Chapter 7

After Faith said that their body can get stronger like a character from a video game Nate was delighted by that and since there were levels and Hp that he figured out what type of game their body is from. And he loved that kind of game since he can get better at it the more time he spends on it.

At first, when he saw his grandson Max play a game named Final Hero, a game about nobody named Shaun that had no skills or talent that went on a journey to prove himself, and after a long harsh journey, he saved the country that he came from.

 Max didn’t like the game that much he wanted another one but his parents bought this one by mistake so he plays it once and because the storyline was cringy and the graphics were bad he didn’t want to play it anymore but because that his grandfather watch it while he plays it he nag to play whenever he came to visit until Max taught how to play it.

Nate thought it would be hard to learn how to play but Max told him it was simply that he only need to use one button and the arrows and nothing more than that, after that Nate stopped nagging Max about playing the game instead he was doing that after he finished it, he felt he need to find more games like that.

After Faith finished her talk Nate started to explore his statue so he can figure what to do if they encounter danger, after a couple of minutes he started to yell “yes I know that I was right before it was not hallucinations”

Faith was startled by his yelling so she gained some distance from him and said while preparing to run away from him “what is going on, why are you yelling” she asked

He opened his eye he was puzzled as to why she trying to keep his distance between them even if he tried to approach her and he understood too why she was doing that so he stopped and said “I am sorry yet again for yelling like that I just felt much better after knowing that I was right”

“Ok so can you tell me what you were right about that drove you to yell like that in middle of place in a dangerous place that you just told me that there are multiple dangerous being that lives in here” said Faith while hoping that no one heard him yelling

Nate hit himself then he put his hand on his face and said “shit I just was so happy about this that I might put us in danger, we need to go somewhere else or we just waiting for something to come and eat us”

“I know that we need to do that but you remember that we found this place by chance I do not think that we would be able to find another place like this in this forest”

Nate smiled then he closed his eyes and said “why do we need to keep in this place since we have the map we can get out of this place” then he opened his eyes then he walked toward Faith and before she did anything he said “we need to go now before it became too late, so will you go with me or not” then he extends his hand to her.

Faith did not want to have anything with Nate after what happened before but from the look of it, he understands this world better than she is for now so she grabbed his hand then said “for now we will go together I just hope your act change in our way out of this forest”

On their way out of the forest, his head started to hurt yet again but it was not as bad as before, Faith got worried that he might not be able to move because of the headache.

Nate notices that so he told her to comfort her “you do not need to worry I figured out why my head is hurting right now, the status menu that Ron told you about, I figured that I have a skill named Animal Instinct that would warn me if I am in danger”

“Wait a minute this skill is very useful” said Faith

Nate said while scratching his head “well but the problem with it that sometimes like before it would hurt my head so much that I would not be able to move I think that not good in a situation like that”

“Yeah so what can you do about it, can you turn it off”

Nate was about to say something but he suddenly stopped moving and before Faith made any noise he shushed her and pointed behind them, and suggested that she does not make any sudden move they carefully went behind some tree and waited patiently then there was a huge like bear move to the same direction as them.

Nate knew that if Faith saw that thing that she might make a noise that the bear might notice them so he closed her eyes and whispered to her “calm down you do not need to worry just take a deep breath”

After the monster passed them Nate collapsed on the ground and said “shit. I did not think that I will meet something like this right now” he turned to Faith her face was pale and look like she can’t move right now.

Nate looked around and it appeared because of the giant bear that there is nothing around them for now, he told her that she can rest and he is going to search for some food if he can find any.

After some time with some mushrooms and other things most of them were unedible so Faith throw away, and the others she did not even know what type of plants are so they discard them after some rest Faith said "we better go now we do not know when that thing will come back"

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