Commander Krashev is an individual not to be trifled with, standing atop a gigantic iron carcass, he casually brushed his hair as the torrents of water crashed against his soaking body and clothes.


"We're here commander! there is no presence of the recusants whatsoever!" He heard from his communicator as the maritime vehicle resurfaced from the deepest abyss.

His gaze roamed the land in front, the territory of treasures, the United Kingdom.

"It seems the Wisdom King has been truly disabled, what a surprise, to think there is someone capable of taking it down, we must tread carefully." 

He gave his orders to the crew as the modern submarine floated in the lands of the destroyed city of Brighton, the underwater facility completely obliterated, the city... decimated, a new lake formed as the prologue of unimpeded destruction.

"What the fuck happe

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