Chapter 6

Nate was a bit worried about Faith after the talk that he had with her, she wanted to get out of the forest that they were in as fast as possible, and Nate still remembers what the voice told him about the danger in the forest. So he wanted to make sure they were ready before they start moving again.

“I get it, Faith you want to go to a safe place and make sure that Lucy is ok” said Nate “but before that, we should be careful before we do anything because we don’t what we will face out there”

Faith crossed her arms and said “yeah I understand that, so what we need to do then”

“You told me that you talked with Ron, I just want to hear the whole, please. I am sure that you told me the most important stuff but I just have the feeling there is something that is missing”

One of the things that Ron told her no matter not to tell Nate was about Khalid and nothing else, so she tried to calm herself then start to tell Nate about what Ron told her when it was like what she said before Nate told her she can skip that and just to tell him about how he told her to get to them

“Ron told me that everyone that was sent to this world got a body that doesn’t any of people that we had when we were alive” said Faith

Nate started to stretch his leg and said “now I get to why my back stopped hurting me when I set down, and that I can run and walk with no problem” he got outside and started to run for five minutes then he returned and said with a big smile “I just can’t believe it just like that I am feeling like I am a kid again”

Faith didn’t think that he would act like this after hearing that, from the way he acted she thought that would hear that and wouldn’t do anything and tell him to go on, and his reaction made her smile after everything that just happened to her.

Nate stopped smiling after realizing what he was doing and sat down and said “I just hope that you would forget what just happened”

Faith was puzzled as to why Nate was embarrassed of him celebrating that he got better, so she asked for a reason and he just ignored and said to tell him what other thing that Ron told her.

Faith didn’t like the way he responds to her question but it wasn’t like she can do anything about it for now so she said “he told that there was a lot of things that they should tell us but didn’t because Satan told them to rush through the procedures”

“What” yelled Nate “he didn’t tell you the reason as to why they did that or you didn’t ask him”

Faith was started to get annoyed by what he was implying there so she went out of the tree and said “what you just said, was referring that because I am a woman I don’t know anything”

She was about to leave but Nate grabbed her hands and said “I am sorry I should not say something like that, would you able to find it in your heart to just forgive what I said”

She looked at his hand and he understood what she meant so he let go of her after that she said while she was still outside “I don’t think that I would be able to work with you if you are like this”

Nate said while he was looking at the ground “I know what I did before was stupid of me and I swear that I wouldn’t do something like that again”

Faith thought for a bit then she said “ok I forgive you for now because neither one of us would be able to survive by themselves after getting out of this forest, we will talk about this”

Nate said “yes we will talk about this”

Faith felt that there was something with Nate so she determines that she should be careful around him now and in the future so she sat away from him and said “Ron explained to me that the bodies that we are in are like characters from video games” then she stopped talking it was like that just it

Nate was confused so he asked “he didn’t explain it more than just that, is it like we have just skill or do we have level and all that other stuff so can you tell me what he said”

Faith didn’t talk for ten minutes trying to remember what Ron said, and Nate started to impatient he restrain himself from doing or saying anything that would get him in trouble so he just waited.

After another fifteen minutes Faith said “ok I remember what he said he told about that but I can’t seem to remember” Nate was about to yell but then Faith said “but what I do remember that he said there is a menu I guess that has a map that would help me to get to them”

“This is great” said Nate “so how do we get this menu that he told you about”

Faith closed her eyes and after five minutes she said “yes it is like he said”

Nate said “ok can you tell me how to do that”

“oh right, you just need to close your eyes and then think the word menu after that a menu will appear in your in your mind there is a lot of things in it, like Lv, Hp, Mp and other things that I do not get but one of them on the side I think Ron called it a tab and I need to imagine clicking it and map will show up”

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