A Purpose

(At the hospital)

What is this? Never have I felt so alive. I've spent my entire life as a living dead, and now....

"I can finally live!"Yong screamed in the hospital room after successfully eating the nurse. Somehow, Yong was able to speak out now. He looked at his hands and it was all he had ever wanted all his life. Yong smiled as he gazed upon his hands, filled with blood and immense strength. At that moment, he had found what he called "a purpose."

Yong was the only child of his parents and so received love, affection, and favour from his mother since he was a child. His father, on the other hand, the senator, had not so much liked the way he was spoiled by his mother. He saw this weakness in Yong and wanted him to be manly so as to take over his place in some of his big companies when he died. At age 10, he took Yong hunting and gave him a gun to shoot down an antelope. Yong missed five times and his dad grounded him for five days. Such was the way of yong’s life. His father had always treated him harshly, so much so that nothing he did in his father’s eyes was enough.

At some point in his life, Yong became depressed. He felt bitter. He now hated his father and all the years of trying to impress him, all to no avail. He found pleasure in bullying others at school to relieve his depression and make himself feel like a somebody. Something his dad never made him feel like much less like his own son. 

Yong had given off a wide smile as he felt immense power flowing through his veins. Despite the fact that he had drank most of the blood of the innocent nurse, one could still see his reddening eyes, hungry for more. Yong's mother was still on a screaming spree when she bumped into her husband (the senator) coming out of the elevator.

The doctors and nurses who had rushed towards Yong's room were bitten one after the other by Yong. The patients and remaining nurses around the upper floor had screamed and tried to run for their lives as they saw Yong, who was covered with blood with a smile on his face, coming out of the room.

"Honeyy, our son is dying. We have to help, help.. p him," Yong's mother cried out to the senator while griping his suit.

"What is going on? Where is Yong?"

The senator asked while trying to calm his wife down.

At that moment, the senator and Yong's eyes met. Yong stopped his movements and made an evil smirk towards his father. 

"Yong, why are you soaked in blood? Why have you always been a dis... " At that moment, he was about to finish the sentence, Yong dashed forward with unmatched speed and grabbed his throat, single-handedly raising him off the ground slowly.

Yong gave off a fulfilling smile as he saw his father trying to escape his grip. At that moment, he was like an ant in the eyes of Yong, who had been looking forward to this day all his life.

‘What is this power? How can this 17-year old brat hold me up like this?’

His father thought to himself as he struggled in the air.

"L L Let me go...let me go, brat! Don't let me cut your monthly allowance for the whole year, you brat. Get me down now!! "

His father struggled in the hands of Yong.

Yong, with an uneven smile, looked at his helpless father, who had no idea what was coming to him. 

"Oh old man, you still don't get it, do you? He he he he. I have always been a what? A Disgrace?"

"Do I look like I care what you think right now?" Yong asked his father while raising his eyebrows. 

"You fool, you have never shown me even the slightest sign that you are my son... You have always been weak, dull and spoiled. Someone like you can never handle the responsibility of this family when I die." His father spoke back without hesitation. 

"Oh, really now," Yong said, his evil grin widening.

Simultaneously, Young smashed his father to the ground and said to his ears, "I want to see you beg for your life."

He threw his father to the ceiling and kicked him like a football across the hallway. 

His father coughed blood as he flew across the hallway. 

"Beg for your life and I might consider killing you in my most generous manner possible" Yong said as he walked slowly towards his father.

"Yong, stop!... this is your father, you have to stop this," Yong's mother exclaimed, tears streaming down her cheeks. Yong looked back and threw his mother backwards. 

"Stay out of this mother. This is a father and son discussion; don't stick your nose in it," Yong said to her.

"Ah.. ah. Spit... I can never beg a lowlife for my life. You don't even have the guts to kill me, do you? " His father asked while trying to stand up from the ground.

At the sound of this, Yong burst into laughter while rubbing his face with his terrifying hands. 

He dashed forward and gave his father a tremendous blow to his stomach while simultaneously throwing another blow to his face that made him fly sideways to the wall. This had made him unconscious for some seconds on the ground.

Yong didn't stop there. He gave him a continuous kick to his abdomen while saying, "What were you saying, Dad?" I couldn't quite hear you. Could you please repeat that sentence?! "

His father, with blood all over his body, could now barely talk. Yong lifted him up from the ground to the air and said, "Any last words, dad?"

His father looked straight into his red eyes and said, "You are still a disappointment to me." 

Yong's eyes widened and he said, "In that case, see you on the other side, papa." He put his hand like a sword on his father's body and it came out the other side.

His father screamed in pain. Yong then dropped him at his feet as he gazed upon his father dying slowly. "Thanks to you, Dad, I now have my purpose." The world shall suffer in my hands just as I have suffered all these years in yours, "Yong said as he walks away from his dad as he dies.

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