The Awakening of Zone

"Go out into the world and cause carnage, my followers." Yong commanded the zombies he had bitten in the hospital as they forced their way outside.

"I have unfinished business with Solomon," Yong grins as he walks outside the hospital.

Solomon was still tied to the chair in his father's lab, and he was struggling to get free from it. Mr. Chan, on the other hand, was working hard to find an antidote before hearing the doorbell ring, "Ding Dong."

‘Who could that be now?’Mr. Chan said to himself while taking off his lab coat to go answer the door.

(Door opens)

"Hello Mr. Chan, I'm a classmate of Solomon's. Could you kindly tell him I want to see him? " Yong said with an uneven smile. Mr. Chan looked back inside his house before answering.

"He isn't around now; he went to see some friends." Mr. Chan responded nervously. 

"You and I know Solomon has no friends, so cut the bullshit and tell him Yong wants to see him." Yong responded harshly to Mr. Chan.

Mr. Chan felt threatened. Due to the situation Solomon is in right now, he wanted no visitors, but Yong would not leave until he achieved his goal. 

"I told you he is not around. Go away," he said, slamming the door in Yong's face. Something hit him in the stomach and burst out on the other side of his body. It was Yong's hands that turned into a spear-like shape. 

Yong opened the door with a smirk and saw Solomon's dad struggling to breathe on the ground. 

He took him up with one hand and asked, "I ask for the last time, where is Solomon?"

There was a firm grip Mr. Chan could not believe Yong could have When he turned into that monster, he noticed that his eyes were reddish, just like Solomon's. He knew at that moment that this was the same monster in his lab right now. 

Yong took Mr. Chan with him to his lab and saw Solomon trapped in a chair. Instantly, he threw Mr. Chan like garbage somewhere. 

"Well, well, well... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I must say what you did to me. I can never thank you enough, Solomon. " Yong smiled with joy as he said. “This power is what I have always yearned for. To start an army and conquer "

 Yong broke the glass, separating Solomon from him with a touch.

He got closer to Solomon and said, "Sadly, you, my friend, won't be able to see it." Yong's fingers brought out sharp claws as they clashed with Solomon's chest, thereby leaving a big injury. 

Yong then landed a massive punch on Solomon's jaw, sending him flying from the lab to his father's room.

Solomon stood up and roared at Yong, "Rooaarr!" while taking a spider-like stance.

"Come on!!!" Yong beat his chest, screaming back at Solomon.

Both of them ran towards each other with superhuman speed and clashed. Solomon had given Yong a powerful kick to the abdomen. He made him fly back to the lab while receiving a punch from him too, but didn't flinch. Solomon rushed towards him to throw a big punch at him, but he caught it and twisted his hand as Solomon wallowed in pain.

"Show me what you can do, Solomon!" Yong screamed as he returned the punch back at Solomon multiple times. 

"Don't die on me now!" Yong jokingly said as he released the final punch at Solomon.

Solomon received the punch and gave Yong a relative kick to his chin. 

"Never thought you could be so much fun, Solomon" Yong said with a smile as he spat out blood from his mouth.

Solomon ran at Yong and singlehandedly raised him up while giving him continuous punches to his belly and face. He then used his face to smash the iron desk in his father's lab to ruin while punching Yong back to back. He finally threw Yong up onto the ceiling and gave him 3 solid kicks in the air. 

Solomon watched Yong lie lifelessly on the ground as he breathed heavily. 

"Where do you think you are going? The show is not yet over. Yong raised Solomon from the back and smashed him to the ground as he turned his back to leave.

The ground cracked open as Solomon's back slammed into it, making Solomon to cough out blood. Yong strangles him on the spot with Solomon trying to break free.

They both rolled on the ground before Solomon jumped up onto the ceiling, slamming Yong against it, but he didn't flinch. He then threw himself against the wall, screaming, "Roaarr!" Yong's face widened with an evil smile, and he held Solomon in place to give a collective cut in his body with his claws. 


Blood rushes out of Solomon as he falls down on his knee and then to the ground.  

"Oh too bad.. given up so easily?..........................”

Solomon could no longer hear the remaining words Yong was saying. He instantly became conscious of his surroundings. He could now feel the immense strength in his veins and in his heart, unlike before, when the monster took over him. Solomon's heart skipped a beat. The first thing he saw was his dead dad with an injection in his hands.

At the speed of sound, he stood up backwards and held the throat of Yong without facing back. The first thing Yong's eyes spotted was his injuries healing. Yong's evil smile slowly disappeared as he saw black smoke slowly covering Solomon's entire body from his feet.

Solomon turned his head to Yong. Yong could no longer see Solomon's face or hands, just the shape of a man in a smoky appearance with an eye full of rage.

"No you don't!" Yong shouted as he simultaneously threw a powerful kick at Solomon.


Unfortunately, his leg was broken as he screamed in pain.

"Now let the show begin" Solomon said to Yong. He held Yong's throat and threw him through three different walls. 

Yong saw stars as Solomon dashed forward and gave him a resounding slap that made him see stars. Yong saw the difference in Solomon's strength all of a sudden and wiped the blood on his face. He managed to stand up with his broken leg. 

Yong rushes towards Solomon but is met with a bloody uppercut that knocks him to the ceiling. Solomon caught him when he was coming down and smashed his head on the ground repeatedly. This calved the face of Yong to the ground. "Uuurrr"

Yong coughs out blood.

"You are dead You are dead You are dead" You are dead You are dead You are dead" 

Solomon repeated in anger while slamming Yong's face to the ground with superhuman strength. Solomon raised Yong up single-handedly to see the man who had murdered his father.

"Any last words?" Solomon asked Yong.

"How?" Yong was confused at this point how Solomon's capabilities suddenly exceeded his. 

Solomon jumped from his house, Yong in his hands, as high as he could to a nearby skyscraper and flogged him to the sharp iron at the top. It burst through Yong's belly as he gasped for breath.

(A Few Moments Before)

"Oh too bad.. given up so easily?" Yong said as he saw Solomon lying lifelessly on the ground. Fortunately, he was close to his father, who had used his remaining strength to secretly inject a release drug into his body. The result was the awakening of Zone .

"Oh that bastard," Yong said in a dying tone as he finally realized how Solomon became so strong so instantly.

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