Revlogia Online

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Revlogia Online

By: White Specter OngoingSystem

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Clyde is one of the player in Revlogia Online, a VRMMORPG which became a global sensation. Together with his Fiesty Five squad members, Clyde conquers various dungeons in the game to get rewards and rare items that he can sell in the real world. Revlogia Online is very popular because it's so different from other VR games, in Revlogia Online, players can determine their respective jobs, skills and special powers. Clyde, who has a hidden cheat system, is different from his friends who raise their level and strength manually. With his cheat system, Clyde beats a lot of strong player and became the top player in the game.

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8 chapters
1. Trying a New Game
“Clyde! Are you inside?”The energetic voice of a female was heard from outside, along with the loud, impatient knocks on the door. Following that, a man who was still in his pajamas lazily rose up from the bed, sitting on it for a good while, contemplating whether to greet his visitor or not.“CLYDE! I know you’re inside! Answer me!”That voice, sounding more like an ultimatum, forced him to leave his bed behind. Not bothering even to wash his face, he dragged himself to the front door. A little bit of hesitation made him paused for a bit, before finally he opened the door.“There you go! Don’t you know that it’s considered very rude to keep a beautiful being like me waiting?”“It’s too early for your narcissistic joke, Bonnie,” responded that man while rubbing his eyes. He was barely standing straight because he was still recovering his wandering soul from the slumber he enjoyed a moment before.“Early? What time is it, Clyde?” retorted Bonnie with an expression of disbelief. Withou
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2. Gambler Job
Indeed, Bonnie managed to stop Clyde dead on his track with her remark. But she was still unsure of his response.“A Gambler, you said?” asked Clyde with a disbelief look, followed by childlike nods from Bonnie. She genuinely thought that it was a brilliant idea before it was shot down mercilessly by Clyde.“An upstanding morally-correct model citizen like me? Gambling?” continued Clyde. “Bonnie, I thought you were my friend. What kind of friend who will throw their own friend to the abyss of spiraling uncertainty?”“Uh, but financially this will be your best option?”“Alright, I’m sold!” cut Clyde suddenly before choosing Gambler as his Main Class.Bonnie could just gape her mouth to witness yet another sudden, unexpected turn of events, even thought it wasn’t deviated away from her initial intention.“What’s wrong? Don’t look at me like I’m some kind of hypocrite. I don’t have a feud with money, I just don’t like to show up to work for it!”“You’re just telling me you’re lazy in a s
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3. Rude Companion
They headed further inside amidst the bustling activities from the other players. Some of them were involved in deep negotiation among themselves, some were having a dispute for something, an item perhaps. There were even a small clash, surrounded by the sudden spectators who were betting for the victor.“Alright, let’s check the bulletin board. Most of them were the quests, requirements, rewards, and other stuffs. We’re looking for a team that still has space for you, Clyde,” remarked Bonnie while skimming over the information posted. “Hey, this one doesn’t look half bad. Have a look!”“Hello, i'm Leon the leader of a group of adventurer called Feisty Five. We’re down one member, a Healer to be precise. Scan the QR Code below to immediately join us in the mission.” Clyde finished reading that information and he looked all over the board only to find that was the only post looking for the member. “Bonnie, are you sure I can’t solo this game?”The short-haired femme fatale only smirked
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4. Cocky Leader
As they entered the cave, chilling atmosphere and damp air greeted them. Before long, the darkness had fully enveloped them.“Ralph, light up your torches and distribute it to the members!” decreed Leon, pausing a bit since he could see no more what was in front of him.“Roger, leader!” answered Ralph obediently while unpacking the sticks out of his inventory. He soaked the end of the stick covered in clothes inside oil, and then attempted to light it with the flint stones from his pockets.Ralph tried his best to ignite the spark, but to no avail. Realizing his lackey had no luck, Leon decided to step in.“Give me that!” commanded Leon while snatching the sticks from Ralph’s hand rudely. With a single flick, the sticks were lit one by one, burning passionately to illuminate their way around the cave.“As expected of our leader!” praised Lucielle while receiving the torches handed over to her by Leon. “Here, Lotty! Pass it to Ralph and that noob over there!”Lucielle’s seemingly sweet
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5. Need to Win
Everybody turned their attention towards the newbie with mysterious job and skills when Leon asked him for their next course of actions.“Hmm, I thought you were the leader? Why the hesitation?” mocked Clyde with a smirk. “Just focus on the objective, take down that Alpha Fenrir.”Receiving that kind of remark, Leon couldn’t help but to get annoyed. Knowing the objective was one thing, executing it was another part of the story.ROAR!Their banter needed to be paused for a while, since the Alpha Fenrir didn’t really like to be ignored. With a swift leap, it pounced on the group, leaving them no choice but to get dispersed in an attempt of evasion.“I knew it, you bastard! But since you’re acting all high and mighty, why don’t you continue your façade by giving us your insight?” protested Leon after getting back up.“Yeah, I would love to, but how do I do it without knowing what my teammates abilities are?” complained Clyde while trying to assess the situation. “It’ s not my fault that
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6. First Victory
The atmosphere got tense as Clyde finished briefing his new teammates. They were all still dumbfounded when the mighty beast seemed like it was the only one who responded to Clyde’s suggestion, pouncing at the Gambler without any hesitation.But right at that moment, numerous barrages of fireballs stopped the Alpha Fenrir right on its track. Though she was still unsure, but Lucielle decided to go along with the newbie’s plan. Clyde used that moment to readjust his distance, safely spinning his roulette.[BEGINNER LUCK]Clyde looked at his board before it spun. Out of 6 panels, only 2 of them were penalties. Seemed like it was still on his favour. And indeed it was.[BOOSTED GROUP DEF BY 50%]“Ralphie, that’s your cue!” directed Clyde at the Berserker. “Get ready for some epic clash and pin our furry friend down!”Though he didn’t really like to be bossed around, especially by others beside Leon, Ralph kept his eyes open to intercept the incoming attack from the Fenrir pack leader. Jus
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7. Unfairness
Leon’s fiery finisher had gloriously taken the mighty canine down. The carcass of Alpha Fenrir was still burning so rigorously, before magically disappeared with a poof. The game system censored the gore part, it seemed.“Is it over?” asked Lucielle, breaking the silence. “Can I hooray now?”Nobody answered. They were overtaken by the sheer pressure of the dungeon master that still lingered, despite the vanishing of it.[CONGRATULATIONS! DUNGEON CLEARED!][REWARD: 1X FENRIR MEAT, 1X BLUE CRYSTAL, 1X FENRIR BONE, 1X ELIXIR, 1X FENRIR FUR]The giant notification panel that appeared before them had come as their answer.“HOORAYYY!!”Lucielle screamed her joy and jumping about while doing so. Ralph dropped his ass on the ground, exhausted after the strength contest. Leon was as exhausted as Ralph after putting all that he had on the finishing blow, but still managed to stand, despite his heavy breathing.“Mr. Gambler, we did it!” expressed Lottie gleefully while approaching Clyde with her
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8. Another Mission
Without delaying more time, Clyde went to the designated location sent by Leon’s signal. Arriving there, Clyde was overwhelmed to see many players were joining this special occasion about the legendary dungeon. Everyone gathered in a wide area like plaza and right in front of them was a big white castle. Among the crowd of players, Clyde walked and searched for his team until he managed to meet them all.“Good! Even though you were a bit slower than I expected. I almost called you.” Leon greeted the gambler. He thought that Clyde would arrive late but it seemed like Clyde managed to avoid being yelled by him.“What’s with that attitude, buddy? It has not even started yet.” Clyde was annoyed to hear such statements coming from the knight. He thought that the knight job did not resemble well with his attitude.“Shut up and listen to me!” Leon commanded his team to give their attention to him. “I know the leak info about this legendary dungeon from some old players. The quest will be res
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