Geldrick's Death

Aaron and Geldrick decided to take a short break after fighting the Spirit Beast. They realized that they had been in the forest for days and were both tired and hungry.

They lit a campfire and cooked the food they had brought from their supplies. While enjoying the food, they talked about the Spirit Beast they had just faced.

Aaron was impressed by the Spirit Beast's speed and strength, while Geldrick marveled at the Spirit Beast's agility and ingenuity. Both realized that they would have to prepare themselves better if they faced other Spirit Beasts in the future.

After dinner, Aaron and Geldrick decided to spend the night in the forest. They made a simple tent and prepared to sleep. However, as the night wore on, they were awakened by strange noises around their tent.

They soon realized that they were being chased by a giant bug. Aaron and Geldrick rushed out of the tent and prepared to fight the giant bug. They fought tenaciously and finally managed to defeat the giant bug.

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