Live, Die or Do Both

(Dining in the Space Restaurant)

"Bling," the door bell rang, as a middle-aged man opened the door of the restaurant, looking blurry. He walked to the nearby seat close to the side of the restaurant as if he was injured.

"Hey, a customer just stepped in. Go attend to him, Yihyun" Park said to her, pointing towards the strange man who looked uneasy in his seat.

"Hello sir, what would you like to have please?"

The man gasped for breath and didn't respond to Yihyun. 

She noticed and asked "Are you okay sir?"



"I want some tea" the strange man repeated.

"Oh sorry about that. I will get back to you in a minute." Yihyun walked away from the man to go prepare his order, but she couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong with him.

(2 minutes later, Yihyun came back with the tea and saw the man resting his head)

"Here you go, sir, would that be a..." 

Before she could finish the sentence, the man grabbed her by the wrist.

"Huh, let go of me!" Yihyun said this alarmed some of the customers who couldn't help but turn their necks to the scene. Next thing, the man raises his head with a "roar" at Yihyun with blood flooring down his eyes, nose, and ears while looking pale. 

He jumps on top of her as she screams with fear.

"Stopp... Somebody help me please," she says while avoiding the bites of the man who had just turned into a zombie in the restaurant. This shocked the other customers of the restaurant, who immediately stood up from their chairs and backed off. 

"Let go of her, you piece of shit!" Lichad said as he slammed the man in the head with a baseball bat, making him fly to the wall. 

He immediately picked up Yihyun from the floor as they all stepped backwards from the zombie, then suddenly a rough noise like a cow running wild was heard from far off.

"What is that? Do you guys hear that? " A nervous male customer asked the general public "Could it be an earthquake?" a woman asked in confusion as the sound soon became louder by the passing second. 

"I should check" the nervous man said, as he curiously stepped forward to go check outside the door. The doorbell rings "Bling."

"What is he doing?" The woman was now feeling uneasy about what the man was doing. 

The man outside then steps slowly to the middle of the road. He looks to the right to see where the noise is coming from and then looks to his left. 

His eyes widened as he stepped backwards a little. The customers could see the shock on his face as he couldn't stop staring at the left side of the road and asked "What do you see?"

He turned his head slowly to the people at the restaurant and shouted, "Everybody run!!! Come on, get out of there!"

Immediately, a zombie jumped on the man outside the restaurant, and then they turned two, three, five, and finally uncountable as zombies flooded the area. 

The customers exclaimed "chisos" as they witnessed the man being tore apart and eaten alive by the zombies.

"Everybody get out now! Follow through the back door," Park screamed in the restaurant as everybody ran for their lives. Yihyun was still in shock, staring at the zombies tearing the innocent man outside the restaurant apart. Then suddenly, the zombies' attention turned to the restaurant as they approached its transparent glass in unity and force.

"Park, get Iris now!" Lichad told Park, he turned around and saw Yihyun standing there in shock while all the customers were running to the back door in fear. He immediately ran towards her and grabbed her hand. "Come on, Yihyun, let's go!"

As they approached their car parked ahead of the road, they burst out the back door with several other customers. The zombies chased them down and ate some of them, while others turned into zombies on the spot. It was chaos in daylight.

Lichad, Yihyun, Park, and Iris finally made it to their car. Lichad took the wheel as the rest screamed in his ears.

"Hurry, come, let's go!"

"I'm trying, goddammit!" 

Lichad hurriedly puts his legs on the speed paddle with all his might as the car starts zooming off before the zombies can catch up. 

"Oh my God. What was that about? Those things practice cannibalism!" Park exclaimed in the car. 

Iris added. “There could only be one explanation for this, and that's "zombies." See the way they were walking, their eyes and nose all brought out blood, not to talk of the many people who broke and restructured their bones after they bit them."

"Where are we heading?" Yihyun gets herself together after the shock and asked. 

"Home, of course," Lichad responded.

(At Their Home).

"Those zombies that attacked our restaurant will come to this neighborhood sooner or later, and we have to be ready to act" Lichad said as he opened their door.

"So get your necessary items to the car, because it's only a matter of time before those zombies spread throughout Seoul."

Park went straight to the fridge with a smile, only to open it and say, "Shit, there's nothing on the fridge. WTF, we need food?" When Lichad approached the fridge to confirm, he exhaled and said, "We'll branch the supermarket then."

She sat in her room and was staring at a necklace that has been with her since she can remember. She squeezed it on her palms before wearing it on. 

"Yihyun, Iris, hurry up, we gotta go to the supermarket," Lichad screamed from downstairs. 

"Be right there" she responded.

Iris could be seen coming down the stairs with her stuffed teddy bear in her hands while wearing a back pack. 

"Is the teddy necessary?" Park throws the question away.

"Can you survive singing me lyrics for one good week?" Iris sarcastically inquired of Park.

"What? No, never!!" Park shouted in disgust.

"It's settled then" Iris said with a smile of victory as she stepped to the car outside. Soon after, Yihyun came downstairs as they all approached the car and drove off.

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