’s recent adventures in the regions surrounding the Elemental Peaks were not enough to stop the continuous and rapid spawning and spreading of the Rifts. The two large Rifts within and above the Ghost Cliffs had too much of an influence, so much that Bin’s ‘clean-up’ wasn’t fast enough.

Each time Bin breaks a Rift, two would appear an hour or so later, rendering his efforts obsolete. Nevertheless, his brief one-sided battles against the Pests were the perfect way to test the bracelet’s capabilities.

Its sharp metallic tips, those that pierced his wrist, caused him a constant tingling pain, but it was nothing he could not cope with. At first, he was worried that an over-abundance of concentrated Mana flowing from outside directly to his blood streams would consequently lead to disastrous side-effects, however

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