Chapter 93 : Ally, For Now

With a fast-paced walking, almost no different than running, Jasmine went next to Rika, who was holding a cup of coffee and dazedly looking to the front. Only when Jasmine sat next to her and gently caressed her back did the girl snap back to reality and turned her neck to the side, looking at the black-haired beauty next to her. She also timidly glanced timidly at Bin, who just entered the room and stood at the side.

Not only was she embarrassed, but yesterday’s humiliation also weighed on her heart, especially the tragic events that occurred in that basement. She was grateful for Bin’s interference but also blamed him because his actions may also complicate and worsen things, not for her but for him. She was well aware he was living a rough life yet he saved her and potentially doomed his fate if her father were to take action. Rika knew how her father acts and he would definitely not let Bin off the hook, in fact, sooner or later, he’ll do something horrible.

Although Meliss
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