Chapter 471 : The Dead Lands (2)

Apparently, Bin’s words greatly enticed his new companion. Unlike the past, when she was young and cared a lot about her public image, the current her was bold and restrained. She didn’t care about how she behaved nor how she would obtain what she wanted.

It was a breath of fresh air, at least for him. Arbert and Lenna, however, weren’t so lucky. Putting it mildly, they were constantly pestered by the Silver Dragon, who incessantly tried to communicate with them using primitive signs.

Of course, the bespectacled Lenna did not want to have anything to do with the woman. His skepticism and suspicions weren’t unfounded, but they were extreme, whereas his childhood friend was more welcoming to Jasmine’s attempt at communication.

It took her no less than an hour t

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