Mana System In The Apocalypse

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Mana System In The Apocalypse

By: Arch Angel OngoingSystem

Language: English

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What would you do if your world collapsed and you had less than an hour to choose a suitable role that would allow you to survive? Would you give in to despair? Paul choose to fight for survival, now he has to face off against predatory animals, monsters, and even the land itself all modified by the Mana System. Eventually, he will have to face off against a foe even deadlier than the rest. Humans!

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288 chapters
People always thought the end would come from war or disease, maybe some global economic collapse. Who would have thought the end would be caused by something from a video game.I awoke with a start, my head pounding and a shrill noise blaring in my head that seemed to permeate every bit of my being echoing throughout my body. The noise appeared to have no direct source that I could discern.This is not what I had expected when I went camping in the Northwoods, well more like glamping since there were bathrooms and electricity but hey it was nice just to get away from the city, and my job if only temporarily. I only came up here for a quick weekend retreat to avoid people as it was earlier in the season than most people came camping and the campgrounds were empty of any other campers.I rolled over in my tent and vomited the remains of my supper on the floor as I clutched my throbbing head trying to will the world to stop spinning. It felt like I had gone on an all-day bender and this
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The beginning
Welcome to the Mana System, test yourself, grow, and strive to survive. Diligence is rewarded, cowardice is not.I blinked, it was extremely weird, the feeling of suddenly changing. Feeling stronger, more alert, and suddenly having knowledge shoved into my brain that wasn't there before. Giving the staff a quick twirl test it felt natural in my hands if a bit on the light side. That was good; at least, it wasn't too heavy or unwieldy to swing around.It also appeared that the system didn't reward you with being a wallflower. I would need to get my hands dirty and possibly risk my life if I wanted the rewards granted by the Mana System. I guess it was better than being a cubicle jockey for a company that didn't care about you. At least this was based only on my merit.Focusing my mind I thought inventory. A screen popped up with two tabs, equipment, and storage. In the equipment slots, I had my clothes my shoes, and my staff. I focused on the staff.Crafted Ironwood staffQuality: Low
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Trek To The South
I jogged down the side of the road. The office had been a bust, nothing but a few filing cabinets and refrigerated food. None of which would do me any good, I had been hoping for some dry foods, or canned goods to help round out my meager supplies. Oh well, I was making good time and should be able to make it into the nearest town within 2 days if I could keep up this pace and I wasn't attacked.The road made for an easy run and I remembered reading that trained soldiers could make 20 miles a day on a march. Well, I sure as hell wasn't a soldier, trained or otherwise, and had no intention of running myself ragged., setting an easy 10 to 12-mile pace, mainly because I wanted to get into the town early tomorrow. I also needed to find a safe place to set up for the night. After about 10 minutes I made it to the main road heading south towards my destination.Looking up and down the road I could see quite a distance, the land was relatively flat in this area of the state and I didn't see
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Random Encounter
I stopped at the edge of the forest, not sure what to think. I had been traveling for a good hour since my last fight and cleared a good distance. Knowing the woods would be coming to an end soon, making way for farmland. What I saw ahead of me was not farmland or more of the ever-present forest.The land laid out in front of me was hilly, punctuated by rock outcroppings and a few scattered trees that looked like dead sentinels, watching over the sparse vegetation, daring it to grow.Herds of grazing animals of some sort could be seen in the distance. The edge of the forest I stood at seemed to end on a rise, like it had just been sliced away cleanly.This new landscape reminded me of a picture of Saharan Africa I saw once, hopefully, it didn't come with the wildlife as well. I also found it strange that I had not seen a single vehicle since leaving the campgrounds. While I could discount this on the campground road, this was a major road north and there should have been a few cars or
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The Stinky Hole
It didn't take me more than 10 minutes to find the dungeon, or lair, or whatever it was. The smell is what led me to it. I watched, crouched low over a hill a few hundred feet away. There were about seven of the stinky green things milling about outside of a rock outcropping with a large cave entrance."I should have taken a stealth character or a ranged class," I mumbled to myself, "Well no pain no gain," I said, backing down the little hill. I wanted to test my new skills out, and although, I didn't know the goblin levels they looked exactly like the ones I killed earlier. If that was the case I would continue into the cave. If they were significantly higher level or more numerous than I thought I could handle I would run.I checked the time of day from the position of the sun learning about how to do it from some nature show, seemed to be around early afternoon. That gave me three or four hours before dusk, plenty of time. Heck, even the sun was in my favor coming from my back as I
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Here Goes Nothing
I did manage to catch up to the merchant, or what was left of him and his cart. The trail of black smoke is what drew me off the road and towards the grisly scene. I had hurried over to see if I could offer assistance to whoever was in trouble, forgetting for the moment that there were dangerous creatures about. It appeared he tried to flee from something. The large area of the burned field around the remains attested to that.'God I hope a dragon didn't do this,' I thought, scanning the sky.It didn't take me long to piece the scene together. The dozens of odd tracks leading to and around the site spoke of a desperate flight and last stand. Not of some magical aerial predator. The only reason I knew it was Frathsar were the few bits of unburnt carriage that poked through the glowing pile of ash, still sporting the flamboyant colors from his cart that I remembered from when I first spotted it. I poked at the pile with a stick but only produced ash and bits of wood."Rest in peace Merc
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War Leader
I managed to make it to a two-story farmhouse, the front door closed but unlocked. I looked back realizing I had maybe a few minutes before the creatures caught up to me. They seemed to have endless stamina, but I was huffing and puffing by this point, the run through the muddy field having sapped away a lot of my strength. I came up with a quick plan as I ran into the house. On my way towards the house, I spotted a cellar door around back. If it was operable my plan should work.I blocked the front door with some furniture. It wouldn't hold long but it should buy me some time. I ran around the first floor until I found the basement. Peering down from the top I saw a few wooden beams holding up the first floor and I could see the cellar stairs on the far side. Just then I heard pounding on the front door. I rushed down the stairs to the exterior door. It was only held closed by a bolt and easily swung open. Just then I heard the front door shatter and the creature's feet pounding on t
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The Town
I crouched behind the burned-out remains of a truck, looking towards the town. It was the first sign that some bad shit had gone down but not the only one. Number two of the poo parade was the roaming groups of armed Sulid and other humanoids I could see. A once thriving community of nearly fourteen thousand people reduced to roaming mobs of monsters and other things. They say trouble comes in threes and the third would be the numerous sounds of gunfire in the distance."Well this is just wonderful," I sighed."Paul, what are you doing?"I nearly leaped out of my shoes and I definitely didn't scream like a little girl when the unknown person managed to sneak up behind me unnoticed. I turned around to see someone I was not expecting to see again. Standing there without a care in the world was the green-skinned merchant extraordinaire."Frathsar? What... How...? I saw your corpse," I said in surprise."Apologies friend Paul, you weren't meant to see that scene. I was forced to abandon my
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Behind You
Meanwhile, on the other end of town, a bloody fight had just ended. Spent casings littered the ground."You.. you can't do this," The Officer said through gasping breaths, his lungs filling with blood. They had managed to save over fifteen hundred people from the monsters before they were forced to take refuge at the High School. They thought they were safe, but they had become a buffet for the true degenerates among humanity.A small woman walked up to the dying officer and smiled, "I can do anything I want," she said, pointing at the dying man, a glow on her finger.She had finished off the last remaining officer, it was now time to power level the rabble, what little she had gathered in this podunk little town. They had already shipped off over five-hundred of the surviving populace south. Unfortunately, for the rest of the survivors, they were out of collars. She expected at least a quarter of the slaves would survive their trip. It hardly mattered, there was always more. She watc
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Theory of abilities
Critical strike: You have crushed Sulid Brutilizer's windpipe, suffocatingI had decided to add disabling strikes to my popup messages so I could know the effect and capitalize. This one was pretty easy to see. The creature dropped its spear and clawed at its throat trying to get air. I lifted my staff over my head and with all the strength I could muster brought it down with a loud crack and squelch as liquid dribbled out of the creature's ears and its eyes rolled back in its head.Critical strike: You have crushed Sulid Brutilizer's skull, brain-damaged"How are you not dead," I said in surprise.One more strike across the head was enough to finish the creature off."Level tens have a lot of health," I muttered, forgetting Frathsar was here."This one certainly did, Must have had a high endurance or some other boosting spell."I just grunted in acknowledgment."What did you hit that one with?" I said, pointing to the one with burns all over it.Frathsar pulled out what looked like a
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