The Artifact

After successfully capturing the artifact, Aaron and Geldrick returned to the village they had helped before to inform the locals of their victory. They were greeted with joy and appreciation for saving their village from the threat of the enemy.

However, they couldn't stay in the village for too long as their task was still not complete. They had to keep moving forward and face stronger enemies.

They returned to the city and searched for the latest information about their enemy. After some time, they learned that their enemy was gathering forces to attack the city and take control of the entire surrounding area.

Aaron and Geldrick planned a defense and trained the locals to help them fight the enemy. They set traps and booby traps to hinder the enemy's progress and prepare a strategy to defeat them.

When the enemy attacked, the battle was fierce. However, thanks to the strategy they had prepared, they managed to defeat the enemy and save the town from the threat that threatened it.

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