Chapter 22

After a couple of minutes of resting, the monster was getting uncomfortable with Ron being here and since the monster couldn’t move the only option to get rid of Ron is to know why he was there, the monster asked “if the thing is not your friend so why did you come here”

After what happens and what the monster told him Ron forgot to tell it the reason why he came to it so he stood up and scanned the place that they were in to make sure that person was not there then he looks back at the monster and said “well I come here to ask you to help me training the people that were with me, from the look of it I am sure that you would be able to give what they lack the most”

“No,” said the monster “are you kidding me, why would I do something like this, after what you did to me and the woman that was with you if you didn’t stop here this whole place would be destroyed and you telling me that I need to train such a thing&rdquo

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