"Now, I have information about a place that you could go for secluded training." The City Lord said.

He then produced a scroll made from animal skin from his spatial ring and stretched it towards Max who immediately accepted it with a delighted smile in his face.

When Max accepted it and unfurled it to look at it, he could see many places mentioned in the scroll. He then looked at the City Lord and asked, "Where exactly is the place that I need to go for my secluded training?" 

"Just ignore the places mentioned in the scroll, that's where you need to go." The City Lord said, placing his index finger on the name of a particular region. 

"As you can see, it can be found in a city, which I believe is about twenty to twenty five cities away from mine. So, that means you are about to go on a really long journey that would certainly be full of encounters, and possibly fraught with lots of dangers

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