Efforts paying off

When he was done imagining, filling his head with fantasies, he inhaled and exhaled and decided to continue practicing again and again till he would be able to effortlessly create energy projectiles of myriad sizes and forms in a second and send them off at targets in that same second.

After practicing for many hours where he was now able to unleash projectiles in only a second, Max broke a smile in his face and said, "Finally!"

He then said further, not even bothering to take any form of rest, "Time to advance to my next level of training. Then when I have gotten that down too, I will try to do what senior Sanctuary Keeper suggested."

Once Max said that, he nodded his head and tried to move on to the next thing, which was to condense and shape the solidified mass of his Kronous Energy into weapons that he could grab like actual weapons.

He then closed his eyes and tried to draw Kronous Energy from w

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