Uncrowned King Revenged

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Uncrowned King Revenged

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James Seremion was a notorious gang leader, the king of the criminal underworld. But when he had secured his position as the undisputed ruler, he chose to retire and disband the gang. Several years passed after James decided to lead an ordinary life, working as an office manager, owning a house, and having a beautiful girlfriend. His life seemed perfect, until it was taken away from him in an instant, like sand slipping through his fingers. Suddenly, his beloved was slain in an inexplicable incident in her home. James was unaware that his partner was pregnant. His anguish, rage, and thirst for revenge could no longer be controlled by anyone or anything. On his quest for vengeance, James encountered individuals with mysterious powers that he later learned were called auras. This supernatural force was once thought to be magic, as it rendered its users impervious to bullets, blades, and even grenades. The power of the auras was so strong, in fact, that some could reportedly move mountains, drain the ocean, and even summon meteor showers. Can James fight them to find the killer of his lover and future child?

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  • Jonathan Blas


    nice novel it is good to read specially while working ang while on tour with friends and live ones

    2023-03-25 18:27:57
  • Kimi Buczko


    i’m sorry for sure you know what new i plan’s

    2023-07-14 00:19:56
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173 chapters
Chapter 1 - King of Gangsters
Living a normal life was the ultimate dream of James Seremion, a twenty-seven-year-old man with jet-black hair and sapphire blue eyes. With his tall, thin body, he was once renowned as the king of ferocity. James was the leader of the Ragnarok gang that had control over all of Great Britain. No one dared to challenge him or get into trouble with his gang. The mafia respected him, while the innocent ran away in fear. Despite being so young, James never lost a duel or a war between gangsters. He would stand tall, never afraid, no matter the opponent, be it the mafia or the police. He stood at the pinnacle of the black world, with no one able to stand against or match him. He was fundamentally different from the typical gangsters, who tended to be impulsive and shallow-minded. James, however, was intelligent and chose a path of violence as a lifestyle. Thus, he relied not only on his physical strength during battles but also on his mental aptitude, making him the strongest fighter and
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Chapter 2 - Shattered Dreams
James hastened to reach his beloved's side, slowly kneeling to enfold her in his arms. His hands, his fingers, and his whole body trembled violently as tears streamed down his face. "Elizabeth, please wake up. Don't leave me alone. I plead to God, let the one I love live. It would be better for me to lose my life than for my lover to lose hers. Let me take her place and return to You," James wept, his tears like melting ice when the season changes.James bowed his head and uttered a heartfelt prayer that seemed to rise up to the heavens. His words were so sincere that it felt like a final arrow shot from his bow, vibrating the throne of the Almighty and asking for mercy to give the two soulmates one last chance to speak to each other.Elizabeth, who had been lying still in James' lap, suddenly seemed to gain some strength and stretched out her hands, lightly touching James' cheek with her fingers which were now directionless. Confusion and sadness engulfed him."James, what a beautif
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Chapter 3 - Return of the Allfather
Back in the day, when James reigned supreme among the gangsters, everyone in the underworld began to call him the Allfather. This was a reference to the mythical Odin, the one-eyed king who led Valhalla and devised a cunning plan to win the great war of Ragnarok. “Move aside, Curly!” James said, addressing Freddie according to his curly hair. “Oh, so you're back, looking for trouble?” Freddie retorted in a defiant tone as he attempted to grab James' collar. But in a split second, his body was thrown to the floor. He was laid out, dazed and confused, his body reacting faster than his mind could process what had just transpired.Everyone was taken aback by what they had seen; in a flash, James had managed to turn Freddie's huge body around. He was a giant, over two hundred centimeters tall, while James' height was barely a hundred and eighty centimeters. Yet, this did not stop James from taking his opponent down. James calmly walked up to Alfred Lennan, the bartender and the 13th mas
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Chapter 4 - A battle
Before starting his interrogation, James waited for all the members of the Red Ax to wake up, as many of them were unconscious. He wanted to see all their confessions.It may sound preposterous, but James could tell for sure when someone was lying just by looking at the outline of the other person's face. Even if it was twenty-five people at a time, he could see immediately if one of them was lying to him.He ordered everyone there to sit cross-legged, facing him, including the leader of the gang."Say! Did your gang rob a house in the Sidmouth area the other day?" said James."No, James, the Red Axe gang aren't so much into street crimes like they used to be. We've got an escort business to smuggle liquor and other illegal goods," said Freedie."Is it true?" James snapped. Simultaneously, all the members of the Red Ax who were there answered, "Yes, sir.""If you don't believe me, you can ask the Mafia, as they often hire us to do the job, including Old Man Alfred. I was at the bar ea
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Chapter 5 - Awakening the System
"I'm here," said James as he stepped out of the shadows, carrying two Uzi rifles with fully-loaded ammunition in their casings."Time really can change a person. Look at the coward who attacks secretly - it seems the Allfather Odin has been proven right," said Gerald."If you know who I am, it means you've been living as a gangster for long enough. But it's time for you to leave this meaningless life behind," said James as he raised the Uzis and pulled the trigger.The sky decorated with the full moon radiated a brilliant light, witnessing the barrage of bullet casings fired by James. His almost silent voice was muffled by a silencer mounted on the muzzle end of an Uzi gun. The series of rifle bullets disappeared in an instant, but Gerald still stood firm and unmoved without the slightest wound.James was stunned to see that as if he were dreaming of seeing a human who couldn't be shot by a firearm."Now it's my turn," said Gerald in one jump, already in front of James. He delivered a
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Chapter 6 - Power Out of Control
The air started to heat up as James slowly got up. His condition was strange; his eyes were white, and the wounds all over his body slowly recovered and completely healed, as if they had never been there. Then he groaned and released an enormous red-black aura that reached the sky. The aura emitted by James was so great that it overflowed in all directions like a tsunami hitting the mainland.So strong was James' aura that it shook the ground around him, spreading fear and horror to every creature. Even if the living thing had extremely dull instincts, it would still feel the overwhelming pressure of domination from James.Gerald felt the hairs on his neck stand on end, his sweat pouring profusely, and his whole body trembling violently. Never in his life had he felt such fear that it swallowed him up.Realizing the horror that was in front of him, Gerald, who had thought he had the upper hand, tried to escape as far as possible while James was still groaning loudly and emitting immea
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Chapter 7 - Warning from System
The master, already infuriated, released his aura massively in the shape of a giant iron-armored knight carrying a shield and a sword. The old man's body became the centerpiece of the knight, standing firmly against his chest as if it were the control room of a giant robot. He immediately launched an attack on the masked man.The giant knight's sword blast swept through the area around it, almost even hitting James, who was still bound by the aura chain. But the attack seemed to mean nothing to the masked man. He restrained it using only one big green-black hand formed from his aura."It will definitely be very tiring if I have to fight against you, old man, so I think today is enough," said the masked man, directing his gaze to James, who was still raging and being bound by his aura chain.As if having an epiphany, the masked man continued his words, “Aha! I have an interesting idea. I'm bad enough to just leave you guys alone, so maybe the stray dog can cheer you up instead. Have fu
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Chapter 8 - The Hidden Truth
"How are you, James?" asked Scarlet."Scarlet? What are you doing here? Arrrgh..." replied James, cradling his head."Lay down, James, and relax. I know you have millions of questions, but we have enough time to answer them all," said Scarlet, introducing the old man beside her."Before you start asking, let me introduce my master. The person who has always guided me: Arthur Wiseman, teacher and owner of the holding company where we work," she said, smiling.Hearing this, James was, of course, surprised. He tried to tidy up the patient's clothes he was wearing, but instead, he looked uncomfortable. His behavior was exactly like that of a child who had been caught doing mischief by his parents.For Arthur, maybe James and Scarlet looked like children because he was almost fifty-eight years old. But even so, his physique still looked very fit and toned. Even though his hair was covered in white due to aging, it didn't take away from his charisma, with his hair slicked back. His bright b
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Chapter 9 - Humiliation
Seeing the pendant, his chest tightened again. How could he not? He knew very well that the pendant was a hereditary pendant belonging to the Seremion family, which James had given to Elizabeth, his lover who had been killed a few days ago. "Yes, sir, I know very well about the pendant, because it belongs to my family. If I may ask, what's wrong with it?" James asked, filled with emotion. Arthur then took a chair to be able to sit beside James. "The blue stone that decorates the pendant is the Fragment of Sephiroth Tree Artifact, James. Now it's clear why you can occupy the top of the gangster throne, it's because of your ability to fight that's far above normal humans," he said with a deep sigh and paused for a moment. "You must be from the descendants of Harald Hardrada from the Viking nation. It is said that because of the many lives and blood he shed, his descendants are cursed to have the appearance of a vampire, and that appearance is very attached to you," said Arthur, conti
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Chapter 10 - Practice Battle
James had been standing in the middle of the field with a man named George, who was his opponent. The man before him looked the same age as James, with almost the same height, but with much more developed muscles.*DingA chart suddenly appeared before James, mentioning a mission.[Physical : 20 (weak)][Aura : 30 (weak)][war points : 2][Skills : need battle points to unlock new skills][mission : corner or beat george][prize : +3 battle points]James looked at the chart and squinted. He then tried as suggested by the previous system, using his willpower to transfer battle points into aura to unlock new skills.[Physical : 20 (weak)][Aura : 32 (weak)][battle points : 0]*You get a new skill[Skill : Rising Sun]Sure enough, James didn't need to speak to operate the chart in front of him. He also smiled faintly, seeing the strangeness that never stopped coming into his life."The match will be declared over if one of the opponents is no longer able to continue the fight or one of
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